Process for Requesting REQUIRED Feasibility Review from the Agile BioFoundry (ABF) To Accompany NSF-DOE/ABF Collaborations for Solicitation NSF 22-549

  1. The PI submits feasibility review document, outlining the portion of their project which utilizes ABF resources. Submit this document to Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 is the last date for PIs to submit feasibility descriptions to the ABF, though the ABF encourages PIs to submit this document earlier.

  2. The PI then receives a feasibility review report from the ABF. The applicant is to submit a feasibility review report as part of their supplemental documentation with the NSF proposal. The ABF will provide feasibility review outcomes no later than Wednesday, March 15th, 2023.

  3. For projects deemed feasible, the submitting PI receives a calendar of available dates and times for a 30 minute coordination call. Interested investigators from the ABF participate on the call, discuss their capabilities, and suggest directions for the project, based on the four page document and discussion. Coordination calls will take place between February 3rd and March 31st, 2023.

  4. ABF investigators provide guidance to the applying PI for writing the ABF-related sections of their proposal, including budget figures for aims which utilize ABF resources. The ABF will communicate with the PI and the NSF with a feasibility reevaluation, if the proposed scope dramatically changes relative to the initially submitted feasibility review document, referenced in item 1 above.

ABF timeline