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Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards
(FY 1999)

FY 99 CAREER Awards List by State (HTML Format)

FY 99 CAREER Awards (Excel Spreadsheet Format)


BIO FY 99 Award Listing

CA California Inst of Tech Roberts Richard CAREER: Frameworks for RNA Recognition 9876246 BIO
CA U of Cal Riverside Springer Patricia CAREER: Genetics of Pattern Formation in the Arabidopsis Shoot Apex 9875371 BIO
CA U of Cal Santa Cruz Jin Yishi CAREER: Synaptic Remodeling in C. elegans 9875025 BIO
CA U of Cal Santa Cruz Wilson Charles CAREER: Understanding the Structural Basis for Ligand Recognition by RNA Aptamers 9876350 BIO
CO U of Colorado Boulder Wuttke Deborah CAREER: Structural and Biochemical Studies of Essential Viral Proteins 9875663 BIO
CT Wesleyan University McAlear Michael CAREER: Molecular and Genetic Analysis of the Yeast EBP2 Gene 9875283 BIO
DC Georgetown University Rosenwald Anne CAREER: Regulation of Membrane Traffic by the Arl1 Protein in Yeast 9875782 BIO
FL University of Florida Edison Arthur CAREER: Structure and Function of FMRFamide-like Neuropeptides 9875258 BIO
FL University of Florida Rasche Madeline CAREER: Methanopterin Biosynthesis in Archaea and Methylotrophic Bacteria 9876212 BIO
HI U of Hawaii Manoa Price Donald CAREER: Population Subdivision and Reproductive Isolation in Drosophila silvestris and D. hawaiiensis 9875785 BIO
IL Lake Forest College Kirk Karen CAREER: Telomere Dynamics in Research and Education 9876126 BIO
IL Northwestern University Matouschek Andreas CAREER: Protein Unfolding by Energy Dependent Proteases 9875857 BIO
IL Northwestern University Spruston Nelson CAREER: Neuronal Specialization and Diversity 9876032 BIO
IL University of Chicago Glick Benjamin CAREER: Reorganization of the Vertebrate Golgi Apparatus 9875939 BIO
IL University of Chicago Kron Stephen CAREER: Linking Signals to Cell Cycle and Polarity in Filamentous Growth 9875976 BIO
KS Fort Hays State Univ Wiese Thomas CAREER: Biochemistry of L-fucose-containing Glycoproteins and Increasing the Retention of Under-represented Chemistry Majors 9874851 BIO
MA Harvard University Baum David CAREER:: Phylogeny and Floral Evolution of the Core Malvales 9876070 BIO
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Brainerd Elizabeth CAREER: Lung Ventilation in Lizards and the Evolution of Amniote Respiratory Mechanisms 9875245 BIO
MD Johns Hopkins University Niebur Ernst CAREER: Neural Representations Based on Temporal Structure: A Computational Neuroscience Approach 9876271 BIO
MI University of Michigan Ellis Ronald CAREER: The Evolution and Genetic Regulation of Sexual Fate in Nematodes 9875398 BIO
MI University of Michigan Ramamoorthy Ayyalusamy CAREER: Development and Applications of Solid-state NMR Methods for the Structure Determination of Membrane-associated Peptides 9875756 BIO
MT University of Montana Mills L. Scott CAREER:Population Biology of Snowshoe Hares and Lynx in a Fragmented Landscape 9876054 BIO
NC North Carolina State U Franzen Stefan CAREER: Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of the Dynamics and Mechanism of Amphitrite ornata Dehaloperoxidase 9874895 BIO
NJ Montclair State University Vega Quinn CAREER: Analysis of RET Co-receptor Function in a Teaching Laboratory Setting 9875793 BIO
NJ Princeton University Landweber Laura CAREER: Pioneering Nucleic-Acid-Based Computing: New Approaches and Experiments 9875184 BIO
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Perney Teresa CAREER: Instruction in Neuroscience and Research Toward Characterization of a Novel Family of Potassium Channel Related Proteins 9876321 BIO
NY Siena College Keesing Felicia CAREER: Investigating Biodiversity Cascades in an East African Savanna 9874776 BIO
OH Ohio University Kieliszewski Marcia CAREER: Synthetic Genes to Elucidate Glycopeptide Module Function in Extensins and Arabinogalactan-proteins 9874744 BIO
