FY 95 Career Awardees

FY 95 Career Awardees (ENG)
BES CAU of Cal Berkeley Keasling Jay CAREER: Strategies for Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria: Novel Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers 9502495
BES CAU of Cal Davis Phillips Ronald NSF Career Program 9500663
BES CAU of Cal Irvine Grant Stanley CAREER: The Coagulation and Gravitational Settling of Particles in Aqueous Environments 9502493
BES CAU of Cal Los Angeles Harmon Thomas CAREER: Equilibria and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Nonvolatile Organic Chemicals in Unsaturated Soils 9502170
BES COU of Colorado Boulder Edwards Marc Copper Pitting and New Approaches to Teaching: A Career Development Plan 9503079
BES IAUniversity of Iowa Alvarez Pedro Enhancement of Bioremediation: An Application for the Faculty Early Career Development Program 9500998
BES ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Leckband Deborah CAREER: Molecular Forces and Mechanisms Controlling Cell Adhesion 9503045
BES ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Liang Zhi-Pei CAREER: Optimal Data Acquisition and Processing Methods for Functional and Metabolic Imaging Using Magnetic Resonance 9502121
BES LALouisiana St Baton Rouge Murphy Michael CAREER: Microsystems for Least-Invasive Medicine 9501793
BES MAUniv of Mass, Dartmouth Kasilingam Dayalan CAREER: Nonlinear Inversion of Remotely Sensed Ocean Data Using Artificial Neural Networks 9503042
BES MDU of MD Baltimore County Sierks Michael CAREER: Designer Proteases Using Catalytic Antibodies 9502901
BES MIUniversity of Michigan Mooney David CAREER: Role of Mechanical Stimuli in the Development of Engineered Smooth Muscle Tissue 9501376
BES NJPrinceton University Leonard Naomi CAREER: Control of Dynamical Systems with Reduced Control Authority and Application to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 9502477
BES NYClarkson University Powers Susan Career: Interfacial Phenomena Associated with Complex NAPLs in Subsurface Systems 9501567
BES NYRensselaer Polytech Inst Przybycien Todd Career Program: Research and Education in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 9502184
BES PACarnegie Mellon UniversityDiMilla Paul CAREER: Engineering the Behavior of Mammalian Cells Cultured on Elastomeric Substrata 9502648
BES PAPA St U University Park Dong Cheng CAREER: Faculty Early Career Development in Education and Research 9502069
BES VAUniversity of Virginia Culver Teresa CAREER: Dynamic Optimal Control of Groundwater Remediation 9501906
BES VAUniversity of Virginia Fernandez Erik CAREER: Nuclelar Magnetic Resonance Analysis of Protein Conformation During Bioprocessing 9501909
BES VAVA Polytechnic Inst & St ULove Nancy CAREER: The Distribution and Expression of BTX-Degrading Microorganisms in Anoxic/Aerobic Single-Sludge Biological Treatment Processes 9502450
BES WAU of Washington Baneyx Francois Career Award 9501212
CMS CACalifornia Inst of Tech Murray Richard Two Degree of Freedom Design for Robust Nonlinear Control of Mechanical Systems 9502224
CMS CAU of Cal Davis Boulanger Ross Cyclic Loading Behavior of Fine-Grained Soils 9502530
CMS CAU of Cal Irvine Feng Maria Innovative and Inerdisciplinary Research and Education for Civil Infrastructure Renewal 9501796
CMS COColorado School of Mines Lusk Mark The Role of Driving Traction in Martensitic Phase Transitions: Theory and Experiment 9502409
CMS FLU of Florida Ifju Peter Determination of Absolute Stresses in Composites and Structures 9502678
CMS FLU of South Florida Hess Daniel Career: Dynamics of Threaded Fasteners in Aircraft Components and Orthopaedic Fixations 9501824
CMS ILNorthwestern University Brinson Catherine Characterization and Modeling of Multidimensional SMA Behavior and Coupled Effects of Temperature, Aging Time and Moisture on Polymer Composite Systems 9501792
CMS ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Schneider Stephen Alternative Details for Steel Beam-To-Column Connections 9501449
CMS MIUniversity of Michigan Everett John Ergonomics, Health, and Safety in Construction: Research and Education 9501887
CMS NCDuke University Clark Robert Active Control of Coupled Aeroelastic/Structural Acoustic Systems 9501470
CMS NCNorth Carolina State U Franzoni Linda A Hybrid Asymptotic Model Analysis Method for Structural- Acoustics 9501285
CMS OHUniversity of Akron Conway Ted The Evolution of Cord Mechanics with Applications in Biomedical Engineering Research and Industrial Research and Development 9502123
CMS OKU of Oklahoma Muraleetharan Kanthasamy Static and Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soils - Theory and Validation 9501718
CMS OKU of Oklahoma Osisanya Samuel Prevention of Wellbore Instability in Shale Formations 9502795
