NSF logoFaculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards
(FY 1997)

Directorate State Institution PI Last Name PI First Name Title Award ID
BIO GA U of Georgia Res Fdn Inc Keceioglu John CAREER: Applied Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology 9722339
BIO IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Webb Andrew CAREER: Subcellular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging 9722320
BIO IL Field Mus of Natural Hist Ballard J. William CAREER: Host-Endosymbiont Co-evolution and Host Speciation: Wolbachia pipientis and Drosophila simulans 9702824
BIO MI Michigan State University Hamilton Stephen CAREER: Hydrologic Regulation of Wetland Biogeochemistry and Ecology and the Impacts of Climate Change 9701714
BIO MI Michigan State University Liu Jianguo CAREER: A Systems Approach to Assessing Impacts of Multiple Human Activities on Panda Habitat in Wolong Nature Reserve Landscape 9702684
BIO UT University of Utah Clayton Dale CAREER: Adaptive Basis of Host-Parasite Cospeciation 9703003
BIO AL Auburn University Hill Geoffrey CAREER: Song and Plumage in the House Finch: A Study of Signal Content in a Multiple-Signal System 9722171
BIO CA Harvey Mudd College Williams Mary CAREER: Genetic, Molecular and Physiological Studies of Lateral Root Development in Arabidopsis thaliana 9722191
BIO IN Indiana U Bloomington Eddins Ann CAREER: Neural Correlates of Auditory Temporal Integration 9722220
BIO MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Spivak Marla CAREER: Neuroethology of Hygienic Behavior 9722416
BIO NY Cornell University State Delaney Terrence CAREER: Molecular Genetic Dissection of Plant Induced Resistance to Disease 9722377
BIO OK Oklahoma State University Cushman John CAREER: Genetic Analysis of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum 9722285
BIO PA PA St U University Park Marden James Career: Evolution of Insect Flight 9722196
BIO PR U of Puerto Rico Med Sci Miller Mark CAREER: Neuropeptides and Motivated Behavior: Neuroethological Studies 9722349
BIO UT University of Utah Broadie Kendal CAREER: Genetic Investigation of Integrin Function at the Synapse 9722213
BIO WI U of Wisconsin Madison Marler Catherine CAREER: The Social Environment and Developmental Plasticityin Vasopressin Neurochemical Pathways 9703309
BIO WI U of Wisconsin Madison Robertson Gail CAREER: Molecular Basis of Potassium Channel Function in the Nervous System 9722378
BIO AR U of Arkansas Little Rock Jin Shouguang Career: Regulation of Virulence Genes in Agrobacterium tumefaciens 9722227
BIO CA U of Cal Los Angeles Stewart Phoebe CAREER: Cryo-EM Structural Studies of Biological Assemblies 9722353
BIO IN Indiana Univ Oakley Martha CAREER: Study of Phosphatidyl Inositol Regulation of Cytoskeletal Proteins Through Dendritic Polymer Mimics of Lipid Assemblies 9722264
BIO MA Boston University Jackson Bruce CAREER: Enhancement of Minority Research Opportunities Through the Full Integration of Research and Teaching Experiences 9707644
BIO MA Mount Holyoke College Woodard Craig CAREER: Steroid Regulation of Development in Drosophila 9722205
BIO MD U of MD College Park Kahn Jason CAREER: New Approaches to the Structure and Function of Higher-Order Protein-DNA Complexes 9722371
BIO MT University of Montana Samuels D CAREER: DNA Replication and Telomere Maintenance 9722408
BIO NY Columbia University Palmer Arthur CAREER: Structural Studies of Transcription Regulation by RNA-Protein Interactions 9722392
BIO NY CUNY Hunter College Bargonetti Jill CAREER: Growth Control Regulated by p53 and MDM2. 9722262
BIO PA Juniata College Keeney Jill CAREER: The Research Integrated Curriculum Involving A Molecular Study of Retrotransposition 9722274
BIO TX Texas Woman's University Conrad-Webb Heather CAREER: A Polymerase Switch in the Synthesis of rRNA in Yeast 9722253
BIO WA U of Washington Beeson Craig CAREER: Kinetic Studies of T-Cell Activation 9722374
CSE AL U of Alabama Huntsville Newman Timothy CAREER: Parallel Feature Extraction and Dataset Registrationfor Volumetric Visualization 9702401
CSE LA La St U & A&M Coll Nakano Aiichiro CAREER: Large-Scope Atomistic Simulations of Multiscale Material Phenomena: A Multidisciplinary Computational Approach 9701504
CSE MD U of MD College Park Hollingsworth Jeffrey CAREER: Online Measurement, Evaluation, and Adaptation of Parallel Applications 9703212
CSE MS University of Mississippi Rheingans Penny CAREER: Multivariate Visualization of Importance-Varying Data 9703251
CSE NY SUNY Col Buffalo Patra Abani CAREER: Integrated Research & Education in the Use of HPC for Realistic Simulations 9702947
CSE TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Darmofal David CAREER: Multigrid Methods for Convection-Dominated Flows on Distributed Architectures 9702435
CSE CA U of Cal Irvine Franz Michael CAREER: Dynamic Optimization of Software Component Systems 9701400
CSE CA U of Cal Irvine Rosenblum David CAREER: Mechanisms for Ensuring the Integrity of Distributed Object Systems 9701973
CSE CA U of Cal Los Angeles Gu Ming CAREER: Algorithms for Eigenvalue and Singular Value Problems 9702866
CSE CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Rinard Martin CAREER: Commutativity Analysis: A New Analysis Framework for Automatically Parallelizing Object-Oriented Computations 9702297
CSE CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Yang Tao CAREER: Scheduling and Run-time Support for Parallel Irregular Computations 9702640
CSE CT Yale University Kuszmaul Bradley CAREER: Using Critical Path Length as a Practical Peformance Metric 9702980
CSE FL Florida International Univ Attie Paul CAREER: Tractable Formal Methods for the Synthesis of Concurrent Programs 9702616
CSE FL U of Florida Qin Hong CAREER: Physics-Based Computer Aided Geometric Design: Theory and Applications 9702103
CSE GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Randall Dana CAREER: Markov Chain Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems from Statistical Physics 9703206
CSE GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Turk Greg CAREER: Image Metrics for Computer Graphics 9703265
