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BIOAC Meeting Agenda
April 26-27, 2001
Room 1235

Thursday April 26, 2001
9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction of New Members
Dr. Mary Clutter, Assistant Director, BIO
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9:10 AM

Remarks, Approval of Minutes (November 2000)
Dr. Ellen Goldberg, Chair

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9:20 AM

FY 2002 Budget and BIO Emphases
Dr. Mary E. Clutter

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10:20 AM


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10:30 AM

Report on Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education (AC-ERE), February 2001
Dr. James Collins, Convenor and BIOAC Representative

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11:00 AM

NSF Education Activities
Dr. Judith Sunley, Interim Assistant Director, Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)

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12:15 PM

BIO Education Philosophy
Dr. Judith Verbeke

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12:30 PM

Discussion with Dr. Rita Colwell, Director, NSF

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1:30 PM

BIO Science Retreat

Introduction - Possible Emphases for FY 2003
Dr. James Edwards, Deputy Assistant Director, BIO

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2:00 PM

Genome-Enabled Science
BIO Staff: Dr. Machi Dilworth, Dr. Maryanna Henkart, Dr. Judith Verbeke, Dr. Terry Yates
AC Members: Dr. Claire Fraser, Dr. Frank Harris, Dr. John Wooley

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3:00 PM


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3:15 PM

Biology of Complex Systems
BIO Staff: Dr. Eve Barak, Dr. Frank Greene, Dr. Joann Roskoski,
Dr. Mary Jane Saunders

AC Members: Dr. James Collins, Dr. Marvalee Wake

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4:15 PM

Beyond the Genome
BIO Staff: Dr. Frank Greene, Dr. Maryanna Henkart
AC Members: Dr. Ellen Goldberg, Dr. George Jones

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5:15 PM

General Discussion - BIO Proposed Thrusts FY 2003

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6:00 PM


Friday April 27, 2001
9:00 AM

Committee Convenes

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9:15 AM

BIOAC Activities - Status Reports

  • Annotation and Standards - Microbial Genomics
    Dr. Claire Fraser, Dr. John Wooley

  • Long-Term Management of Databases
    Dr. Leonard Krishtalka

  • Ten Most Challenging Questions in Biology
    Dr. Ellen Goldberg

  • LTER 20-Year Review
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10:00 AM


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10:15 AM

Management Issues

  • Information Infrastructure
    BIO Staff: Dr. Mary Jane Saunders, Dr. Terry Yates
    AC Members: Dr. Gwen Jacobs, Dr. Leonard Kirshtalka

  • Major Research Equipment (MRE) - BIO Possibilities
    BIO Staff: Dr. Joann Roskoski, Dr. Terry Yates
    AC Members: Dr. Burt Ensley, Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones,
    Dr. Larry Vanderhoef

  • Diversity
    Dr. Marian Johnson-Thompson, CEOSE Liaison
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BIOAC Working Groups Follow-on Activities for FY 2003

Future Business

  • Plans for Fall Meeting
  • Meeting Dates:
    Fall 2001 - November 8-9, 2001
    Spring 2002
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