About CS Bits & Bytes

CS Bits & Bytes is developed by the National Science Foundation to make computer science more accessible to educators and learners.

Each issue of CS Bits & Bytes highlights innovative computer science research, often at the intersection with other disciplines, and includes profiles of the individuals who do this exciting work, links for further exploration, and interactive activities.

Why CS Bits & Bytes

CS Bits & Bytes was originally rolled out in December 2011 in support of Computer Science Education Week (www.csedweek.org).

It is our hope that educators and parents will use CS Bits & Bytes to inspire students to engage in the multi-faceted world of computer science to become not just users, but also creators, of technology.

Computer Science Education Week 2018

For Computer Science Education Week 2018, we shared features about NSF-funded resources that enable computing education for all students.

Our first feature highlighted the pioneering work of the Ithaca City School District of New York to create opportunity, agency, and joy through equitable CS education, impacting students during CS Education Week, and beyond.

The second feature was all about the buzz from Cafe CS in Chicago.

In the third feature, you can learn more about making CS education accessible for all students.

The forth feature provided a vision into the 10-gallon-hat-sized CS education effort in Texas.

The final feature provided an iside look at preparing a network of CS teachers across the country.

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