CSE GA Georgia Tech Research Chervenak Ann Career: The Personal Terabyte Disk: Managing and Exploiting Large Future Magnetic Disks 9702609
CSE IA University of Iowa Bonacina Maria CAREER: Distributed Deduction with Contraction and Foundation of Strategy Analysis 9701508
CSE IL Loyola Univ of Chicago Colby Christopher CAREER: Semantics-based Program Analysis via Symbolic Composition of Transfer Relations 9702805
CSE IN Indiana U Bloomington Pierce Benjamin CAREER: Principled Foundations for Programming with Objects 9701826
CSE IN Purdue University Eigenmann Rudolph CAREER: Guiding Computer Systems Research, Development, andEducation with Real Applicatioms and Advanced Tools 9703180
CSE KS Kansas State University Dwyer Matthew CAREER: Engineering High-Quality Concurrent Software 9703094
CSE MA Harvard University Gortler Steven CAREER: Light: A Fundamental Primitive for Computer Graphics 9703399
CSE MA MIT Spielman Daniel CAREER: Computationally Efficient Error-Correcting Codes and Their Applications 9701304
CSE MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Sitaraman Ramesh CAREER: Communication in Parallel and Distributed Systems 9703017
CSE MI Michigan State University Torng Eric CAREER: Multi-threaded Research and Education 9701679
CSE NC Duke University Astrachan Owen CAREER: Using and Developing Design Patterns in Undergraduate Computer Science Courses 9702550
CSE NJ Princeton University Singh Jaswinder CAREER: Applications-driven Research in Multiprocessor Architecture and Software Systems 9702115
CSE NM New Mexico St University Aluru Srinivas CAREER: Parallel Algorithms and Software for Irregular Scientific Applications 9702991
CSE NY Cornell University-Endowed Kleinberg Jon CAREER: Algorithmic Methods for Networks 9701399
CSE NY Cornell University-Endowed von Eicken Thorsten CAREER: Developing Secure Systems for Network Appliances 9702755
CSE NY SUNY Stony Brook Swift Terrance CAREER: Principles, Practice, and Applications of Tabled Logic Programs 9702681
CSE NY University of Rochester Dwarkadas Sandhya CAREER: Enhanced Software Distributed Shared Memory as a Compiler Target 9702466
CSE NY University of Rochester Ogihara Mitsunori CAREER: Foundations of DNA Computing 9701911
CSE OK Oklahoma State University Hatcliff John CAREER: A Partial Evaluation Tool Set for Automatically Customizing Adaptable Software 9701418
CSE OR Oregon State University Rothermel Gregg CAREER: Testing and Maintaining Evolving Software Systems 9703108
CSE PA U of Pennsylvania Nettles Scott CAREER: Advancing Experimental Computer Science in Storage Management and Education 9702107
CSE PA U of Pittsburgh Moir Mark CAREER: Transparent Support for Efficient, Wait-Free Transactions in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors 9702767
CSE RI Brown University Netzer Robert CAREER: Principles and Practices of Program Instumentation 9702188
CSE TN U of Tennessee Knoxville Plank James CAREER: Algorithms and Tools for Fault Tolerance and Migration in Distributed Computing Environments 9703390
CSE CA U of Cal Berkeley Hellerstein Joseph CAREER: Generalized Search Technique for Indexing Complex Data 9703972
CSE CA U of Cal Irvine Ackerman Mark CAREER: Augmenting Expertise Networks 9702903
CSE CA U of Cal Irvine Smyth Padhraic CAREER: Probabilistic Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: An Integrated Approach at the Interface of ComputerScience and Statistics 9703120
CSE CT Yale University Belhumeur Peter CAREER: Image Variability Decomposition for Recognition, Reconstruction, and Tracking 9703134
CSE GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Abowd Gregory CAREER: Investigating Research Issues in Ubiquitous Computing: The Capture, Integration, and Access Problem 9703384
CSE IL U of Illinois Chicago Nelson Bradley CAREER: Sensor Assimilation for Micromanipulation 9702777
CSE KS U of Kansas Ctr for Res In Gauch Susan CAREER/EPSCoR: Cooperative Agents for Conceptual Search and Browsing of World Wide Web Resources 9703307
CSE ME University of Maine Agouris Peggy CAREER/EPSCoR: Geospatial Database-Driven Extraction of Information from Digital Aerial Imagery 9702233
CSE MO Washington University Sandholm T.W. CAREER: Coalition Formation Among Self-Interested Computationally Limited Agents 9703122
CSE MO Washington University Xi Ning CAREER: Intelligent Planning and Control of Robotic Systems in a Perceptive Frame 9703149
CSE MT University of Montana Opitz David CAREER/PECASE: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Real-World Data Analysis 9702901
CSE NC Duke University Littman Michael CAREER: Planning Under Uncertainty in Large Domains 9702576
CSE NC North Carolina State U Lester James CAREER: Multimedia Explanation Generation for Knowledge-Based Learning Environments 9701503
CSE NJ Rutgers, The State Univ Stevenson Suzanne CAREER: Modeling Linguistic Competence and Performance in a Hybrid Connectionist Framework 9702331
CSE NM University of New Mexico Pearlmutter Barak CAREER: Bayesian Source Separation and Localization Using Modular Neural Networks 9702311
CSE NY Cornell University-Endowed Seshadri Praveen CAREER: Database Query Processing for Complex Data Types 9702149
CSE NY New York University Anatharaman Thomas CAREER: Statistical Search Techniques for Human Genome and Computer Chess 9702071
CSE NY Rensselaer Polytech Inst Bennett Kristin CAREER: Optimization Methods for Higher-Order Learning Machines 9702306
CSE OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Miller Renee CAREER: Managing Schematic Heterogeneity in Database Management Systems 9702974
CSE OK Oklahoma State University Street W. Nick CAREER: Mathematical Optimization for Inductive Machine Learning 9701992
CSE OK University of Tulsa Sen Sandip CAREER: Learning to Cooperate and Compete 9702672
CSE PA Carnegie Mellon University Choset Howard CAREER/REU: Complete Sensor Based Planning for Highly Articulated Robots 9702768
CSE TX U of Texas Arlington Gmytrasiewicz Piotr CAREER: Commonality in Multiagent Systems: Protocols and Languages 9702132
CSE TX William Marsh Rice Univ Kavraki Lydia CAREER: Robot Algorithms for the Physical World 9702288
