NSF CI 2030


NSF´s investments in research cyberinfrastructure (CI) enable the science and engineering research discovery process, and span advanced computing resources, data and software infrastructure, workflow systems and approaches, networking, cybersecurity and associated workforce development.

From 2012-2017, NSF´s cross-cutting CI investments were organized under an NSF-wide initiative entitled "Cyberinfrastructure Framework for 21st Century Science and Engineering (CIF21)", which embodied a vision and inclusive strategy to accelerate research and education through investments advanced cyberinfrastructure. As CIF21 came to a close in 2017, NSF launched an effort to refresh the vision, strategy, and investment approaches for cyberinfrastructure to support the evolving needs of the science and engineering research community. This refresh effort is currently ongoing in FY 2017, and final reports, outcomes, and other relevant information will be posted on this website over the coming year.

Inputs into the NSF CI 2030 strategy development process

To guide the development of CI 2030 strategy and plans, NSF gathered perspectives and recommendations from the research community including through a dedicated Request for Information (RFI), other reports from community studies and workshops, and discussions with NSF Advisory Committees and other bodies. This section will be updated as new information arises.

NSF CI 2030 Request for Information

To inform the development of the new NSF strategy, in 2017, NSF Directorates and Offices jointly requested input and bold forward-looking ideas from the research community on science challenges and associated cyberinfrastructure needs over the next decade and beyond. NSF has publicly posted the responses to the RFI (link below) and is currently analyzing the responses in collaboration with the NSF Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI).

ACCI Report on the NSF CI 2030 RFI Responses

The NSF Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI) undertook a major effort over 2017 and 2018 to summarize and analyze the responses to the NSF CI 2030 RFI. The report from this analysis was approved by the ACCI membership at its Fall 2018 meeting, and is posted below. Please note that the ACCI provides independent advice to the National Science Foundation. All opinions, findings, and recommendations expressed within this report are those of the ACCI and do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.

Other relevant community and disciplinary inputs.

For more information and to provide comments about NSF CI 2030, please email nsfci2030@nsf.gov