OK U of Oklahoma HSC DeAngelis Paul CAREER: Analysis and Construction of Polysaccharide Synthases and Production of Novel Biomaterials 9876193 BIO
RI Brown University Burwell Rebecca CAREER: Cognitive Functions of the Postrhinal Cortex 9875792 BIO
TX Texas A&M Research Fdn Dupureur Cynthia CAREER: Structure and Function in Restriction Endonucleases 9875917 BIO
TX U of Texas Med Branch Gal Hilser Vincent CAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Program for the Development and Use of Computational Approaches in Biological Studies 9875689 BIO
UT University of Utah Maricq Andres CAREER: Genetic Analysis of NMDA Receptor Expression 9876262 BIO
VA College of William & Mary Cristol Daniel CAREER: Bird Migration, Spatial Memory and the Hippocampus 9876108 BIO
VA College of William & Mary Heideman Paul CAREER: Individual Variation in a Neuroendocrine Pathway 9875886 BIO
VA College of William & Mary Zwollo Patty CAREER: Mechanisms Regulating the Activity of the Pax-5 Transcription Factor During B-cell Development 9874795 BIO
VA University of Virginia Taylor Douglas CAREER: Ecology and Genetics of Sex-ratio Polymorphism in Natural Populations of Silene latifolia 9876397 BIO
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Stevens Ann CAREER: Activation of the Vibrio fischeri Luminescence Operon via Quorum Sensing 9875479 BIO

CISE FY 99 Award Listing

AZ Arizona State University Bazzi Rida CAREER: A Framework for Fault-Tolerant and Secure Agents 9876052 CISE
AZ Arizona State University Capone Jeffrey CAREER: Achievable QoS and Scheduling Policies for Integrated Services Wireless Networks 9875209 CISE
AZ U of Arizona Moon Bongki CAREER: Distributed and Cooperative Digital Archives for Scientific and Geospatial Data 9876037 CISE
CA California Inst of Tech Arvo James CAREER: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics 9876332 CISE
CA Mills College Spertus Ellen CAREER: A Relational Database Interface to the World-Wide Web 9876309 CISE
CA Stanford University McKeown Nick CAREER: High Performance Packet Switches 9875637 CISE
CA U of Cal Berkeley Necula George CAREER: A Logic-Based Approach to Software System Integrity and Security 9875171 CISE
CA U of Cal Berkeley Shewchuk Jonathan CAREER: Dynamics, Domain Conformity, and Anisotropy in the Theory and Implementation of Unstructured Mesh Generation 9875170 CISE
CA U of Cal Irvine Venkatasubramanian Nalini CAREER: Qos-enabled Customizable Middleware for Global Distributed Computing 9875988 CISE
CA U of Cal Riverside Vahid Frank CAREER: IP-Based Embedded Systems Design 9876006 CISE
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Acharya Anurag CAREER: Architectures And Algorithms for Rapidly Growing Datasets 9875732 CISE
DE University of Delaware Barner Kenneth CAREER: Rendering Algorithms for Tactile and Haptic Display of Multidimensional Data 9875658 CISE
DE University of Delaware Khokhar Ashfaq CAREER: Multithreaded Algorithms, Models, and Runtime System Tools for Multimedia Applications 9875662 CISE
FL U of South Florida Christensen Kenneth CAREER: Performance Evaluation of Gigabit Ethernet Networks, a Systems and Experimental Approach 9875177 CISE
FL U of South Florida Escobar-Molano Martha CAREER: A Unified Storage System for Multiple Media Types 9875528 CISE
FL University of Florida Reisinger Kim CAREER: A Gait Powered, Active Above-Knee Prosthesis: Synthesis and Mechanical Evaluation 9875530 CISE
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Mackenzie Kenneth CAREER: Soft Architectures: A Billion Transistors and a High Clock Rate 9876180 CISE
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Schulman Leonard CAREER: Computation Methods 9876172 CISE
HI U of Hawaii Manoa Xiong Zixiang CAREER: Progressive Coding and Transmission of Images and Video 9874444 CISE
IA Iowa State University LaValle Steven CAREER: Motion Strategy Algorithms for Geometry-Intensive Applications 9875304 CISE