CSE UT University of Utah Riloff Ellen CAREER: Building Conceptual Natural Language Processing Systems for Practical Applications 9704240
CSE WI U of Wisconsin Madison Ferrier Nicola CAREER: Sensor Management in Intelligent Motion Control Systems and Learning About Intelligent Machines Using a Problem Based Approach 9703352
CSE WI U of Wisconsin Milwaukee McRoy Susan CAREER: Integrating Multiple Knowledge Sources for Robust Human-Machine Communication 9701617
CSE CA U of Cal Davis Akella Venkatesh CAREER: Making Asynchronous Design Practical 9702302
CSE CA U of Cal San Diego Tullsen Dean CAREER: A Simultaneous Multithreading System Architecture 9701708
CSE CT Yale University Henry Dana CAREER: Fast Networking for Off-the-Shelf Multi-User Computers 9702281
CSE DE University of Delaware Xia Xiang-Gen CAREER: Intersymbol/Interchannel Interference Cancellation Using Multirate Filterbanks 9703377
CSE FL U of Florida Anderson John CAREER: Set Theortic Methods for Reconstructing PET Images From Denoised Data 9702856
CSE FL U of Florida O Kenneth CAREER: Implementation of RF Switches in Low Cost Bulk CMOS Technologies 9703214
CSE IA Iowa State University Lee Edward K. CAREER: Field-Programmable Mixed Analog and Digital Array 9702473
CSE IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Ramchandran Kannan CAREER: Multiresolution-Based Adaptive Image/Video Communications: An Integrated Approach 9703181
CSE IN University of Notre Dame Hu Xiaobo CAREER: Performance Analysis and Tradeoff for System-Level Design Exploration of Real-Time Embedded Systems 9701416
CSE MA Tufts University Kim Bruce CAREER: Testing of Integrated Passive Components and Interconnects in MCM Substrates 9701871
CSE MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Karri Ramesh CAREER: Computer Aided Design Tools for Fault-Tolerant and Highly-Reliable Scalable VLSI Systems 9702676
CSE MA Worcester Polytech Inst McNeill John CAREER: Research in Low Noise Integrated Circuit Design for Telecommunication Systems 9701408
CSE MD Johns Hopkins University Cauwenberghs Gert CAREER: Engineering Research and Education in Analog VLSI Parallel Computational Systems 9702346
CSE MI Michigan State University Nowak Robert CAREER: Wavelet-Based Nonlinear Digital Signal Processing 9701692
CSE NC Duke University Lebeck Alvin CAREER: Informed Caching Environment 9702547
CSE NY Columbia University Eleftheriadis Alexandros CAREER: Theory, Software Tools, and Applications for Algorithmic Visual Information Representation 9703163
CSE NY Cornell University-Endowed Hemami Sheila CAREER: Robust Visual Communications for Packet Networks 9703177
CSE NY University of Rochester Albonesi David CAREER: Architectural Optimization of High Performance Microprocessor-Based Systems 9701915
CSE PA Carnegie Mellon University Blanton Ronald CAREER: Development of a MEMS Testing Methodology 9702678
CSE PA Lehigh University Schulte Michael CAREER: Hardware Support for Accurate and Reliable Numerical Computations 9703421
CSE PA PA St U University Park Sivasubramaniam Anand CAREER: Realizing Cost-effective Parallel Systems Using an Application-driven Approach 9701475
CSE SC Clemson University Franklin Manoj CAREER: Transcending the Limits to ILP Processing 9702569
CSE TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Choi Gwan CAREER: Measurement and Experimental Analysis of Computer Dependability 9702111
CSE TX U of Houston Herbordt Martin CAREER: Integrating Architecture-Level Simulation with Industrial CAD Tools for Prototyping High-Performance Coprocessors 9702483
CSE TX U of Texas Austin Aziz Adnan CAREER: Formal Methods in VLSI System Design 9702919
CSE TX U of Texas Austin Evans Brian CAREER: Scalable Software and Hardware for Image and Video Processing Systems 9702707
CSE TX U of Texas Austin Touba Nur CAREER: Design-For-Testability in Core-Based Designs 9702236
CSE VA University of Virginia Liu Hui CAREER: Signal Processing for Software Radio Wireless Systems 9703074
CSE VA University of Virginia Stan Mircea CAREER: Advances in Theory, Design Methods, and CAD for Low-Power VLSI 9703440
CSE WA Washington State Univ Mayaram Kartikeya CAREER: An Integrated Technology/Circuit CAD Environment for High Performance Communication Systems 9702292
CSE AL U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Camp Tracy CAREER: Development of a Mobile Architecture (Mobi-Arch) 9702449
CSE CA U of Cal Davis Ghosal Dipak CAREER: A Career Development Plan for Research and Education in High Speed Networks 9703275
CSE GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT McLaughlin Steven CAREER: Fundamentals Limits and Codes for M-ary Recording Channels 9702024
CSE IL Northern Illinois Univ Memon Nasir CAREER: Lossless, Near-Lossless and Lossy Plus Lossless Image Compression 9703969
CSE IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Bharghavan Vaduvur CAREER: Quality of Service in Mobile Computing Environments 9703409
CSE IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Srikant Rayadurgam CAREER: Resource Sharing and Performance Analysis Algorithms for Integrated-Services Networks 9701525
CSE MA MIT Lapidoth Amos CAREER: "Universally Robust Communication over Unknown Channels" 9702015
CSE MD U of MD Baltimore County Adali Tulay CAREER: Maximum Partial Likelihood Methods for Communications 9703161
CSE NC North Carolina State U Rouskas George CAREER: Towards an All-Optical Network Infrastructure: Interconnection of Photonic WDM Broadcast-and-Select Local Area Networks 9701113
CSE PA U of Pittsburgh Banerjee Sujata CAREER: Application Performance Guarantees in High Speed Networks 9702389
CSE VA University of Virginia Brandt-Pearce Maite CAREER: Optimizing Fiber-Optic Communication Systems Through Analytical Modeling of Linear and Nonlinear Signal Degradations 9703347
EHR NY Cornell University-Endowed Conroy Carol Career Integrated Programming in Science, Mathematics, and Agricultural Science Teacher Education 9701828
EHR NY Syracuse University Doerr Helen Career Student Modelers - A study of Technology Enhanced Modeling Activities 9722235
EHR TN Vanderbilt University Mcnair Rodney Career Socio-cultural Development of Mathematics Discourse as a Framework for the Design of Mathematics Instruction 9722480