CMS PACarnegie Mellon UniversityPantazidou Marina Subsurface Contamination by DNAPLs: Transport Modeling and Site Characterization 9502546
CMS PALehigh University Slaughter E Computer Based Simulation of Contruction-Related Activities 9502304
CMS PAPA St U University Park Barros Ana Integrated Hydrologic Analysis for Flood Forecasting and Control 9501958
CMS PAPA St U University Park Chang Liming Development and Use of a Mixed-Lubrication Laboratory for University-Industry Collaboration and Education 9501877
CMS PRU of Puerto Rico Piedras Toutanji Houssam Career Development Plan 9501541
CMS RIBrown University Phillips Rob Microscopic Approaches to Constitutive Laws in Solid Mechanics 9502020
CMS SCU of SC Columbia Gribb Molly Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement in Unsaturated Soils With a Modified Cone Penetrometer 9501772
CMS TXTexas Engineering Exp Sta Strganac Thomas Fluid-Structure-Control Interaction--Theories and Experiments 9502567
CMS VAVA Polytechnic Inst & St UFilz George Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls: Trench Stresses and Adjacent Ground Settlement 9502448
CTS CACalifornia Inst of Tech Colonius Tim Career: Computations of Aerodynamic Sound Generation in Turbulent Jets 9501349
CTS CAU of Cal Davis Abbott Nicholas CAREER: CAREER Development Plan 9502263
CTS COColorado School of Mines Dorgan John Career: Faculty Early Career Development Proposal 9502466
CTS COColorado School of Mines Parker Terence CAREER: Infrared Measurements of Droplets, Oxygen and Water in the Dense Region of Combusting Fuel Sprays 9502481
CTS COU of Colorado Boulder Sevick Edith CAREER: Shear Response of Polymers Grafted to Membranes 9501946
CTS FLU of Florida Crisalle Oscar CAREER: Advanced Control Stategies For Microelectronics Manufacturing Processes 9502936
CTS GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Seitzman Jerry CAREER: Quantitative Nonintrusive Optical Techniques for High Pressure Combustion Measurements 9502371
CTS HIU of Hawaii Manoa Phelan Patrick CAREER: Thermal Contact Resistance for Nonmetallic Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures 9501753
CTS INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Collicott Steven Career: Experimental Investigation of the Internal Structures in Atomizing Office Flows 9501881
CTS LALouisiana St Baton Rouge Henson Michael CAREER: Nonlinear Output Feedback Control of Constrained Multivariable Processes 9501368
CTS MIMich Technological Univ Schulz Kirk CAREER: The Relationship Between Surface Conductivity and Surface Reaction Pathways 9523936
CTS OHU of Cincinnati Lin Y. Career Development Plan: Synthesis, Properties and Application of Mixed-Conducting Cerammic Membranes 9502437
CTS OHU of Cincinnati Manglik Raj CAREER: Investigation of Heat Transfer Phenomena in Thermal Processing of Non-Newtonian Polymeric Surfactant Emulsions 9502128
CTS OHUniversity of Akron Qammar Helen CAREER: Modeling and Control of Chaotic Chemical Reactions 9502327
CTS PAU of Pittsburgh d'Itri Julie CAREER: Environmentally Benign Chemical Processing: A Theme for the Future of Chemical Engineering 9502090
CTS TXTexas Engineering Exp Sta Honnell Kevin CAREER: Molecular Thermodynamics of Polymer Blends and Solutions: A Research and Teaching Program for Early Career Development 9502565
CTS VAUniversity of Virginia Norris Pamela CAREER: Microscale Energy Transport In Aerogels 9501911
CTS WIU of Wisconsin Madison Graham Michael CAREER: Computing, Understanding, Stabilizing and Exploiting the Dynamics of Polymeric and Two-Phase Flows 9502677
CTS WIU of Wisconsin Madison Klingenberg Daniel CAREER: Mechanisms and Models for Complex Materials 9502276
DMI ALAuburn University Vance Pamela Faculty Early Career Development: Methods for Large-Scale Network Design and Education Plan 9502502
DMI ALAuburn University Yang Xiao Faculty Early Career Development: SiC-Al-Si Composites by Rapid and Pressureless Infiltration in Air 9502335
DMI IAIowa State University Cheung Raymond Faculty Early Career Development: Industry-University Partnership in Logistics -- Dynamic Thinking in Research and Education 9501446
DMI ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Sahinidis Nikolaos Faculty Early Career Development: Optimization Tools for Planning and Scheduling in the Process Industry 9502722
DMI INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Ramani Karthik CAREER: In-situ Adhesive-less Joining of Thermoplastics and Their Composites to Metals in Net-Shape Processes and an Integrated Design and Processing Education Plan 9501646
DMI MAMIT Otto Kevin Faculty Early Career Development: Integrating Process into Design-for-Manufacturing 9501857