IL Northwestern University Hauck Scott CAREER: A Logic Emulation Infrastructure for Research and Teaching 9875564 CISE
IL Northwestern University Lynch Kevin CAREER: Physics-Based Robotic Manipulation Planning and Control 9875469 CISE
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Aluru N. R. CAREER: Integrated Computational MEMS (IC MEMS) 9875671 CISE
IL U of Illinois Chicago Kshemkalyani Ajay CAREER: Synchronization, Monitoring, and Communication for Distributed Agents 9875617 CISE
IL U of Illinois Chicago Lillis John CAREER: Search Mechanisms for Combinatorial Optimization in CAD for VLSI 9875945 CISE
IN Indiana U Bloomington Stoller Scott CAREER: Automated Analysis of Security and Fault-Tolerance of Distributed Systems 9876058 CISE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Grama Ananth CAREER: Fast Methods for Particle Dynamics and Their Applications. 9875899 CISE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Park Kihong CAREER: Toward a QoS Provision Architecture in Noncooperative Networks: Theory and Implementation 9875789 CISE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Vijaykumar T. N. CAREER: Purdue Memory Access Based Caching Schemes 9875960 CISE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Yau David CAREER: QoS Architecture for General Purpose Network Computing 9875742 CISE
IN University of Notre Dame Chrisochoides Nikos CAREER: Application-Driven Approach for Building Run-Time Systems for Future Teraflop and Petaflop Architectures 9876179 CISE
IN University of Notre Dame Freeh Vincent CAREER: Collaborative Memory 9876073 CISE
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Li Ren-Cang CAREER: Fast and Accurate Computations of Applied Eigenproblems 9875201 CISE
MA Boston University Sergienko Alexander CAREER: Quantum Cryptography with Entangled Photons 9873902 CISE
MA MIT Chapin John CAREER: Virtual Machine-Based Dynamic Analysis 9875783 CISE
MA MIT McMillan Leonard CAREER: Image-Based Methods and Technologies for Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics 9875859 CISE
MA MIT Sudan Madhu CAREER: Optimization, Probabilistic Checking of Proofs and Error-Correcting Codes 9875511 CISE
MA MIT Vempala Santosh CAREER: Geometric Tools for Algorithms 9875024 CISE
MA MIT Viola Paul CAREER: Non-parametric Multi-scale Statistical Models for Natural Signals and Images 9875866 CISE
MA Smith College Gao Lixin CAREER: Providing Interactive VOD Services in Multicast Networks 9875513 CISE
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Goeckel Dennis CAREER: Coded Modulation for High-Speed Wireless Communications 9875482 CISE
MA Worcester Polytech Inst Rulnick John CAREER: Efficient Distributed Resource Allocation Algorithms, with Application to Wireless Communications 9875221 CISE
MD U of MD Baltimore County Joshi Anupam CAREER: MultiAgent Systems to Support Mobile Information Access 9875433 CISE
MD U of MD College Park Stewart David CAREER: Automated Analysis, Debugging, and Fine-Tuning of Timing Properties in Embedded Real-Time Systems 9875648 CISE
MI University of Michigan VanAlstyne Marshall CAREER: Measuring Information's Contribution: Research on Value and Productivity 9876233 CISE
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Interrante Victoria CAREER: Perceptual Issues in Data Visualization: Conveying 3D Shape and Depth through Texture 9875368 CISE
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Sapiro Guillermo CAREER: Intelligent PDE's: Introducing Knowledge into Geometry Driven Image Deformations 9873670 CISE
MO Washington University Soatto Stefano CAREER: Controllable Visual Cues: Analysis and Applications of Images as Sensory Signals in Complex Control Systems 9876145 CISE
NC Duke University Chakrabarty Krishnendu CAREER: Testing Core-Based Systems Using Precomputed Test Sets 9875324 CISE
NC North Carolina State U Rhee Injong CAREER: Investigation of Error Recovery Techniques for Interactive Video Transmission over Wireless Networks 9875651 CISE