ENG CA U of Cal Riverside Chen Wilfred CAREER: A Combined Genetic and Bioprocessing Approach for Enhanced Recombinant Protein Synthesis During Restricted Growth 9700981
ENG CO U of Colorado Boulder Hernandez Mark CAREER: Bioaerosols in Environmental Engineeing: A Career Development Plan to Expand Teaching and Research into Microbial Air Pollution 9702165
ENG CT Univ of Connecticut Smets Barth CAREER:Quantification of Horizontal Gene Transfer as Adaptive Response to Containment Stress in Subsurface Microbial Communities-Development of an Experiential Environ. Eng. Course 9702361
ENG FL U of Florida Dickinson Richard CAREER: Direct Measurement and Mathematical Analysis of Receptor-Mediated Bacterial Attachment on Biomaterial Surfaces 9704236
ENG GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Yiacoumi Sotira CAREER: Influence of Soption Rates on Particle Flocculation Kinetics 9702356
ENG IA University of Iowa Peeples Tonya CAREER: Engineering Protein Stability in Archaeal Proteoliposomes 9702588
ENG MD U of MD Baltimore County Ross Julia CAREER: Receptor-Mediated Bacterial Adhesion to Extra- cellular Matrix 9702985
ENG MD U of MD College Park Torrents Alba CAREER: Immobilization of Enzymes for Detoxification of Organic Compounds 9702603
ENG MI Hope College Thelen Darryl CAREER: Biomechanical Analyses of Balance Recovery During Falls in Young and Old Adults 9702275
ENG MN University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Bischof John C. CAREER: Establishing the Efficacy of Cryomyolysis - Cryosurgery of Uterine Fibroids 9703326
ENG NC Duke University Setton Lori CAREER: Mechanical Function of Residual Stresses in Anulus Fibrosus 9703299
ENG NC North Carolina State U Frey Henry CAREER: New Methods for Systems Analysis of Environmental Technologies 9701502
ENG NY Calspan UB Res Ctr Hornbuckle Keri CAREER: Dynamics of Gas-Phase Persistent Organic Chemicals: An Investigation of the Effect of Climate Using a Controlled Chamber 9702532
ENG PA U of Pennsylvania Margulies Susan CAREER: Mechanically-Induced Dysfunction: From the Cell to the Organ 9702088
ENG CA U of Cal Berkeley Armero Francisco CAREER: Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Stain Localization in Directed Models of Structural Mechanics 9703000
ENG CA U of Cal Davis Niemeier Debbie CAREER: Optimizing the Selection of Added Capacity Trans- portation Infrastructure Improvements 9703319
ENG CO U of Colorado Boulder Songer Anthony CAREER: Envision: A 3-Dimensional Visual-Based Project Control Paradigm 9703200
ENG FL Florida A&M University Abdullah Makola Faculty Early Development (CAREER) Program-Optimal Output Feedback Control at Discrete Locations for Civil Structures 9703020
ENG FL Florida International Univ Wang Qian CAREER: Integrated Study of Conformal-Contact Elements 9701642
ENG GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Gregory Rita CAREER: Life Cycle Cost for Rehabilitating Buildings 9701923
ENG GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Grubb Dennis CAREER: The Productive Re-Use of Industrial ByProducts to Solve Environmental Problems: A Paradigm Shift in the Way Industrial ByProducts are Traditionally Viewed 9703367
ENG GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Lynch Christopher CAREER: Constitutive Behavior of Ferroelectric Ceramics 9702169
ENG IA University of Iowa Bradley Allen CAREER: Improved Estimation of Extreme Rainfall for Flood Hazard Assessment 9702715
ENG IN Purdue Univ Research Fdn Peeta Srinivas CAREER: Efficient and Robust On-Line Control of Large-Scale Dynamic Traffic Systems with Information Systems 9702612
ENG IN University of Notre Dame Chang I-Kwang CAREER: An Intelligent 3-D Base Isolation System for High- Tech Industrial Buildings 9702058
ENG KS Kansas State University Kelkar Atul CAREER: Robust Control of Passive and Non-Passive Aerospace Systems 9703092
ENG MA MIT Spearing S CAREER: Modeling The Failure of Advanced Materials 9702399
ENG MA Northeastern University Wadia-Fascetti Sara CAREER: Predicting Bridge Life-Cycle Deterioration By Integrating Condition States with System Performance 9702656
ENG MI University of Michigan Arruda Ellen CAREER: Faculty Early Career Development Program 9702884
ENG MI Wayne State University Yesiller Nazli CAREER: Nondestructive Evaluation of Geomembranes 9701947
ENG NC Duke University Laursen Tod CAREER: Physical Descriptions and Numerical Strategies for Transient Interfacial Mechanics 9703356
ENG NY Clarkson University Yamamuro Jerry CAREER: Fines Induced Liquefaction in Alluvial Sands and Geotechnical Engineering Education 9701467
ENG NY Cornell University-Endowed Miller Matthew CAREER: Linking Processing Practice to the Performance of Materials in Design 9702017
ENG NY Cornell University-Endowed Nozick Linda CAREER: The Integration of Education & Research in Transportation Engineering 9702561
ENG OR Oregon State University Dickenson Stephen CAREER: Soil Improvement for Mitigating Seismic Hazards to Waterfront Retaining Structures 9702744
ENG SC Clemson University Thompson Lonny CAREER: A Space-Time Finite Element Method for Structural Acoustics 9702082
ENG TX U of Houston Grigoriadis K CAREER: Control and Integrated Design of Mechanical Systems via Linear Matrix Inequality Based Methods 9702733
ENG VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Lesko John CAREER: Connecting the Engineering Profession and Society 9702257
ENG CA U of Cal Los Angeles Deem Michael CAREER: Structure of and Transport in Microporous Materials 9702403
ENG IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Shannon Mark CAREER: Multi-disciplinary Research and Education Program in Laser and Thermal Science with Application to Microfabrication Engineering 9703402
ENG IN Purdue Univ Research Fdn Hondzo Midhat CAREER: Benthic Boundary Mixing and Dissolved Oxygen Transfer at the Sediment Water Interface in a Stratified Lake 9703451
ENG IN University of Notre Dame Maginn Edward CAREER: Development and Utilization of Molecular Simulations in Engineering Education and Research 9701470
ENG LA Tulane University Walz John CAREER: The Effect of Surface Roughness of Colloidal Forces:Prediction and Measurement 9702773
