FY95 Career Awardees

FY 95 Career Awardees (BIO)
DEB INUniversity of Notre Dame Feder Jeffrey Career: Developmental Tradeoffs and Host Race Formation in Rhagoletis Pomonella 9508559
IBN ILUniversity of Chicago Crawford Douglas The Molecular Basis for Variation in Heart Glucose Metabolism 9419781
IBN MTMontana State University McDermott Timothy CAREER: Identification and Characterization of Phosphate- Starvation Inducible Genes in Rhizobium meliloti 9420798
IBN NJPrinceton University Gavis Elizabeth RNA Localization and Localization-Dependent Translational Control in Drosophila Embryos 9506828
IBN NYNew York University Fitch David Genetic and Developmental Mechanisms of a Morphogenetic Program 9506844
IBN NYSUNY Binghamton Gal Susannah Career: The Role of Protease Activities in Arabidopsis thaliana Plants 9506195
IBN OHBowling Green U Main Cam Jakob Elizabeth CARRER: Dynamics of Incipient Social Behavior 9507417
IBN OKOklahoma State University Rouch Alexander Effect of Nerves on Kidney Function 9507444
IBN TXU of Texas San Antonio Jaffe David CAREER: Information Storage in a Biophysical Model of the Hippocampal CA3 Neural Network 9511309
IBN UTBrigham Young University Lephart Edwin CAREER: Brain Aromatase Cytochrome P-450 and CNS Development 9507972
IBN VACollege of William & Mary Refinetti Roberto CAREER: Homeostasis, Circadian Rhythmicity and Behavior 9507452
MCB CAU of Cal Santa Barbara Kohlstaedt Lori Structure and Function of Viral Nucleic Acids Polymerases 9505977
MCB CTWesleyan University Mukerji Ishita Protein DNA Interactions Probed by UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy 9507241
MCB FLU of Florida Horenstein Benjamin Mechanism and Inhibitor Design for Sialyltransferases and Education in Biochemistry 9501866
MCB GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Williams Loren DNA-Porphyrin Complexes: In 3-Dimensions 9506300
MCB ILNorthwestern University Wandinger-Ness Angela Functional Analysis of the Late Endosome and Associated Rab Proteins 9507206
MCB MABrandeis University Hedstrom Lizbeth Structural Determinants of Substrate Specificity in Trypsin-Like Proteases 9506805
MCB MAMIT Stern Lawrence Studies of Signal Transduction by the B-Lymphocyte Antigen Receptor 9506893
MCB MDMaryland Biotech Inst Culver James CAREER: Virus Structure in Plant Resistance 9506849
MCB MNSaint Olaf College Cole Eric A Genetic Dissection of Ciliate Conjugation 9507285
MCB NJPrinceton University Bassler Bonnie Intercellular Signalling in Vibrio harveyi 9506033
MCB NJPrinceton University Shokat Kevan Identification of Physiological Substrates of pp60v-src: Engineering Non-natural ATP Specificity 9506929
MCB NYCUNY City Univ New York Tasayco Maria Studies of the Folding of Thioredoxin by Fragment Complementation on the Development of New Tools to Improve the Understanding of Biomolecular Structure and Function 9507255
MCB WIU of Wisconsin Milwaukee Reddy Michael Assembly of the Bacteriophage T4 DNA Replication Sliding Clamp: A Functional Analysis of Protein-Protein Subassemblies 9506139

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