NC North Carolina State U Rossie Jonathan CAREER: Safe Observable Components: Programming-Language Support for Object Interaction Protocols 9875329 CISE
NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Perez Lance CAREER: Channel Coding for Satellite and Mobile Communications 9876254 CISE
NJ Princeton University Finkelstein Adam CAREER: Applications of Surface Correspondence in Computer Graphics 9875562 CISE
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Mandayam Narayan CAREER: Radio Resource Management for Wireless Data Networks 9874976 CISE
NM New Mexico St University Pontelli Enrico CAREER: Parallel and distributed Constraint Programming: methodologies, applications, and educational opportunities 9875279 CISE
NY Columbia University Campbell Andrew CAREER: Programmable Mobile Networking 9876299 CISE
NY Columbia University Jelenkovic Predrag CAREER: Modeling, Analysis and Control of Subexponential Traffic Streams in Multimedia Networks 9875156 CISE
NY Cornell University-Endowed Morrisett J. Gregory CAREER: Design, Applications, and Foundations of Safe, Low-Level Programming Languages 9875536 CISE
NY New York University Karamcheti Vijay CAREER: Application-Driven Memory Hierarchy Management 9876128 CISE
NY Polytechnic Univ of NY Selesnick Ivan CAREER: Systems for Linear and Nonlinear Signal Analysis - Design via Groebner Bases 9875452 CISE
NY SUNY Stony Brook Ramakrishnan C. R. CAREER: Tabled Logic Programming for Verification and Program Analysis 9876242 CISE
NY University of Rochester Kutulakos Kiriakos CAREER: Appearance-Driven Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Scenes in the Physical World 9875628 CISE
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Crawfis Roger CAREER: Three-Dimensional Volume Visualization of Multi-Variate Data 9876022 CISE
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Feng Wu-chi CAREER: Bandwidth Allocation Techniques for Video-on-Demand Systems 9875493 CISE
OR Oregon Grad Inst of S& Johnston Michael CAREER: Multimodal Language Processing for Natural Interfaces 9876223 CISE
OR Oregon Grad Inst of S& Macon Michael CAREER: Data-Driven Speech Synthesis Research and Education 9875950 CISE
OR Oregon Grad Inst of S& Steere David CAREER: Symbiotic Interfaces to Enable Cooperative Adaptation 9876217 CISE
PA Carnegie Mellon University Goldstein Seth Copen CAREER: Architectures and Compilers for Tiger Machines 9876248 CISE
PA Carnegie Mellon University Thrun Sebastian CAREER: A Software Development Framework that Integrates Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning, and Any-Time Computation 9876136 CISE
PA Carnegie Mellon University Tutuncu Reha CAREER: Theory and Applications of Optimization Algorithms 9875559 CISE
PA Drexel University Bystrom Maja CAREER: Research and Education in Video Coding and Wireless Communications 9875582 CISE
PA U of Pennsylvania Ostrowski James CAREER: Hybrid Locomotion Systems for Varying Terrains and Environments 9876301 CISE
PA U of Pennsylvania Taylor Camillo CAREER: Object-Level 3D Reconstruction Techniques for Mobile Robots 9875867 CISE
PR U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Perez Manuel CAREER: Dialogue Context in Graphical User Interfaces: Representation, Portability and Uses 9876167 CISE
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Wang Xiaodong CAREER: Adaptive Signal Processing for Coded Time-Varying Wireless Multiple-Access Communications Channels 9875314 CISE
TX U of Texas Austin Gal Anna CAREER: Combinatorial and Algebraic Models of Computation 9874862 CISE
TX U of Texas Austin Konana Prabhudev CAREER: Design of Time Cognizant Electronic Brokerages 9875746 CISE
UT University of Utah Hsieh Wilson CAREER: Compiler Optimizations for Instruction Bandwidth 9876117 CISE
VA George Mason University Wang Xiaoyang CAREER: Towards Database Support for On-Line Time Series Analysis 9875114 CISE