ENG MA MIT Hammond Paula CAREER: Control Through Molecular Design in Engineering: Molecular Order and Function from Ionic Multilayers of Liquid Crystal Polymers 9702752
ENG MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Vlachos Dionisios CAREER: A Multiscale Hierarchical Approach to Reaction Processes and Its Integration Into the Curriculum 9702615
ENG MA Worcester Polytech Inst Ribeiro Fabio CAREER: Educational and Research Opportunities in Environmental Engineering: Catalysis as a Tool for Solving Environmental Problems 9702699
ENG MD Johns Hopkins University Herman Cila CAREER: Towards using Vorticies in Flow Control for Heat Transfer Enhancement--Tomographic Heat Transfer Measurements in Transient 3-D Flow 9702943
ENG MD Johns Hopkins University van Zanten John CAREER: Complex Fluids Dynamics: A Research and Education Program 9702413
ENG MD U of MD College Park Kiger Kenneth CAREER: Measurement and Analysis of Particle/Turbulence Interaction within Two-Phase Flows 9702723
ENG MI Wayne State University Mao Guangzhao CAREER: Monolayer Templated Growth of Organic Crystals 9703102
ENG NC North Carolina State U Roberts William CAREER: Influence of Unsteady Stretch on Premixed Flame Kernel Growth 9702277
ENG NJ Rutgers, The State Univ Glumac Nick CAREER: Non-agglomerated Nanoparticle Synthesis in Low Pressure Flames 9703357
ENG NY SUNY Stony Brook Longtin Jon CAREER: Novel Laser-liquid Technology for Processing and Measurement 9702644
ENG OH U of Cincinnati Smirniotis Panagiotis CAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Evaluation of Novel Dealuminated Zeolite-based Catalysts for the Alkylation of i-Butane with 2-Butene 9702081
ENG PA Drexel University Soroush Masoud CAREER: Multi-Rate Model-Based Control of Nonlinear Processes 9703278
ENG PA PA St U University Park Maranas Costas CAREER: Optimization Under Property Prediction Uncertainity in Molecular Design 9701771
ENG PA PA St U University Park Matsoukas Themis CAREER: Plasma Colloids 9702653
ENG PA U of Pittsburgh Johnson J. Karl CAREER: Engineering New Adsorbents for Gas Storage Applications 9702239
ENG PR U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Gonzalez Cruz Jorge CAREER: Characterization of Liquid Sprays Impacting Hot Surfaces in Cooling Applications: Emphasis on the Pre-Impact Process 9703062
ENG SC U of SC Columbia Kosanovich Karlene CAREER: Studies in the Transition Control of Multi-Product Chemical Reactors 9703252
ENG TX U of Texas Austin Ezekoye Ofodike CAREER: Control of Soot Growth Dynamics by Strong Tunable Acoustic Fields 9702327
ENG VA University of Virginia Neurock Matthew CAREER: Molecular Engineering of Catalytic Surface Chemistry Through First-Principles Simulation 9702762
ENG WI University of Wisconsin Sy Nealey Paul CAREER: Molecular Interfacial Engineering for Advanced Applications 9703207
ENG CA U of Cal San Diego Karbhari Vistasp CAREER: Processing and Performance of Large Composite Structures Fabricated Using the Resin Infusion Family of Processes 9702560
ENG CA U of Southern California Bailey Diane CAREER: Teams, Task and Technology in High-Technology Manufacturing Industries 9701913
ENG GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Sitaraman Suresh CAREER: Implantable Medical Devices: A Process-Modeling Approach to High Reliability Miniaturization 9702285
ENG IL Northwestern University Cao Jian CAREER: Tooling Design and Failure Analysis in Sheet Metal Forming 9703249
ENG KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Lovell Michael CAREER: Modeling Three-Dimensional Machining Processes for Variable Tool-Chip Interfacial Friction Using Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Techniques 9702196
ENG MA MIT Sarma Sanjay CAREER: A Research and Teaching Plan for Computer Integrated Manufacturing 9702913
ENG MA MIT Thornton Anna CAREER: Variation Risk Management Early in the Product Development Process 9702662
ENG MA Northeastern University Messac Achille CAREER: Development of Physical Programming for Robust Computational Design 9702248
ENG MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Kazmer David CAREER: Incorporation of Engineering Analysis Within Design Synthesis 9702797
ENG MI University of Michigan Sastry Ann CAREER: Fibrous Network Optimization: A Unified Approach 9702065
ENG NC North Carolina State U Lee Yuan-Shin CAREER: Manufacturing-Driven Geometric Analysis and Prototyping: An Investigation of Computational Manufacturing 9702374
ENG NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Ryan Sarah CAREER: Deterministic Approximations in Rolling Horizon Procedures under Forecast Uncertainty 9701403
ENG NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Williams Robert CAREER: Abrasive Flow Machining 9701941
ENG NY Columbia University Bramel Julien CAREER: Analysis of Production/Distribution Systems 9702596
ENG PA Lehigh University Nied Herman CAREER: Engineering Thermoplastics for Load Bearing Applications 9702443
ENG PA PA St U University Park Marsh Eric CAREER: Investigation and Improvement of Precision Manufacturing Machines by Structural and Process Modeling 9702897
ENG PA PA St U University Park Zhang X CAREER: Non-Integrated Circuits Micro-Manufacturing: Integrated Research and Education 9703426
ENG TX U of Texas Austin Morton David CAREER: Optimization Under Uncertainty: Monte Carlo Sampling-Based Techniques for Stochastic Programming 9702217
ENG AL Alabama A&M University Sharma Anup CAREER: A Program for Research and Education in Fiber-OpticsInvolving Fabrication of Novel Bragg-Grating Devices and Sensors 9701538
ENG AL U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Burkett Susan CAREER: Fundamental Electrical and Thermal Limitations of Patterned Thin Film Multilayer Magnetic Field Sensors 9702419
ENG CA U of Cal Los Angeles Kim Chang-Jin CAREER: Micromechanical Engineering and MEMS 9702875
ENG CO U of Colorado Boulder Maksimovic Dragan CAREER: Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Power Electronic Systems 9703449
ENG CO U of Colorado Boulder Piket-May Melinda CAREER: Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation 9703467
