FY 2003 Awards
Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research
Principal Investigator Institution Title Total Award Award Duration (yrs)
Lynch, Michael
Indiana University FIBR: The Causes and Consequences of Recombination $4,999,999 5
Mjolsness, Eric
University of California, Irvine FIBR: Developmental Modeling and Informatics $4,939,322 5
Queller, David
William Marsh Rice University FIBR: The Evolution of Biological Social Systems $5,014,823 5
Ward, David
Montana State University FIBR: Do Species Matter in Microbial Communities? $4,999,690 5
Werren, John
University of Rochester FIBR: Integrative Sutdies of Wolbachia-Eukaryotic Interactions: Genomes to Communities and Back $4,934,738 5
Willis, John
Duke University FIBR: Integrated Ecological and Genomic Analysis of Speciation in Mimulus $4,999,979 5

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