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Bell Amy CAREER: Multiresolution-Based Continuous Phase Retrieval: Theory and Applications 9876025 CISE
VT Middlebury College Huang Timothy CAREER: Object Identification in Intelligent Systems 9876181 CISE
WA U of Washington Curless Brian CAREER: Capturing the Real World for Computer Graphics 9875365 CISE
WA Washington State Univ Liu Chien-Liang CAREER: An Integrated Video-Based Storage System with Guaranteed Performance 9874726 CISE
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Sayeed Akbar CAREER: An Integrated Digital Signal Processing Framework for Optimized Wireless Communications 9875805 CISE

EHR FY 99 Award Listing

AZ Arizona State University Carlson Marilyn CAREER: A Model for Describing Students' Mathematical Thinking: Building a Foundation for Research-Based Curriculum 9876127 EHR
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Bruckman Amy CAREER: Net Flyer: Community Support for Scaleable Constructionist Learning on the Internet 9876168 EHR
IN Purdue Research Foundation Rasmussen Chris CAREER: Differential Equations: Building a Theory of Student Reasoning and Understanding 9875388 EHR
MI University of Michigan Fishman Barry CAREER: Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs, & Technology: Constructing Models of Change in Systemic Reform 9876150 EHR
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Chinn Clark Allen CAREER: Classroom Instruction to Promote Authentic Experimentation 9875485 EHR
PA U of Pennsylvania Remillard Janine CAREER: Improving Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Urban Classrooms 9875739 EHR
WA Washington State Univ Norman Obed CAREER: Performance Enhancement for African American Students in Science (PEASS) 9875846 EHR

ENG FY 99 Award Listing

AZ Arizona State University Vasileska Dragica CAREER: Computation as a Means of Understanding the Operation of the Devices of the Future 9875051 ENG
CA U of Cal Irvine Catrakis Haris CAREER: Turbulent Mixing and the Geometry of Fluid Interfaces 9875036 ENG
CA U of Cal Irvine George Steven CAREER: Engineering the Human Airway to Study the Transport and Kinetics of S-nitrosothiols 9875033 ENG
CA U of Cal Irvine Regan Amelia CAREER: Dynamic Freight and Fleet Management: Modeling, Algorithm Development and Implementation 9875675 ENG
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Judy Jack CAREER: IC-Compatible Ferromagnetic MEMS 9876285 ENG
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Paganini Fernando CAREER: Robust Control of Distributed Systems 9875056 ENG
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Bennett Ted CAREER: A Study of Temperature in Rapid Thermal Engineering of Glass Films 9875860 ENG
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Meinhart Carl CAREER: Fluid Mechanics of Micro-Scale Engineering Systems 9874839 ENG
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Mezic Igor CAREER: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control from Microscale to Macroscale 9875933 ENG
DE University of Delaware Dan Nily CAREER: The Design of Synthetic Gene Transfer Agents 9875847 ENG
DE University of Delaware Lambros John CAREER: Fundamental Problems in Dynamic Fracture Mechanics 9874775 ENG
DE University of Delaware Prather Dennis CAREER: Meso-Scopic Diffractive Optical Elements for Monolithic Integration with VLSI 9875665 ENG
DE University of Delaware Shenton, III Harry CAREER: New Concepts in Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring 9874774 ENG
DE University of Delaware Wang Hai CAREER: Integrated Study of Benzene Combustion by Quantum Mechanical Calculation, Detailed Kinetic Modeling, and Optimization 9874768 ENG
FL Florida International Univ Koylu Umit CAREER: Formation and Evolution of Soot Particles During Turbulent Nonpremixed Combustion 9876475 ENG
FL U of South Florida Weller Thomas CAREER: Microwave Variable Impedance Transmission Lines 9875235 ENG