ENG DE University of Delaware Van der Weide Daniel CAREER: Micromachining Antennas for Localized Excitation of Nanostructures 9702871
ENG IL Northwestern University Freeman Randy CAREER: Nonlinearity and Uncertainty in Control System Design 9703294
ENG KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Lumpp Janet CAREER: Electronic Packaging - Process Development and Microelectronics Education 9702108
ENG KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Wilson Denise CAREER: Integration of Biological and Engineering Inspiration into the Classroom Experience and the Design of Chemical Sensing Microsystems 9702474
ENG MA Northeastern University Hopwood Jeffrey CAREER: Research and Education Program Based on a Novel Microplasma Source 9701916
ENG MD U of MD College Park Mead Patricia CAREER: Reliability and Failure Analysis of Optoelectronic Devices 9702329
ENG MD U of MD College Park Walsh Gregory CAREER: Design and Simulation Tools for Networked Control of Nonlinear Systems 9702717
ENG MO U of Missouri Rolla Tikku Ashok CAREER: On the Design of Randomized Algorithms for Robust Control Problems 9702963
ENG NM New Mexico St University Liu Qing-Huo CAREER: Efficient Numerical Solutions in Geophysical Subsurface Sensing 9702195
ENG NY Polytechnic Univ of NY Pan Zigang CAREER: Multi-Variable Optimality-Guided Robust Adaptive Control Design - A Game Theoretic Approach 9702702
ENG OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Johnson Joel CAREER: Surface Scattering Effects in Mine Detection and Remote Sensing Systems 9701678
ENG OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Washington Gregory CAREER: Design, Modeling, and Development of Active Aperture Antennas 9701793
ENG OH University of Akron Husain Iqbal CAREER: Power Electronics and Motor Drives Technology Enhancement Through Education and Research 9702370
ENG PR U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Cruz-Rivera Jose CAREER: Optoelectronic Multicomputer Communication Systems Modeling and K-12 Teacher Training and Enhancement: A Career Development Plan 9703006
ENG PR U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Velez-Reyes Miguel CAREER: Parameter Estimation for Ill-Conditioned Systems with Application to Electric Drives and Power Systems 9702860
ENG SD South Dakota State Univ Galipeau David CAREER: Research and Education in Microsensors 9701513
ENG TN Vanderbilt University Perakis Ilias CAREER: Coulomb-induced Dynamics in the Nonlinear Optical Spectra of Low-dimensional Systems: Beyond Mean Field Theory 9703453
ENG TX Texas Tech University Wunsch Donald CAREER: Adaptive Intelligent Agents for the Internet 9702251
GEO AZ U of Arizona Nelson Jon Discovering the Underlying Mechanism of Snow Crystal Growth and Bringing Modern Laboratory Learning to the Classroom 9703123
GEO CA U of Cal Davis Anastasio Cort In situ Photo-Oxidation of Chloride and Bromide in Tropospheric Aerosol Particles 9701995
GEO DC Howard University Morris Vernon Photochemistry and Reactions on Carbonaceous Aerosol 9703167
GEO FL U of Florida Andino Jean Gas Phase and Heterogeneous Tropospheric Chemistry 9702791
GEO NY SUNY Stony Brook Zhang Minghua Developing Data Products from Field Experiments to Interface with Physical Parameterizations in GCMs 9701950
GEO OK U of Oklahoma Wurman Joshua CAREER: Bistatic and Mobile Multiple-Doppler Technique Development and Educational Laboratory 9703032
GEO PA PA St U University Park Jenkins Gregory Investigating Climate Variability and Climate Change in West Africa Using Coupled Global-Regional Climate Models 9702607
GEO NY Syracuse University Patterson William CAREER: Paleoclimate and Life-History: Isotopic Evidence From Microscale Variations in S13C and S18O Values of Otoliths and Biogenic Phosphates 9702283
GEO OR U of Oregon Eugene Manga Michael (CAREER) Career Development in Geological and Environmental Fluid Mechanics 9701768
GEO VT U of Vermont Bierman Paul (CAREER) Timing and Distribution of Erosion and Extreme Hydrologic Events 9702643
GEO AL Marine Envrnmtl Sci Conso Thomas Florence I. CAREER: Effects of Morphology and Water Velocity on Mass Transfer: A Partnership in Research and Education 9701434
GEO FL Florida State University Levitan Don CAREER: Sperm Limitation, Sperm Competition, and Sexual Selection in Free Spawning Invertebrates 9702178
GEO FL U of Miami Sch Mar&Atmos Dixon Jacqueline CAREER: Origin and Evolution of Volatiles in Submarine and Subglacial Alkalic Magmas 9702795
GEO MA Boston College Kineke Gail CAREER Development Program: Sediment Transport and Trappingin Estuaries, Southeastern United States 9727348
GEO SC U of SC Columbia Goni Miguel Non-point Sources of Dissolved Organic Matter to the Ocean: Groundwaters from Coastal Soils and Sediments 9701940
GEO WA U of Washington Armbrust E CAREER: Control of Sexual Reproduction in Marine Diatoms: A Molecular and Genetic Approach 9702158
MPS MI Mich Technological Univ Nemiroff Robert CAREER: Towards Understanding the Temporal Universe 9701716
MPS MI University of Michigan McKay Timothy CAREER: Application of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data to Gravitational Lensing Studies and the Enhancement of Science Education 9703282
MPS NC North Carolina State U Blondin John CAREER: Astrophysics, Computers, and Education 9702908
MPS NY University of Rochester Frank Adam CAREER: Understanding Stellar Overflows 9702484
MPS OH Ohio University Statler Thomas CAREER: Excavating the Dynamical Fossil Record in Elliptical Galaxies: New Directions for Southeast Ohio 9703036
MPS VA University of Virginia Majewski Steven CAREER: The Stellar Phase Space and Abundance Distributions of the Stars of the Milky Way 9702521
MPS AZ Arizona State University Booksh Karl CAREER: In-situ Determination of Pesticides and Other Environmental Pollutants with a Fiber Optic, Surface Resonance Based Sensor 9702476
MPS AZ Arizona State University Yaghi Omar CAREER: New Porous inorganic Materials Prepared from Old Solids 9702131
MPS CA Cal State LA Univ Aux Serv Gomez Frank CAREER: Applications In Capillary Electrophoresis 9703142
