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Career Advancement

Build your knowledge and experience while working at NSF to open the door to new opportunities for advancement.

The National Science Foundation requires a world-class staff that has the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve the Agency's mission. To assist in developing a world-class staff, the agency established the NSF Academy. The Academy serves as the central locus of learning and development for NSF. The following are some of the programs and resources available.

  • e-Learning: thousands of courses in administration, management and leadership development, project management, financial management and other related subjects, including Information Technology (IT)
  • Onsite classroom courses: instructor led, skills-based courses on a wide variety of job-relevant topics
  • Off-site seminars and retreats: facilitated training sessions on mission-critical topics
  • Independent Research/Development: a program that enables NSF staff to engage in research and other developmental activities
  • After Hours: A program providing tuition assistance to competitively selected NSF employees at grade GS-9 or below for the purpose of developing additional skills and advancing their careers. Selected participants attend classes during non-duty hours
  • For additional opportunities for Temporary and Rotator programs, see the Career Development Opportunities for NSF Scientists, Engineers and Educators section of the rotators microsite.