FL University of Florida Kumar Ashok CAREER: Electrophotographic Solid Freeform Fabrication 9875445 ENG
FL University of Florida Zhang Zhuomin CAREER: Spectral Directional Radiative Properties of Rough Si at Elevated Temperatures 9875441 ENG
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Haj-Ali Rami CAREER: Nested 3-D Micromechanical and Damage Models for Analysis of Pultruded and Laminated Composite Structures 9876080 ENG
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Kleywegt Anton CAREER: Dynamic Programming Approximations for Large-Scale Logistics Problems 9875400 ENG
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Sotiropoulos Fotis CAREER: Advanced Numerical Modeling of Bridge Foundation Scour 9875691 ENG
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Steinemann Anne CAREER: Reducing Drought Hazards by Improving Drought Plans 9874391 ENG
HI U of Hawaii Manoa Mashayek Farzad CAREER: Two-Phase Turbulent Reactive Flows 9874655 ENG
IA Iowa State University Garimella Srinivas CAREER: Binary-Fluid Absorption Heat and Mass Transfer In Wavy Films and Droplets 9875010 ENG
ID University of Idaho Goodwin Peter CAREER: Ecohydraulics: Simulation of Physical Processes in River Ecosystem Management 9874754 ENG
IL Illinois Inst of Tech Flueck Alexander CAREER: Available Transfer Capability of Deregulated Power Systems: A Nonlinear Predictive Approach 9875109 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Beaudoin Armand CAREER: Coordinated Application of Constitutive Models, Simulation and Experiment for Study of Metal Forming Processes 9875154 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Dullerud Geir CAREER: Control Design of Complex Engineering Systems 9875244 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Gupta Vinay CAREER: Development Program in Research and Education: Molecular Engineering of Responsive, Self-Assembled Surfaces of Materials 9875467 ENG
IL U of Illinois Chicago Boyd James CAREER: Interdisciplinary Mechanics for MEMS 9875353 ENG
IL U of Illinois Chicago He Bin CAREER: Brain Electric Source Imaging 9875344 ENG
IL U of Illinois Chicago Karlsson Jens O.M. CAREER: Rational Design of Cryopreservation Techniques for Cells and Tissues 9875569 ENG
IN University of Notre Dame Fay Patrick CAREER: Micromachining of Gallium Nitride and Related Materials for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications 9875600 ENG
IN University of Notre Dame Kurama Yahya CAREER: Seismic Behavior and Design of Non-Emulative Precast Concrete Buildings with Supplemental Passive Energy Dissipation 9874872 ENG
KS Kansas State University Bhandari Alok CAREER: Engineered Humification Processes: An Innovative Approach to Remediate Hazardous Waste Sites 9875241 ENG
KS Kansas State University Kuhn William CAREER: Combining Research and Education in Developing Fully Integrated Wireless Transceivers 9875770 ENG
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Grimes Craig CAREER: Educational Outreach and Remotely Queried, In-Situ Chemical Sensors 9875104 ENG
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Main John Alan CAREER: Ultra-Precision Shape Controlled Smart Structures 9875781 ENG
KY U of Louisville Res Fdn Sunkara Mahendra CAREER: Nucleation and Growth of Covalent Solids 9876251 ENG
MA Boston University Carruthers Jeffrey CAREER: High Bit Rate Wireless Infrared Communications 9876149 ENG
MA MIT Culligan-Hensley Patricia CAREER: The Use of the Geotechnical Centrifuge for Physical Modelling of Geo-Environmental and Geotechnical Problems 9875883 ENG
MA MIT Green William CAREER: Predictive Chemical Kinetics: Reaction Rate Estimation and Validation 9875335 ENG
MA MIT Pena-Mora Feniosky CAREER: Collaborative Negotiation Methodology for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects 9875557 ENG
MA MIT Ross Caroline CAREER: Magnetic Anisotropy in Cobalt Alloy Films used in Hard Disk Recording Media 9875545 ENG