DMI MIMich Technological Univ Sutherland John Faculty Early Career Development: Environmentally Conscious Machine Tool Systems 9502109
DMI MIUniversity of Michigan Zhang Rachel Faculty Early Career Development: Easily Implementable Policies for the Design of Spare Parts Inventory Systems 9501740
DMI MSMississippi State Univ Crumpton Lesia Faculty Early Career Development: Developing Engineering Criteria for the Inclusion of Disabled Employees (DECIDE) in the Workplace 9501654
DMI PAU of Pittsburgh Smith Alice Faculty Early Career Development: Resampling Approaches to Neural Model Validation 9502134
DMI TXU of Texas El Paso Villalobos Jesus Rene Faculty Early Career Development: Development of an Integrated Environment for Surface Mount Device Technology Assembly 9502897
DMI VAUniversity of Virginia Mastrangelo Christina Faculty Early Career Development: Multivariate Process Monitoring with Correlated Data 9501903
DMI WIU of Wisconsin Madison Gadh Rajit Faculty Early Career Development: Virtual Design and Virtual Prototyping for Near Net Shape Manufactured Parts 9501760
DMI WIU of Wisconsin Madison Shapiro Vadim Faculty Early Career Development: Research in Combinatorial Structure of Mechanical Parts 9502728
ECS CASan Jose State Univ Fdn Green Evan CAREER: Research into Self-Aware Optics within a Broad Program for Education 9502288
ECS CAStanford University Kenny Thomas CAREER: Phonon Propagation in Confined Mechanical Geometries 9502046
ECS CAU of Cal Los Angeles Kanellakopoulos Ioannis CAREER: Robust Design of Adaptive Nonlinear Control 9502945
ECS CAU of Cal San Diego Yu Edward CAREER: Nanometer-scale Characterization and Fabrication of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Devices 9501469
ECS CAU of Cal Santa Barbara Imamoglu Atac CAREER: Semiconductor Lasers Without Population Inversion 9501990
ECS CAU of Cal Santa Barbara Maroudas Dimitrios CAREER: Effects of Chemical Composition and Processing Conditions on Microstructure Evolution and Electromigation Resistance in Metallic Thin Films 9501111
ECS COColorado State University Menoni Carmen CAREER: Enhancement Plan - Research on Blue Semiconductor Lasers and Early Motivation of Electrical Engineering Students 9502888
ECS HIU of Hawaii Manoa Kim Eun Sok CAREER: Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical Systems 9501698
ECS IAIowa State University McCalley James CAREER: Development of Probabilistic Approaches for Security Assessment in Operating Electric Power Systems 9502790
ECS ILNorthwestern University Ho Seng CAREER: Quantum and Nonlinear Optical Effects in Nanofabricated Optical Bragg Structures 9502475
ECS ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Michielssen Eric CAREER: Electromagnetic Component Design Using Genetic Algorithms 9502138
ECS INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Chong Edwin K. P. CAREER: Decision, Control and Optimization in Discrete Event Systems 9501652
ECS INUniversity of Notre Dame Hall Douglas CAREER: Compound-Semiconductor Oxides for Integrated Optoelectronics 9502705
ECS MANortheastern University Stankovic A. CAREER: Suppression of Low-Frequency Oscillations in Power Systems and Electric Drives: A Dissipativity Approach 9502636
ECS MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesTeel Andrew CAREER: Research on input-output methods for nonlinear control design; Education into the next century 9502034
ECS NJPrinceton University Bergman Keren CAREER: Modules for Fiber Optic Communication Systems 9502491
ECS NMUniversity of New Mexico Lester Luke CAREER: The Development of Group-III Nitride LED's and Lasers 9501785
ECS NYCornell University-EndowedLo Yu-Hwa CAREER: Long Wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser 9502346
ECS NYCUNY City College Ali M. CAREER: Multiwavelength Optical Transport Networks 9502734
ECS NYRensselaer Polytech Inst Ji Chuanyi Approximating Optimal Solutions Using Polynomial-Time Learning Machines and Applications in Intelligent Network Management 9502518
ECS NYRensselaer Polytech Inst Zhang Xi-Cheng CAREER: Time-Resolved Nonlinear Terahertz Spectroscopy 9500614
ECS NYUniversity of Rochester Erdogan Turan CAREER: Optical Component Technologies Based on Ultraviolet Photosensitivity in Glass 9502670
ECS OKOklahoma State University Gedra Thomas CAREER: Application For The Faculty Early Career Development Program. 9501648
ECS PABucknell University Lord Susan CAREER: Optoelectronic Materials and Device Characterization 9501703
ECS PAPA St U University Park Mayer Theresa CAREER: Fabrication of Two- and Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals 9501820
ECS UTUniversity of Utah Hwu-Sadwick Jennifer CAREER: Rare Earth-Phosphide/III-V Semiconductor High-Speed, High-Temperature Electronics 9502891

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