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BIOAC Meeting Agenda
November 7-8, 1996
Room 1235

Thursday November 7, 1996
8:45 AM Welcome and Introduction of New Members
Dr. Mary Clutter, Assistant Director, BIO
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9:00 AM Approval of Minutes
Dr. Nina Fedoroff, Chair
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9:15 AM Status of FY 1997 Budget and
Outcomes of BIOAC Recommendations
Dr. Mary Clutter
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9:45 AM Dr. Joseph Bordogna, Acting Deputy Director, NSF
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10:15 AM BREAK
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10:30 AM

Other Agencies I - FY 1997 Budget
DOE - Dr. Aristides Patrinos
USDA - Dr. Floyd P. Horn

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11:00 AM

Report on BIO Senior Staff Retreat
Dr. James Edwards

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11:45 AM

Discussion on Risk Taking

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1:00 PM Report on Advisory Committees Chairs Meeting
Dr. Nina Fedoroff
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1:30 PM Discussion on Interdisciplinary Research
Dr. John Fray, Deputy Division Director,
Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
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1:45 PM Merit Review Task Force
Mr. Paul Herer, Executive Secretary
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2:00 PM

Breakout Groups

  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Merit Review
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4:15 PM

BIO AC Workshops Discussion
Led by BIOAC Workshop Convenors

  • "Funding Strategies for Scientists Who Combine
    Research and Teaching: Integration of Research
    and Education" - Wellesley College - September 13, 1996
    Convenors: Drs. Mary Allen and George Langford

  • "Changing Environment for the Biological Sciences and Colleges and Universities" - University of Tennessee, Knoxville - September 13, 1996
    Convenor: Dr. W. Franklin Harris

  • "Research-Centered Education in Biology" -
    University of California, Davis - September 30, 1996
    Convenor: Dr. Barbara Webster

  • "Science Education for Undergraduate Students
    in the 21st Century" - Yale University - October 18-19, 1996
    Convenor: Dr. Frank Ruddle

  • "Academia, Industry, and The National Science
    Foundation: What are the Interactions Now and How are they Evolving?" - Rutgers University - October 31, 1996
    Convenors: Drs. Helen Berman and Burt Ensley
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Friday November 8 , 1996
8:45 AM

Committee of Visitors--Reports and Relation to
Government Performance and Review Act (GPRA)
Dr. James Edwards

  • Systematic and Population Biology Cluster, DEB
    Dr. W. Franklin Harris

  • Developmental Mechanisms Cluster, IBN
    Dr. Pete Magee

  • Biochemistry, Molecular Structure and Function
    Cluster, MCB
    Dr. George Hill
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10:00 AM BREAK
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10:15 AM Other Agencies II - FY 1997 Budget
EPA - Dr. Robert Huggett
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10:45 AM Reports from Breakout Groups
and Discussion of Action Agenda for BIO
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1:30 PM Future Business
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