FY95 Career Awardees

FY 95 Career Awardees (CISE)
ASC INIndiana U Bloomington Bramley Randall CAREER: Orthogonalization Methods in Scientific Computing 9502292
ASC MSMississippi State Univ Skjellum Anthony Innovative High Performance Distributed Computing Research and Education: Parallel Algorithms,Libraries,Computational Models, and Distributed Services: CAREER 9501917
ASC TNU of Tennessee Knoxville Jones Mark Parallel Algorithms and Software for Unstructured Mesh Computations: CAREER 9501583
ASC TNU of Tennessee Knoxville Raghavan Padma Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations: CAREER 9502594
CCR AZU of Arizona Proebsting Todd CAREER: Efficient Detection of Pipeline Hazards in Superscalar Architectures 9502397
CCR CASanta Clara University Shang Weijia CAREER: Fundamental Problems in Parallel Programming 9502889
CCR CAStanford University Baker Mary CAREER: The MosquitoNet Mobile Computing Project 9501799
CCR CAU of Cal Santa Barbara Schauser Klaus CAREER: Efficient Communication Primatives and Realistic Models for Modern Multiprocessors 9502661
CCR CAU of Southern California Neumann Ulrich CAREER: Closed-Loop Augmented Environment Systems 9502830
CCR CTYale University Shao Zhong CAREER: Type-Directed Compilation 9501624
CCR GAClark Atlanta University Lim Alvin CAREER: Operating System Support and Programming Environment for Evolutionary Parallel and Distributed Applications 9502345
CCR ILLoyola Univ of Chicago Jagadeesan Radhakrishnan CAREER PROGRAM ATDCC: A Language for Communicating Reactive Process 9501943
CCR ILNorthwestern University Hellerstein Lisa CAREER: Structural Properties and Irrelevant Attributes: Implications for Learning and Complexity 9501660
CCR INUniversity of Notre Dame Lumsdaine Andrew CAREER: High-Performance Computing for Computational Science and Engineering 9502710
CCR KSKansas State University Singh Gurdip CAREER: Modular Design of Protocols 9502506
CCR MABoston University Crovella Mark Career: Practical Performance Prediction for Parallel Programmers 9501822
CCR MAHarvard University Chen J. Bradley CAREER: Understanding Behavior in Commodity Software Systems 9501365
CCR MAHarvard University Seltzer Margo CAREER: High Performance Storage Systems 9502156
CCR MAMIT Berger Bonnie Career: Probabilistic Methods and Algorithms to Solve Protein Folding Problems 9501997
CCR MDU of MD College Park Khuller Samir CAREER: Approximation Algorithms for Graph-Theoretic Problems 9501355
CCR MDU of MD College Park Porter Adam CAREER: Empirical Investigations of Software Inspections 9501354
CCR MEUniv of Southern Maine Fenner Stephen Career: Properties of Typical Computable Languages 9501794
CCR MIUniversity of Michigan Jahanian Farnam CAREER: Probing and Fault Injection of Distributed Systems 9502341
CCR MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesLi Zhiyuan CAREER: A Compiler-Assisted Approach to High Performance Memory Architectures 9502541
CCR MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesTeng Shanghua CAREER: Geometric Methods for Numerical Computing: Graph Partitioning, Mesh Generation and Parallel Computation 9502540
CCR NCU of NC Chapel Hill Chatterjee Siddhartha CAREER: Automatic Data and Computation Partitioning for Array-Parallel Languages 9501979
CCR NEU of Nebraska Lincoln Henninger Scott CAREER: An Organizational Learning Approach to Software Development 9502461
CCR NJPrinceton University Arora Sanjeev CAREER: Research into the Hardness of Approximation, Probabilistically Checkable Proofs, and Their Connection to Other Areas 9502747
CCR NJPrinceton University Martonosi Margaret CAREER: An Integrated Hardware and Software Performance Monitoring System 9502516
CCR NJRutgers U New Brunswick Alizadeh Farid CAREER: Applications of Convex Programming in Combinatorial Optimization: A Mathematical, Algorithmic and Computational Study 9501941
CCR NJRutgers U New Brunswick Farach Martin Career: Distance Based Methods in Phylogeny Reconstruction: Trees and Strings 9501942
CCR NYColumbia University Lee Eva CAREER: Mixed Integer Programming-Parallelism and Applications to Statistical Analysis 9501584