MPS CA Occidental College Spain Eileen CAREER: Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Transition Metal Chalcogenide Deposition Using Translationally Hot Atoms 9703345
MPS CA U of Cal Irvine Farmer Patrick CAREER: Nitrite and Sulfite Reduction by Myoglobin in Surfactant Films 9702332
MPS CA U of Cal Irvine Woerpel Keith CAREER: Annulation Reactions of a-Substituted Allylsilanes 9701622
MPS CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Deming Tim CAREER: Transition Metal Initiators for the Synthesis of Well-Defined Polypeptides 9701969
MPS CT Univ of Connecticut Howell Amy CAREER: 2-Alkylidene Oxetanes: A Versatile Molecular Scaffold for New Molecules and Advanced Materials 9702106
MPS CT Yale University Schmuttenmaer Charles CAREER: Studies of Electron Relaxation, Transient Photoconductivity and Energy Dissipation with Subpicosecond Time-Resolved Far-Infrared Spectroscopy 9703432
MPS CT Yale University Strobel Scott CAREER: Defining the Chemical Basis of RNA Function by Nucleotide Analog Interference Mapping 9701787
MPS GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Hernandez Rigoberto CAREER:Reaction Dynamics of Polymerization and a Computer- Enhanced Dialectic in the Physical Chemistry Curriculum 9703372
MPS GA Spelman College Chen Peter CAREER: Laser Spectroscopy for Real World Applications 9702087
MPS KS Kansas State University Higgins Daniel CAREER: High Resolution Optical Microscopy Studies of Mesostructured Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films 9701509
MPS KS U of Kansas Main Campus Dunn Robert CAREER: Probing the Conformational Dynamics of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels from Xenopus Oocytes 9703009
MPS KS U of Kansas Main Campus Lunte Susan CAREER: Microanalytical Methods for Investigation of Metabolism and Transport of Substance P 9702631
MPS KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Cammers-Goodwin Arthur CAREER: Aqueous Conformations of Organic Molecules, Functional by Design 9702287
MPS LA Tulane University Diebold Ulrike CAREER: Structure, Defects, and Chemistry of Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces 9703267
MPS MA Boston College Snapper Marc CAREER: The Development of New Matathesis-Based Processes 9702512
MPS MA Tufts University Utz Arthur CAREER: Vibrational-State Selected Studies of Gas-Surface Reactions: Strategies for Chemical Control of Gas-Surface Reactivity 9703392
MPS MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Rotello Vincent CAREER: Model Systems for Flavoenzyme Activity. Recognition and Catalysis within Sol-Gel Matrices 9703466
MPS MI Hope College Sanford Elizabeth CAREER: The Polymerization of Small and Large Ring Propellanes and the Incorporation of Materials Science into the Hope College Curriculum 9701800
MPS NC North Carolina State U Cornman Charles Career: Interactions of Metal Ions with Biological Systems 9702873
MPS ND U of North Dakota Mallik Sanku CAREER: New Methods of Creating Artifical Receptors for Proteins 9701975
MPS NH Dartmouth College Glueck David CAREER: Metal-Mediated Formation and Cleavage of Phosphorus-Carbon Bonds 9701860
MPS NY Syracuse University Ruhlandt-Senge Karin CAREER: Organoalkaline-earth Derivatives 9702246
MPS OH Kent State University Tubergen Michael CAREER: High Resolution Microwave Spectroscopy of Amino AcidDerivatives 9700833
MPS OR U of Oregon Eugene Hutchison James CAREER: Investigations of Ordered Conducting Polymer Solids and Nanostructures: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Research and Teaching 9702726
MPS PA Carnegie Mellon University Peteanu Linda CAREER: Spectroscopic Probes of Excited-State Proton Transfer Reactions 9702153
MPS TX Texas A&M U Research Fdn DeRose Victoria CAREER: Metal-Binding Sites in Nucleic Acids and Polymerases 9702100
MPS TX William Marsh Rice Univ Colvin Vicki CAREER: The Physical Chemistry of Disordered Nanostructures 9702520
MPS WA U of Washington Reid Philip CAREER:Elucidating the Reaction Dynamics of Environmentally Important Halogenated Compounds 9701717
MPS WI Marquette University Reid Scott CAREER: Linear and Nonlinear Spectroscopic Probes of Energetic Free Radicals 9702803
MPS WV WV Univ Research Corp Mohler Debra CAREER: Novel Materials Based on Metal-Terpyridyl Building Blocks 9702753
MPS AL U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Acoff Viola CAREER: Fundamentals of Welding Intermetallic Compounds and Alloys 9702448
MPS CA San Jose State University Muscat Anthony CAREER: Gas Phase Cleaning of Semiconductor Surfaces 9703237
MPS CA U of Cal Berkeley Chrzan Daryl CAREER: Linking the Atomic and Meso-Scales to Mechanical Properties: A Case Study of Ni3Al 9703427
MPS CT Univ of Connecticut McGrath Dominic CAREER: Structure/Property Relationships for Dendritic Macromolecules Containing Stereogenic Centers 9702123
MPS CT Univ of Connecticut Papadimitrakopoulos Fotios CAREER: Nanoscale Controlled Supramolecular Light Emitting Devices by Novel Self-Assembly Techniques 9702220
MPS DC Catholic University Selinger Robin CAREER: Evolution of Dislocation Microstructures 9702234
MPS FL U of Central Florida Giannuzzi Lucille CAREER: Impurity Effects on Grain Boundary Diffusion 9703281
MPS FL U of Florida Maslov Dmitrii CAREER: Mesoscopic Interacting Systems 9703388
MPS GA Emory University Lathrop Daniel CAREER: Characterization of Local Singularities: Self- focusing Wave Motion 9701980
MPS IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Bullard Jeffrey CAREER: Microdesigning Model Material Systems to Probe Dissipative Interface Motion in Heterogeneous Ceramic Microstructures 9702610
MPS IL U of Illinois Chicago Safar Hugo CAREER: Generic Phase Diagram of the Mixed State of Type IISuperconductors 9702535
MPS IN University of Notre Dame Barabasi Albert-Laszlo CAREER: Driven Interfaces in Random Media 9701998
MPS IN University of Notre Dame Schiffer Peter CAREER: Investigations of Novel Low Temperature Behavior in Materials 9701548
MPS IN University of Notre Dame Sevov Slavi CAREER: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Metal Borophosphates 9701550
MPS LA La St U & A&M Coll DiTusa John Career: From Strongly Correlated Insulator to Metal: Transport and Magnetic Properties of Carrier Doped Insulators 9702690
