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BIOAC Meeting Agenda
April 20-21, 2004
Room 375

Tuesday April 20, 2004
1:30 PM

Dr. Mary E. Clutter, Assistant Director

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1:40 PM

Remarks, Approval of Minutes
Dr. James Collins, Chair

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1:45 PM

Directorate Update - Budget and Current Issues
Dr. Mary E. Clutter

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2:15 PM

BIO Division Reorganizations

  • Division of Environmental Biology
    Dr. Michael Willig, Division Director

  • Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
    Dr. Judith Verbeke, Acting Division Director
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2:45 PM

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) Status
Dr. Elizabeth Blood, Program Director, NEON

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3:15 PM


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3:30 PM

Dr. Arden Bement, Acting Director, NSF

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4:15 PM

BIO Education Activities

  • Report on Joint meeting of EHR/MPS/BIO Advisory Committees
    Dr. Thomas Brady, BIOAC

  • Presentation of BIO Education Plan
    Dr. Penelope Firth, Acting Deputy Division Director, DEB

  • Discussion and Recommendation
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5:30 PM

Reception with BIO Program Officers, Room 605

Wednesday April 21, 2004

Long Range Planning

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9:00 AM

Setting the Stage
Dr. Mary E. Clutter and Dr. Joann Roskoski

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9:30 AM

BIO Leading Edge Presentations:

  • Biodiversity
    Introduction - Dr. Michael Willig
    Presenter - Dr. James Woolley
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10:10 AM
  • Comparative and Integrative Biology: Linking Understanding
    Across Scales, Disciplines and Paradigms
    Introduction - Dr. Judith Verbeke
    Presenter - Dr. Jane Brockmann
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10:50 AM


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11:05 AM
  • Opportunities in Genomics
    Introduction - Dr. Maryanna Henkart
    Presenter - Dr. Joanne Tornow
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11:45 AM
  • Predictive Biology
    Introduction - Dr. Machi Dilworth
    Presenter - Dr. Parag Chitnis
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12:30 PM


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1:30 PM

BIO Cyberinfrastructure Strategy Development

  • Report on NSB Workshops on Long-Lived Data Collections
    November 18, 2003 and March 23, 2004
    Dr. Christopher Greer, Program Director, DBI

  • Update on BIOAC Workshop, "Building a Cyberinfrastructure for Biology"
    Dr. John Wooley, BIOAC

  • BIO Cyberinfrastructure Working Group
    Dr. Michael WIllig, Division Director, DEB
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3:00 PM

BIOAC Recommended Directions for BIO

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3:30 PM

Future Business

  • COV Representatives:
    Division of Biological Infrastructure, June 16-18, 2004
    Plant Genome Research Program, August 4-6, 2004

  • Fall Meeting:
    November 4-5 or 18-19, 2004


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