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BIO Program Director and Reviewer Opportunities

NSF - The Best places to Works in the Federal Government 2007

If you would you like to evaluate exciting science projects at the frontiers of discovery...

If you would you like to guide the advancement of research and education in the biological sciences...

Consider serving as a panelist, reviewer or temporary Program Director for the Directorate for Biological Sciences.

NSF relies heavily on the expertise of the research community in making important funding decisions. The success of the merit review system depends on the willingness of expert reviewers and Program Directors to give their time to the process.
bullet Reviewer: Potential panelists or reviewers should contact a Program Director in their particular subfield, by e-mail or telephone, to let them know of their interest in serving as either an ad hoc mail reviewer or panelist to evaluate proposals submitted to the program.
bullet Temporary Program Director: The National Science Foundation (NSF) employs scientists, engineers, and educators on rotational assignment from academia, industry, or other eligible organizations to further the agency's mission of supporting the entire spectrum of science and engineering research and education. The most frequently used mechanisms are the Visiting Scientist, Engineer, and Educator (VSEE) Program and the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Program. Both the VSEE and IPA Programs strengthen NSF's ties with the research community and provide the talent and resources that are critical to meeting NSF's mission. The About NSF Rotator Positions website has additional information. We know many potential candidates have ongoing NSF grants. The Foundation has mechanisms in place that allow active labs to continue functioning while temporary Program Directors are serving the scientific community through employment with NSF. The Directorate for Biological Sciences welcomes inquiries from established researchers and educators who may be interested in serving a one- to three-year assignment as a Program Director in one of our clusters. Interested individuals should send a copy of your curriculum vitae to the Director or Deputy listed in one of the Divisions below prior to contacting them to discuss possible opportunities and explore the responsibilities of the position. We are particularly interested in attracting women and underrepresented minority candidates to these positions.

Follow these links to learn more: The "About" link on the left hand tool bar on each page gives a general overview of the Division.

Biological Infrastructure (DBI) programs and staff;
Environmental Biology (DEB) programs and staff;
Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) programs and staff;
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB) programs and staff;