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Relocation Allowances for New Appointees and Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignees

This information is intended as a quick reference for new permanent and temporary staff and staff participating in the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) program planning a household move.

Division of Administrative Services (DAS) contact for household goods moving arrangements and additional information:

En Route Travel Expenses

Transportation Expense

Family members will be covered only when movement of household good is authorized. Transportation expenses for appointee and family from appointee's residence to NSF by common carrier;


A mileage allowance when a privately owned vehicle (POV) is used for allowable en route travel as follows:

Occupant Allowance
Number of Occupants in POV Allowance per mile
Employee (flat rate) 23.5 cents

En Route Per Diem

A per diem allowance for allowable en route travel time not to exceed the following maximum rates:

En Route Per Diem
Country Season Begin Date Lodging M&IE Total
Washington DC (also the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax, and the counties of Arlington and Fairfax, in Virginia; and the counties of Montgomery and Prince George's in Maryland) (See also Maryland and Virginia) October 1 $83 $46 $129

Allowances may not exceed an amount computed on the basis of a minimum driving distance per day of 300 miles. An exception to the daily minimum driving distance may be made when travel between the old residence and new duty station is delayed for reasons clearly beyond the control of the travelers, such as acts of God, restrictions by Government authorities, or other reasons acceptable to the agency, e.g., to accommodate persons with disabilities. (Revised 04/2009)

Household Goods (HHG)

Transportation Expenses

Expenses of shipping HHG from residence to duty station not-to-exceed a maximum 18,000 lbs. Net weight allowance. 18,000lbs. Limit is applicable for both employees moving with family and employees moving without family.

Actual Expense Method

In connection with transportation within or outside the United States the actual expense method is used. The Government will arrange for necessary temporary storage and pay the costs directly to mover. Charges for excess weight, valuation above the minimum amount and services obtained by the employee at higher costs shall be the responsibility of the employee.

Carrier Liability

The Foundation may purchase Full Value Protection Service. With this service, the carrier's liability is limited to both the value of the item and a value placed on the entire shipment.

Points for Consideration

Moving Arrangements

Since NSF must coordinate moving arrangements through the General Service Administration, please provide the DAS contact with information concerning the extent of your move and the desired time period as soon as possible (at least one month in advance of the move).

Family Members

Family members covered by federal travel regulations include:

  • Spouse
  • Children of the employee or employee's spouse who are unmarried and under 21 years of age or who, regardless of age, are physically or mentally incapable of self-support. (The term "children" included natural offspring, stepchildren, adopted children, grandchildren, legal minor wards or other dependent children who are under legal guardianship of the employee or employee's spouse.)
  • Contact your DAS representative for information concerning other family situation.

Time Limit

All travel, including that for the immediate family, and transportation, including that for household goods allowed under these regulations, shall be accomplished as soon as possible. The maximum time for beginning allowable travel and transportation shall not exceed one year from the effective date of the employee's appointment.

Advancement of Funds

Return moving expenses are only allowed for rotators employed in the Visiting Scientist, Engineer and Educator (VSEE) Program and Intergovernmental Personnel Act Program (IPA). NSF will pay these return moving expenses only to the former place of residence upon separation from the federal service following an agreed period of service.

Unauthorized Items

  • Boats over 14 feet; airplanes; mobile homes; camper trailer, and farming vehicles;
  • Live animals, birds, fowls, reptiles;
  • Cordwood and building materials; and
  • Property for resale, disposal, or commercial use rather than for use by the employee or the immediate family.

Important Considerations

The cost of disassembly and reassembly of the following items are not part of authorized moving costs: ice-maker refrigerators, outside TV antennas, swing sets, water beds, pool tables, etc.