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Dear Colleagues:

The Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) has partnered with the Office of Cyberinfrastructure and the other NSF directorates to establish this crosscutting SI2 program called Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) ( Participation from the CISE community is encouraged. The solicitation describes the general terms and conditions of the program. In addition, this letter gives further guidance from the CISE perspective.

Software is an integral part of the computational paradigm for supporting innovation and discovery in science and engineering, and is a primary modality for realizing NSF's Cyberinfrastructure Framework for 21st Century Science and Engineering (CIF21) vision, as articulated in a prior DCL ( The crosscutting SI2 program is a long-term investment in this goal of transforming innovations in research and education into sustained software resources that are an integral part of the cyberinfrastructure.

SI2 proposals need to advance scientific research while presenting a plan for sustainable software infrastructure. The solicitation describes the types of proposals. From the CISE perspective:

  • CISE also seeks proposals where CISE research provides theoretical underpinnings for, or is broadly applicable to, multiple other science disciplines.
  • SI2 proposals must present a plan for software sustainability. While adoption of Software Engineering best practices is certainly important to the theme of this solicitation, CISE seeks proposals that go beyond adoption of best practices, advancing Software Engineering research and education to serve the needs of software sustainability and innovation in computational science.

General questions related to the SI2 program and the FY 2011 SI2 solicitation should be directed to the SI2 working group (see ) by sending email to

For CISE-related proposals, you may contact the CISE cognizant program officers to discuss the scientific focus and other questions.

Sol Greenspan (
Almadena Chtchelkanova (