CCR NYCornell University-EndowedHenzinger Monika CAREER: Design and Analysis of Efficient Graph Algorithms 9501712
CCR NYCornell University-EndowedHenzinger Thomas CAREER: Computer - Aided Verification 9501708
CCR NYSUNY Stony Brook Varshney Amitabh CAREER: Improvement, Simplification, and Clustering in Polygonal Datasets for Virtual Reality Applications 9502239
CCR PACarnegie Mellon UniversityElnozahy Elmootazabella CAREER: System Software Design for Energy Conservation 9502933
CCR PACarnegie Mellon UniversityHarper Robert Career: Type Theory and Operational Semantics for Programming Languages 9502674
CCR PAPA St U University Park Hannan John CAREER: Specification and Verification of Compiler Algorithms 9502356
CCR TXWilliam Marsh Rice Univ Adve Sarita CAREER: An Integrated Approach for Improving the Performance, Programmability, and Portability of Shared Memory Multiprocessors 9502500
CCR TXWilliam Marsh Rice Univ Druschel Peter CAREER: A Communication-Oriented Operating Systems for the National Information Infrastructure (Career Development Program) 9503098
CCR VAUniversity of Virginia Sullivan Kevin CAREER: Toward a Scientific Basis for the design of Integrated Systems 9502029
IRI CAU of Cal Los Angeles Alwan Abeer CAREER: From Imaging and Acoustic Data to Articulatory Synthesis 9503089
IRI COColorado School of Mines Pratt Lorien Development of Techniques for Neural Network Transfer, as Applied to Hazardous Waste Characterization 9502671
IRI FLU of South Florida Sarkar Sudeep CAREER: The Role of Perceptual Organization in Motion Analysis 9501932
IRI GAClark Atlanta University Rogers Erika Cooperative Assistance through Visual Interaction: Perception and Problem-Solving in Complex-Environments 9502289
IRI IAUniversity of Iowa Fleck Margaret Finding Images Intensity Boundaries 9501493
IRI ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Zhao Yunxin CAREER: Adaptive and Robust Automatic Speech Recognition inHuman-Computer Interaction 9502074
IRI MABoston University Little Thomas CAREER: Fast Access Techniques for Video Information Retrieval 9502702
IRI MAMIT Teller Seth Interactive Simulation and Navigation for Collaborative Research and Pedagogy 9501937
IRI MDJohns Hopkins University Brill Eric CAREER: Automatically Learning Natural Language from On-Line Text 9502312
IRI MDU of MD Baltimore County Turner Russell CAREER: An Object-Oriented 3D Interaction Toolkit for Virtual Ennvironment Research 9503093
IRI MDU of MD College Park Franklin Michael CAREER: Broadcast Disks: Technique for Data in Management in Asymmetric Communication Environments 9501353
IRI MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesPapanikolopoulos Nikolaos CAREER: Eye-In-Hand Robotic Systems 9502245
IRI NCEast Carolina University Smith Ronnie CAREER: Prevention, Detection and Repair of Miscommunication in Spoken Natural Language Dialog Processing Systems 9501571
IRI NYColumbia University Chang Shih-Fu CAREER: Research and Development of Advanced Visual Information Systems 9501266
IRI OHOhio State Univ Res Fdn Page Thomas Performance Evaluation of Optimistic Replicated File System Architectures 9501812
IRI PACarnegie Mellon UniversityBaraff David CAREER: Physical Simulation For Assembling Robots and Robot Assembly 9502464
IRI PAU of Pittsburgh Chrysanthis Panos CAREER: Developing Pragmatic Mobile Data Management Systems 9502091
IRI PAVillanova University Hardt Daniel CAREER: Ellipis Resolution in English in Natural Language Processing Systems 9502257
IRI TXU of Texas Arlington Cook Diane Scaling Up Planning Systems Using Parallel Hardware and Machine Learning 9502260
IRI TXU of Texas El Paso Baral Chitta A Systematic Approach to Reasoning about Actions and Change 9501577
IRI WYUniversity of Wyoming Branting Luther Abstraction and Hierarchical Problem Solving in Case-Based Reasoning 9502152
MIP CACalifornia Inst of Tech Effros Michelle Code Clustering for Universal Image Coding and Other Implications 9501977
MIP CAU of Southern California Beerel Peter Computer-Aided Design Tools for Asynchronous Circuits 9502386