MPS MD Johns Hopkins University Weihs Timothy P CAREER: Fabrication & Characterization of Reactive Multi- layer Foils for Joining Application and Development of a Database for Classroom Demonstrations 9702546
MPS MD U of MD College Park Harris Michael CAREER: Electrohydrostatics, Electrohydrodynamics and Microstructural Evolution During Electrodispersion Precipitation 9700860
MPS MI Mich Technological Univ Swenson Douglas CAREER: Optimization of Glass Forming Ability of Metallic Amorphous Alloys Using Multi-Component Phase Diagram Modeling 9702263
MPS MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Stein Andreas CAREER: Soft Chemical Synthesis of Porous Materials Based on Cluster-Network Structures 9701507
MPS NC U of NC Chapel Hill Tsui Frank CAREER: Research and Education in Materials Physics 9703419
MPS NM NM Inst of Mining & Tech Fuierer Paul CAREER--Metalorganic Molecular Structure as a Template for Anisotropic Thin Film Ceramics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Materials Processing and Education 9702589
MPS NY Cornell University-Endowed Suzuki Yuri CAREER: Novel High Magnetoresistance Oxide Thin Film Materials 9701581
MPS NY Syracuse University Middleton A. Alan CAREER: Dynamics and Phase Space Structure of Condensed Matter Systems with Mesoscopic Degrees of Freedom 9702242
MPS OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Wang Yunzhi CAREER: Simulating the Evolution of Advanced Microstructure 9703044
MPS OR U of Oregon Eugene Lonergan Mark CAREER: Conjugated Ionomers: Synthesis, Self-Doping, and New Device Architectures 9703311
MPS PA PA St U University Park Liu Ying CAREER: Mesoscopic Physics of Disordered Superconductors: An Arena for Research and Education 9702661
MPS PA PA St U University Park Xi Xiaoxing CAREER: Low Loss, Tunable Ferroelectric Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition 9702632
MPS PA U of Pennsylvania Rappe Andrew CAREER: Theoretical Studies of the Electronic, Structural, and Vibrational Properties of Molecule-Surface Systems 9702514
MPS PA U of Pittsburgh Levy Jeremy CAREER: Atomic-Scale Optical Microscopy of Ferroelectric, Quantum Paraelectric and Ferromagnetic Films 9701725
MPS PA U of Pittsburgh Snoke David CAREER: Coherent Optics with Excitions: A Program of Photonics 9722239
MPS RI Brown University Zaslavsky Alexander CAREER: Strain Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures 9702725
MPS TN U of Tennessee Knoxville Dadmun Mark CAREER: A Systematic Study of Miscible and Immiscible Polymer Blends Containing a Liquid Crystalline Polymer 9702313
MPS TN Vanderbilt University Kaszynski Piotr CAREER: Design and Synthesis of Boron-Containing Liquid Crystals for Optoelectronic Applications 9703002
MPS TX U of Texas Austin Taleff Eric CAREER: Enhanced Ductility Aluminum Alloys: An Economical Alternative for Superplastic Forming 9702156
MPS CA U of Cal SD Scripps Inst Okikiolu Kate Determinants of Elliptic and Toeplitz Operators with Applications to Geometry 9703329
MPS MO U of Missouri Columbia Lieman Daniel Evaluation of L-series and Explorations in Mathematics 9700542
MPS NY New York University Tabak Esteban Nonlinear Mechanics for Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere and the Ocean 9701751
MPS UT University of Utah McLaughlin Richard Mathematical Fluid Dynamics and Education Turbulent Transport, Combustion, and Compressible Convection 9701942
MPS CA California Inst of Tech Quake Stephen CAREER: Polymer Physics with DNA 9722417
MPS CA Sonoma State University Cominsky Lynn High Energy Physics with the Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope 9722126
MPS CO U of Colorado Boulder Chaudhuri Shyamoli CAREER: Theoretical High Energy Physics - Investigations in String Duality 9722394
MPS DC George Washington Univ Feldman Gerald CAREER: Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics with Polarized and Unpolarized Photons and the Enhancement of Educational Opportunities at the George Washington University 9703049
MPS GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT You Li CAREER: Quantum Optical Studies of Degenerate Atomic Gas 9722410
MPS IN Purdue Univ Research Fdn Bortoletto Daniela CAREER: Integration of Research and Education in Experimental Particle Physics: Silicon Technology for CDF and the LHC 9722420
MPS KS U of Kansas Main Campus Lai Ying-Cheng CAREER: Communicating with Chaos 9722156
MPS MD Johns Hopkins University Gerdes David CAREER: Studies in Hadron Collider Physics 9702698
MPS NY Cornell University-Endowed Flanagan Eanna CAREER: Research and Education in Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Gravitation Physics 9722189
MPS NY Syracuse University Marolf Donald CAREER: Critical Issues in Quantum Gravity 9722362
MPS OH Case Western Reserve Akerib Daniel A Research and Development Plan: Detecting WIMP Dark Matter and Developing Physics and Cosmology Exhibits with the Great Lakes Science Center 9722414
MPS VA College of William & Mary Brown Reggie CAREER: Connecting Phenomenological Models to First Principles Physics 9722367
MPS VA Old Dominion University Dodge Gail CAREER: Pion Electroproduction on Light Nuclei 9722277
O/D IL Northwestern University Novak Giles CAREER: Submillimeter Polarimetry of the Galactic Nucleus 9618319
SBE IL Northwestern University Gibson Edward CAREER: Social Bases of Politics in Latin America 9702735
SBE MD Johns Hopkins University Van Zandt Trisha CAREER: Information Processing Models of Memory Retrieval and Response Priming 9702291
SBE NY Columbia University Chen Fangruo CAREER: Mechanisms for Coordination and Information Sharing in Supply Chains: The Challenges of Uncertainties and Product Variety 9702461
SBE NY University of Rochester Hodgson Douglas CAREER: Efficient and Robust Semiparametric Estimation in Time Series Models 9701959
SBE OR U of Oregon Eugene Malle Bertram CAREER: The Folk Theory of Behavior: Implications for Social Perception and Interaction 9703315
SBE WI U of Wisconsin Madison Suchman Mark An Institutional Ecology of Law Firms in Silicon Valley 9702605

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