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BIOAC Meeting Agenda
December 2-3, 1999
Room 1235

Thursday December 2 , 1999
8:45 AM Welcome and Introduction of New Members
Dr. Mary Clutter, Assistant Director, BIO
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9:00 AM

Remarks, Approval of Minutes (April 1999)
Report on BIO Management Retreat
Dr. Gwen Jacobs, Chair

Report on Advisory Committee Chairs Meeting
Dr. W. Franklin Harris, Past Chair

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10:00 AM BREAK
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10:15 AM

Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
NSF Staff: Dr. James Edwards, Ms. Sonya Mallinoff
BIOAC GPRA Working Group:
Dr. Burt Ensley and Dr. Frank Harris, Co-Chairs

  • BIO GPRA Performance Evaluation

  • BIO FY 1999 Committees of Visitors
    • Division of Biological Infrastructure, Training and Research Resources Clusters
      Dr. Burt Ensley
    • Division of Environmental Biology, Division Review
      Dr. James Collins
    • Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience, Neuroscience Cluster
      Dr. Gwen Jacobs
    • Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences,
      Genetics Cluster and Biochemistry of Gene Expression
      Dr. Claire Fraser

  • NSF Strategic Plan, FY 2000-2005
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12:00 PM

BIO Update/Current Issues
Dr. Mary Clutter

  • BIO/NSF FY 2000 Budget
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12:30 PM

Discussion with Dr. Rita Colwell, Director, NSF

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1:45 PM

BIO Update/Current Issues (continued)

  • Biocomplexity in the Environment
  • Information Technology Research
  • Plant Genome Research Program
  • Task Force on the Environment Report
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3:15 PM


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3:30 PM

BIO Update/Current Issues (continued)

  • Report on Postdoctoral Research Fellowships:
    • Minority
    • Biological Informatics
    • Microbial Biology
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4:00 PM

BIOAC Activities
Dr. Marvalee Wake

  • BIOAC Education Working Group
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5:00 PM


Friday December 3 . 1999
8:45 AM

Unmet Opportunities

  • NEON - National Ecological Observatory Network
  • Genomics
  • 2010 Project
  • Collaboratories/Networking Activities
  • Nanotechnology
  • Portfolio Balance
  • Human Resources
    • Report on BIOAC Workshop: "Access by Minority Investigators to NSF Extramural Support," November 6, 1999, Atlanta, Georgia
      Dr. George Jones
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10:00 AM


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10:15 AM

Unmet Opportunities Discussion (continued)

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11:45 AM

Future Business

  • FY 2000 BIO Committee of Visitors
    • Division of Biological Infrastructure
      March 27-30, 2000
    • Division of Environment Biology, Systematic & Population Biology Cluster
      Week of August 14 or August 21, 2000
    • Division of Integrative Biology, Developmental Mechanisms Cluster
      Week of July 17 or July 24, 2000
    • Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Biomolecular Structure and Function Cluster and Biomolecular Processes Cluster
      July 10-12, 2000
  • Meeting Dates:
    Spring - April 6-7 or April 13-14, 2000
    Fall 2000
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Working Group Meetings

  • GPRA
  • Education
  • Others
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1:30 PM Working Group Reports
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