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Careers at NSF

NSF is looking for the best and brightest people in a variety of fields.

Do you have what it takes to make an impact on the future of science? Check out the positions below to find the right job for you!

  • Administration


    Positions with the primary responsibility for the administrative support of the NSF core mission. This family consists of positions such as Administrative Manager, Operations Specialist, Program Assistant, Science Assistant, Secretary, and other similar positions.

  • Managerial


    Positions with the primary responsibility for the management of the NSF workforce, including Assistant Director, Office Head, Division Director, their Deputies, or similar positions.

  • Science


    Positions directly responsible for the delivery of the NSF core mission, such as Program Director, Engineer, Scientist, Educator, Mathematician, Statistician, and similar positions.

  • Business Operations

    Business Operations

    Positions with primary responsibility for providing operational and functional support to the persons who deliver the NSF core mission, including IT Specialist, Budget Analyst, HR Specialist, Auditor, Attorney, Grants and Agreement Specialist, Program Support Manager and similar positions.

  • Students and Recent Graduates

    Students and Recent Graduates

    Through NSF's Pathways Program, current students can find internships in a variety of different fields, graduate students can work in a two-year program, and the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program provides a path to a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs.