Fiscal Year 2000 Awards
Plant Genome Research Program
Collaborative Research on Functional Genomics

Principal Investigator Institution Title Total Award ($) Total Duration (yrs)
Barkan, Alice
U of Oregon Eugene
Boyce Thompson Institute (sub)*
Cornell University (sub)*
U of Nebraska Lincoln (sub)*
Functional Genomics of Chloroplast Biogenesis



Bird, David
North Carolina State U
Santa Fe Institute (sub)*
U of North Carolina Chapel Hill (sub)*
Washington University (sub)*
Genomic Analysis of a Nematode-plant Interaction: A Tool to Study Plant Biology $2,607,829 3
Brutnell, Thomas
Boyce Thompson Institute Regional Mutagenesis Utilizing Activator (Ac) in Maize $1,080,370 5
Carpita, Nicholas
Purdue University
U of Wisconsin Madison (sub)*
A high through-put screen to identify and clone maize and Arabidopsis cell-wall biogenesis related genes $600,000 2
Collmer, Alan
Cornell University
Boyce Thompson Institute (sub)*
Institute for Genomic Research (sub)*
Kansas State University (sub)*
U of Missouri Columbia (sub)*
U of Nebraska Lincoln (sub)*
Functional Genomics of the Interactions of Tomato and Pseudomonas syringae pv tomato DC3000 $4,996,022 5
Dinesh-Kumar, Savithramma
Yale University Development of Vectors for Virus-Induced Plant Gene Silencing $635,624 2
Dvorak, Jan
U of California Davis
Kansas State University (sub)*
Texas A&M University (sub)*
Assessment of the insular organization of the wheat D genome by physical mapping $4,435,388 4
Estelle, Mark
U of Texas Austin
Boston University (sub)*
Rice University (sub)*
U of Massachusetts Amherst (sub)*
U of Minnesota Twin Cities (sub)*
Development of New Genetic Resources for Auxin Biology $1,348,086 3
Guerinot, Mary Lou
Dartmouth College
Northern Arizona University (sub)*
Scripps research Institute (sub)*
U of Cal San Diego (sub)*
U of Missouri Columbia (sub)*
Gene Discovery in Aid of Plant Nutrition, Human Health and Environmental Remediation $4,414,644 4
Henikoff, Steven
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr
Institute for Systems Biology (sub)*
Targeting Induced Local Lesions IN Genomes (TILLING) for plant functional genomics $2,633,390 2
Lam, Eric
Rutgers University
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (sub)*
Chromatin Charting: Organization and dynamics of plant nuclear DNA in situ $4,326,623 5
McCarty, Donald
University of Florida
Iowa State University (sub)*
Rutgers University (sub)*
University of Arizona (sub)*
Functional genomics of endosperm development in maize $4,999,996 5
Mullet, John
Texas A&M University Gene Mapping in Sorghum Using Direct Selection Technology $740,001 3
Osborn, Thomas
U of Wisconsin Madison
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (sub)*
Purdue University (sub)*
Texas A&M University (sub)*
University of Washington (sub)*
Functional Genomics of plant polyploids $4,996,888 5
Sheen, Jen
Massachusetts General Hospital
Iowa State University (sub)*
Functional Analysis of Plant Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Cascades in Stress and Hormone Signaling $4,559,132 5
Wessler, Susan
University of Georgia
Cornell University (sub)*
Washington University (sub)*
Transposable Elements in Rice: A Whole Genome Approach $3,415,866 5

        * Sub = Subaward

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