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CISE - Dear Colleague Letters

Biological and Computing Shared Principles (BCSP)

The biological and computing research communities have a history of mutual influence; the transfer of questions, ideas, techniques, and technologies has resulted in significant advances in both fields. As these fields become more integrated, the conversations between biology and computing are becoming less about applying one discipline to another, and more about convergence of the central ideas and problems requiring the theoretical, experimental, and methodological competencies of both biology and computing.

The Biological Sciences (BIO) and Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Directorates invite proposals that advance research focused on principles shared between the two disciplines. Proposals that include sustained, synergistic collaborations, leading to new advances in both disciplines, will be the most competitive. Proposals should address shared principles that contribute to conceptual advances in both biology and computing. We recognize that new ideas are emerging rapidly at the crossroads of the biological sciences and computing, and we encourage investigators to pursue novel focus areas that identify shared principles.

Dear Colleague Letter

NSF Workshop on Shared Organizing Principles in the Computing and Biological Sciences