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IPA and VSEE Compensation Comparison

Description VSEE IPA
Salary Limitation Yes1 No
Cost-Sharing Required by Institution No Yes
Annualized Salary Yes1 Yes
Lost Consulting Income Eligibility Yes1 No
Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) Eligibility Yes1 No
Locality Pay Adjustment Yes1 No
Pay Comparability Increases No No
Annual Pay Adjustment Same as annual federal pay adjustment Same as university
Performance Bonus Eligibility Yes No
Social Security Yes Same as university
Fringe Benefits Same as university Same as university
Move to and From NSF or Per Diem Yes Yes
Family Travel to NSF and Back Yes2 Yes2
Independent Research/Development Program Eligibility Yes Yes


  1. Total pay (including annualized salary, COLA, lost consulting, and locality pay) cannot exceed the pay range for the position being filled.
  2. Travel expenses of family members to NSF and back to the home institution may be paid only in conjunction with a household move. When per diem is elected in lieu of a household move, NSF is not authorized to pay family travel expenses.

NTE = Not To Exceed