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BIOAC Meeting Agenda
October 22-23, 1998
Room 1235

Thursday October 22 , 1998
8:45 AM Welcome and Introduction of New Members
Dr. Mary Clutter, Assistant Director, BIO
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9:00 AM Remarks, Approval of Minutes, Report on BIO Management Retreat
Dr. W. Franklin Harris, Chair
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9:15 AM BIO Update
Dr. Mary Clutter
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10:00 AM GPRA Discussion (BIO Mock GPRA Report, BIO AC Role)
Dr. Judy Sunley; Ms. Sonya Mallinoff
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11:30 AM

WORKING LUNCH - Preparation for Breakout Groups

The Information Age: Advanced Computing in Biology
Dr. Gwen Jacobs and Dr. Maryanna Henkart

  • President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) Interim Report
  • NSF/DOE Workshop on Next Generation Biology: The Role of Next Generation Computing Report
  • DOE/NSF Workshop on Advanced Scientific Computation Summary

The Workforce: Education (Undergraduate through Postdocs)
Dr. Marvalee Wake and Dr. Bruce Hayden

  • NRC Report on Early Careers of Life Scientists
  • Report of Working Group on Undergraduate Education

The Environment
Dr. Frank Harris and Dr. Bruce Umminger

  • NSB Charge to Task Force on Environment
  • Overview of LEE Theme
  • Teaming with Life: Investing in Science to Understand
    and Use America's Living Capital, Report of the President's
    Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)
  • Integrated Science for Ecosystem Challenges
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1:00 PM Breakout Groups
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3:00 PM


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3:15 PM Dr. Rita Colwell, Director, NSF
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4:00 PM

Breakout Groups (continued)

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5:00 PM

Preliminary Reports from Breakout Groups


Friday October 23 . 1998
8:45 AM

Committee of Visitors Reports and Approval

  • Division of Molecular Biosciences
    July 22-24, 1998 - Dr. Laura Hoopes

  • Ecological Studies Cluster
    Division of Environmental Biology
    May 13-15, 1998 - Dr. W. Franklin Harris

  • Instrument-Related Activities Cluster
    Division of Biological Infrastructure
    June 8-9, 1998 - Dr. Gwen Jacobs

  • Physiology and Ethology Cluster
    Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
    July 13-15, 1998 - Dr. Benjamin Hart
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10:00 AM BREAK
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10:15 AM

Final Reports from Breakout Groups

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11:30 AM

Reports from Representatives of Other Agencies
Dr. Marvin Cassman, NIH
Dr. Ari Patrinos, DOE

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12:00 NOON

WORKING LUNCH - Interagency Plant Genome Initiative

  • Report on NSF Plant Genome Program, Dr. Machi Dilworth

  • Report from USDA, Dr. Eileen Kennedy
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2:00 PM Future Business - Future Meeting Dates
Spring - April 15-16 or April 22-23
Fall - October 7-8, October 14-15, or October 21-22
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