FY95 Career Awardees

FY95 Career Awardees (GEO)
ATM ALAuburn University Lin Yu CAREER: A Simulation Study of Reconnection Layers in the Magnetotail 9507993
ATM AZU of Arizona Fu Rong A Career Development Plan with Primary Emphasis on a Process Study of Upper Troposphere Water Vapor in Middle Latitudes 9507987
ATM CAStanford University Jacobson Mark Transfer of Greenhouse and Other Trace Gases to the Oceans, Marine Stratus, and Sea Spray Aerosols 9504481
ATM IAUniversity of Iowa Na Helen CAREER: High Resolution Algorithms for Computerized Ionospheric Tomography 9507985
ATM ILNorthern Illinois Univ Changnon David Development of Climate Relationships-Decision Models for Environmental and Economic Applications 9508038
ATM ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Ting Mingfang Atmospheric Responses to North Pacific Sea Surface Temperture Anomalies During Winter and Summer 9506368
ATM PACarnegie Mellon UniversityPandis Spyros Physical and Chemical Properties of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol 9508051
ATM PAPA St U University Park Evans Jenni-Louise Tropical Convection and the General Circulation 9508085
ATM WAWashington State Univ Claiborn Candis Hydrogen Peroxide Fluxes to Forest Canopies: Field & Laboratory Experiments 9508417
ATM WIU of Wisconsin Madison Foley Jonathan Climate, Land Surfaces and the Biosphere: An Interdisciplinary Research and Education Program 9506588
EAR MIUniversity of Michigan Lange Rebecca CAREER: The Buoyancy Drive of Carbonatite Melts in the Lithosphere 9508133
EAR NYSUNY Buffalo Renshaw Carl CARRER: Estimation of Fracture Aperture Distributions From Wellbore Data 9505773
EAR TXSouthern Methodist Univ Jacobs Bonnie (ESH) The Interpretation of Climate from Leaf Forms: Application to the Miocene of Africa 9510015
EAR VAUniversity of Virginia Furman Tanya CAREER: Magmatism in the African Western Rift: Lithospheric Structure and Melting Dynamics 9508112
OCE CTUniv of Connecticut Dam Hans CAREER: Omnivory and the Fate of Ingested Food in Zooplankton: Implications for Material Fluxes in the Oceans 9521907
OCE OROregon State University Wright Dawn CAREER: Crustal Cracking along Multi-Segment Portions of the Juan de Fuca Ridge and its Relation to Ridge Segmentation 9521039
OCE VAWilliam & Mary Marine InstCanuel Elizabeth CAREER: Sources of Organic Matter in the Chesapeake Bay: A Biomarker Approach 9521170

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