MIP CAU of Southern California Gupta Sandeep CAREER: Tool for At-Speed Robust Path Delay Testing 9502300
MIP CAU of Southern California Ortega Antonio Adaptive Compression Techniques for Digital Video Communications 9502227
MIP FLU of Florida Harris John Analog VLSI Sensory Processing 9502307
MIP GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Chatterjee Abhijit Testing of Digital Circuits by Signal Waveform Analysis 9502575
MIP GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Zegura Ellen A Systematic Approach to the Design of Cost-Effective, High Performance Switching Architectures 9502669
MIP HIU of Hawaii Manoa Uehara Gregory Research and Education in Integrated Circuit Design for Communication and Magnetic Storage Systems 9501726
MIP IAIowa State University Sapatnekar Sachin CAREER: Gate-Level Performance Optimization of Pipelines and General Sequential Circuits 9502556
MIP ILIllinois Inst of Tech Chan Wai-Yip Audio-Visual Signal Compression Using Vector Quantization 9502629
MIP ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Gupta Rajesh Architecture and Synthesis Techniques for Embedded Systems 9501615
MIP INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Roy Kaushik Integrated Framework for Test Synthesis, Power Optimization, and Reliable Design of VLSI Circuits 9501869
MIP INUniversity of Notre Dame Sha Edwin High-Level Design Methodologies for Time-Optimal and Memory-Optimal Systems 9501006
MIP MAMIT Chandrakasan Anantha Methodologies, Tools, and System Design of Low-Power Wireless Multimedia Systems 9501995
MIP MAMIT Wornell Gregory Theory and Application of Dispersive Multirate Filterbacks and Wavelets 9502885
MIP MANortheastern University Kaeli David CAREER: Architectural Support for Object-oriented Code Execution 9501172
MIP MDJohns Hopkins University Konstantinidou Smaragda Application-Driven, High-Performance Communication in Parallel Computing Systems 9501768
MIP MDU of MD College Park Milor Linda A Statistical Modeling Methodology for Submicron MOS Devices and Circuits 9501912
MIP MIMich Technological Univ Schulz Timothy Image Recovery from Multiple Intensity Measurements with Applications to Electron Microscopy and Astronomy 9501163
MIP MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesVinnakota Bapiraju Low-Cost Test Techniques 9502240
MIP NYColumbia University Nowick Steven Testability and Sequential Optimization of Asynchronous State Machines 9501880
MIP NYSUNY Stony Brook Chiueh Tzi-Cker Parallel I/O for 3D Volume Visualization 9502067
MIP OHOhio State Univ Res Fdn Panda Dhabaleswar Communication and Architectural Supports for Implementing Distributed Shared Memory on Wormhole Networks 9502294
MIP TXTexas Engineering Exp Sta Vaidya Nitin Two-Level Failure Recovery Schemes for Multicomputers and Distributed Systems 9502563
MIP TXU of Texas Austin Xu Guanghan CAREER: Development and Implementation of Antenna Array Processing Techniques for Wireless Communications 9502695
MIP UTUniversity of Utah Douglas Scott Advanced Architectures for Multichannel Active Noise Control 9501680
MIP WIU of Wisconsin Madison Nguyen Truong Theory and Design of Filter Banks and Wavelets with Applications in Signal Conversion, Adaptation, Detection and Classification 9501589
NCR CACalifornia Inst of Tech Goldsmith Andrea CAREER: Networking and Communication Techniques for Wireless Applications 9501452
NCR ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Vardy Alexander CAREER: Data Transmission Techniques: Trellis-Decoding and Beyond 9501345
NCR MDU of MD College Park Tassiulas Leandros CAREER: Wireless Access Control for Optimal Spectral Efficiency 9502614
NCR PACarnegie Mellon UniversityJohnson David CAREER: Wireless and Mobile Internetworking 9502725
NCR TXU of Texas Austin Konstantopoulos T. CAREER: Flow Control and Traffic Modeling: A Rigorous Approach Toward Network Management 9502582
NCR WAU of Washington Azizoglu Murat CAREER: Traffic Scheduling and Network Interconnection in All Optical Networks 9502610

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