Fiscal Year 2001 Awards
Plant Genome Research Program
Collaborative Research on Functional Genomics

Principal Investigator Institution Title Total Award ($) Total Duration (yrs)
Brendel, Volker
Iowa State University PlantGDB - Plant Genome Database and Analysis Tools $158,996 2
Comstock, Jonathan
Boyce Thompson Institute
Cornell University (sub)*
Oklahoma State University (sub)*
Genomic Analysis of Plant Water Use Efficiency $3,995,267 4
Cook, Douglas
University of California Davis
The Institute for Genomic Research (sub)*
The Samuel Roberts Noble Fdn (sub)*
University of Minnesota Twin Cities (sub)*
Towards the Complete Gene Inventory and Function of the Medicago Truncatula Genome $5,803,691 4
Dean, Ralph
North Carolina State University
Clemson University (sub)*
Ohio State University (sub)*
Purdue University (sub)*
Texas A&M University (sub)*
University of Arizona (sub)*
University of Kentucky (sub)*
Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogen-Host Recognition and Subsequent Responses in the Rice Blast Patho-System $5,860,002 4
Delmer, Deborah
University of California Davis
Alabama A&M University (sub)*
Michigan Technological University (sub)*
Texas Tech University (sub)*
University of Rhode Island (sub)*
Functional Genomics of Cellulose Synthesis in Economically Important Plants $471,134 1
DePamphilis, Claude
Pennsylvania State University
Cornell University (sub)*
University of Alabama (sub)*
University of Florida (sub)*
University of Michigan (sub)*
The Floral Genome Project $7,399,286 5
Drews, Gary
University of Utah Gene Targeting in Plants $1,564,877 3
Hake, Sarah
University of California Berkeley
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (sub)*
Iowa State University (sub)*
University of Illinois Urbana (sub)*
University of Missouri Columbia (sub)*
Regulation of Inflorescence Architecture in Maize $5,343,199 5
Irish, Vivian
Yale University Comparative Genomics of Angiosperm MADS-Box Genes $435,432 2
Leach, Jan
Kansas State University
Iowa State University (sub)*
Ohio State University (sub)*
University of California Davis (sub)*
Activation-Tagged and Deletion Mutants and cDNA Microarrays for Functional Genomics of Rice $500,000 2
Lemaux, Peggy
University of California Berkeley
Oregon State University (sub)*
USDA-ARS (sub)*
Transposon-Mediated Functional Genomics in Barley $1,532,663 5
Martienssen, Robert
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Systematic Transposon Mutagenesis of the Maize Gene Space $1,990,821 4
McCouch, Susan
Cornell University Linking Rice, Arabidopsis and the Grasses to Explore Natural Genetic Variation $1,365,830 3
Mendes, Pedro
VA Polytechnic Inst & State University
The Samuel Roberts Noble Fdn (sub)*
South Eastern Oklahoma State U (sub)*
An Integrated Approach to Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics in a Model Legume $3,587,432 4
Meyers, Blake
University of California Davis Signature Sequencing for Quantitative Expression Analysis and Gene Discovery $952,441 2
Newton, Kathleen
University of Missouri Columbia
University of Utah (sub)*
Washington University (sub)*
Sequence, Evolution and Expression of Mitochondrial Genomes in the Genus Zea $2,339,813 3
Ozias-Akins, Peggy
University of Georgia
Texas A&M University (sub)*
Aligning Physical and Functional Maps of a Genomic Region Spanning the Apomixis Locus by Exploiting Model Cereal Genomics $1,132,318 4
Paterson, Andrew
University of Georgia
Clemson University (sub)*
Cornell University (sub)*
Grass Genome Biodiversity: Application of Genomic Tools from Sorghum and Related Grasses to Identify and Analyze Variation in Structure and Function of C4 Grass Genomes $3,962,498 4
Peterson, Thomas
Iowa State University Nested Deletions: A New Tool for Plant Genomics Research $648,549 3
Phillips, Ronald
University of Minnesota Twin Cities A Radiation Hybrid System for the Genetic and Physical Mapping of the Corn Genome $3,081,245 4
Pratt, Lee
University of Georgia
Texas A&M University (sub)*
Functional Analysis of the Sorghum Transcriptome $3,576,195 3
Tanksley, Steven
Cornell University
Boyce Thompson Institute (sub)*
Clemson University (sub)*
Exploitation of Tomato as a Model for Comparative and Functional Genomics $6,499,895 5
Thomashow, Michael
Michigan State University
Ohio State University (sub)*
Oregon State University (sub)*
Low Temperature Regulatory Circuits And Gene Regulons In Higher Plants $5,072,963 5
Wang, Kan
Iowa State University
North Carolina State University (sub)*
Purdue University (sub)*
University of Wisconsin Madison (sub)*
Establishment of Robust Maize Transformation Systems $4,227,981 5

        * Sub = Subaward

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