National Plant Genome Initiative 2003-2008
Home III. Plan for 2003-2008
Executive Summary
Major Accomplishments
Continued Elucidation of Genome Structure and Organization
Functional Genomics - Understanding the Biological Role of Genomic Sequences
Translational Plant Genomics- Application of Genomics Tools
Bioinformatics in Every Plant Scientist's Research Toolbox
Education, Training and Outreach
Consideration of Broader Impacts
Guiding Principles for NPGI: 2003-2008
Cost Estimates for Achieving Objectives

















NPGI Goal Statement

The ultimate goal of the NPGI is to understand the structure and function of plant genomic sequence information at all levels from the molecular to the organismal and to interactions within ecosystems. The new knowledge and insights gained from plant genomics will lead to unexpected discoveries and conceptual advances in our understanding of the biology of plants. With a focus on plants of economic importance and plant processes of potential economic value, the NPGI expects that research in plant genomics will impact applied research related to agriculture, natural resources, the environment, health, and other plant-based industries.

New Objectives for 2003-2008

The first five years of the NPGI focused heavily on building resources and tools that enable a broad community of scientists to participate in plant genome research. These tools have now opened up exciting opportunities to address many of the important unanswered questions in plant science in a way that was not possible previously. While progress has accelerated, new research needs have also been identified. It is essential that high throughput and cost-effective technologies continue to be developed. Additionally, the vast quantity of plant genome data must be managed effectively so that it is accessible to all researchers. Furthermore, new generations of scientists must be trained in the effective use and insightful interpretation of genomics approaches and information. The objectives for the next five years of the NPGI, described below, will build on recent scientific and technical advances to ensure continued advancement in plant genomics specifically and plant sciences in general.