National Plant Genome Initiative 2003-2008
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In developing this document, the Interagency Working Group on Plant Genomes (IWG) has solicited and collected input from many sources. The following are some of the workshops and reports that the IWG considered in developing the NPGI plan for 2003-2008.

  • USDA/ASPB CSREES plant genome stakeholders workshop, November 2002 (

  • Meeting of International Rice Functional Genomics Working Group at the International Rice Congress, Beijing, September 2002

  • White Paper on Medicago truncatula genome initiative, September 2002

  • The National Academy of Sciences Workshop report “The National Plant Genome Initiative: Objectivesfor 2003-2008,” August 2002 (

  • Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee’s long range plan on functional genomics of Arabidopsis, June 2002 (

  • Managing Plant Genomics Resources Workshop, Asilomar, June 2002

  • The International Genome Research on Wheat (IGROW) workshop, June 2002

  • The IWG workshop discussion at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, January 2002

  • The Extension Vision for the 21 st Century Committee/ NASULGC report on “The Extension System. A Vision for the 21 st Century,” February 2002

  • Meeting of the international tomato genomics group at San Diego, January 2002

  • Task Force on Building a Science Roadmap for Agriculture / NASULGC report, “A Science Roadmap for the Future,” November 2001

  • Plant Genome Databases and Bioinformatics Workshop, September 2001

  • White paper by the US Legume Crops Genomics group: A workshop report, July 2001(

  • Maize Executive Committee Workshop on Maize Genome Sequencing, July 2001. Report published in Plant Physiology, Vol 127, pp 1572-1578

  • Global Promusa Consortium Workshop, July 2001 (

  • Meeting of the Cereals Genomics Initiative Group, Mexico, April 2001

  • Soybean Genomics White Paper, January 2000

  • 2010 Project workshop report, January 2000 (

  • The National Plant Breeding Study series I, II, III & IV (1996-2000), USDA/CSREES

In addition, a number of workshop reports and position papers on various genomics subjects have been published or electronically posted, including microarray data handling (December 2001 and September 2002), next generation technology for genome sequencing (July 2002), international genome sequencing consortium (January 2002), and broadening participation in genome research (April 2002). Many of these reports were part of the planning activities of the National Human Genome Research Institute and can be found at their website,