National Plant Genome Initiative 2003-2008
Executive Summary
Major Accomplishments
Plan for 2003-2008
Cost Estimates for Achieving Objectives

















The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), a cabinet-level council, is the principal means for the President to coordinate science, space, and technology policies across the Federal Government. NSTC acts as a “virtual” agency for science and technology to coordinate the diverse parts of the Federal research and development enterprise.

An important objective of the NSTC is the establishment of clear national goals for Federal science and technology investments in areas ranging from information technologies and health research, to improving transportation systems and strengthening fundamental research. This council prepares research and development strategies that are coordinated across Federal agencies to form an investment package that is aimed at accomplishing multiple national goals.

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Note: This document does not represent the final determination in an overall Administration budget decision-making process. The programs presented in this report will have to compete for resources against many other high-priority Federal programs. If these programs compete successfully, they will be reflected in future Administration budgets.

Cover photos (clockwise from top): soybean - courtesy of Dr. Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri; wheat -courtesy of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA; cotton - courtesy of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA; loblolly pine - courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program; rice - courtesy of Dr. Susan McCouch, Cornell Genomics Initiative; Arabidopsis thaliana - courtesy of Dr. Jose Luis Reichmann and Dr. Elliot Meyerowitz,
California Institute of Technology; (middle): corn - courtesy of Dr. M.G. Neuffer and MaizeDB, University of Missouri. Cover design by James Caras and Courtney Snyder of the National Science Foundation.