MA Univ of Mass Lowell Kurup Pradeep CAREER: Innovative Technologies for Expedited Site Characterization in the New Millennium 9875037 ENG
MD U of MD Baltimore County Marten Mark CAREER: Rational Manipulation of Fungal Cell Wall Composition to Control Hyphal Fragmentation 9876012 ENG
MD U of MD College Park DeVoe Don CAREER: Mechanically Robust Micromechanisms 9875817 ENG
MD U of MD College Park Kofinas Peter CAREER: Functional Nanostructures of Core-Shell Metal Oxides Within ABC Triblock Copolymer Templates 9875001 ENG
MI Mich Technological Univ Miller Michele CAREER: Hybrid Processes for Machining Brittle Materials 9875251 ENG
MI University of Michigan Grosh Karl CAREER: Cochlear Analogues for Engineering Acoustics 9876130 ENG
MI University of Michigan Olsen Tava CAREER: Analysis and Control of Areas Undergoing Change in the Value-Chain 9875202 ENG
MI University of Michigan Stojadinovic Bozidar CAREER: Haptic Models of Large Structures 9876123 ENG
MI University of Michigan Tilbury Dawn CAREER: Integration of Planning and Control for Nonlinear Systems 9876039 ENG
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Guzina Bojan CAREER: A Rational Framework for In-situ Geotechnical and Pavement Characterization by Wave Methods 9875495 ENG
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Kortshagen Uwe CAREER: Photodetachment from Nanometer-Sized Particles 9876224 ENG
MO U of Missouri Columbia Chen Zhen CAREER: A Computer Test-Bed for First-Principle Simulation of Blast-Resistant Structures 9875862 ENG
MO U of Missouri Rolla Chen Genda CAREER: Design and Integration of Piezoelectric Actuators in Civil Engineering Structures 9733123 ENG
MO Washington University Sureshkumar Radhakrishna CAREER: Stability and Dynamics of Mixed-Kinematic and Non-Isothermal Viscoelastic Flows and Development of Internet-Ready Instruction Modules 9874813 ENG
MS Mississippi State Univ Price Thomas CAREER: Micromechanical Model of Undrained Cyclic Soil Behavior 9875334 ENG
NH Dartmouth College Sullivan Charles CAREER: Advanced Microfabricated Magnetics for Power and RF Applications 9875204 ENG
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Coit David CAREER: Stochastic Optimization of System Reliability with Risk-Averse Decision Makers 9874716 ENG
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Ozbay Kaan CAREER: Feedback Based Robust On-Line Traffic Control for Intelligent Transportation Systems 9875296 ENG
NJ Stevens Inst of Technology Liu Derong CAREER: Neural Network-Based Adaptive Critic Designs for Broadband Network Traffic Control 9874601 ENG
NM University of New Mexico Shen Yu-Lin CAREER: Thermo-mechanical Reliability of Metal Interconnects in Microelectronics 9874742 ENG
NY Columbia University Guo X. Edward CAREER: An Efficient 3D Representation for Modeling Microstructure of Trabecular Bone and Development of An Integrated Program in Computational Biomechanics 9875633 ENG
NY Columbia University Renshaw Anthony CAREER: Nonlinear, Aeroelastic Rotating Disk Modeling and Mechanics for High Capacity, Removable Data Storage 9874965 ENG
NY Cornell University-Endowed Kornegay Kevin CAREER: A Wireless Sensor Instrumentation System for Harsh Environments 9875206 ENG
NY Cornell University-Endowed Lee Kelvin CAREER: Proteome Analysis in the Engineering of Escherichia coli with Enhanced Protein Secretion 9874938 ENG
NY Cornell University-Endowed van der Meulen Marjolein C.H. CAREER: Orthopaedic Biomechanics Research and Education 9875838 ENG
NY Rensselaer Polytech Inst Xu Xie CAREER: Tomographic Body Modeling for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations 9875532 ENG
NY SUNY Binghamton Phatak Dhananjay CAREER: A Unified Framework for Analysis and Synthesis of Feedforward ANNs, Integrating Fault Tolerance (FT), Generalization, Intrinsic Capacity/Redundancy and Learning Complexity 9875705 ENG
NY SUNY Buffalo Alexandridis Paschalis CAREER: Self-Organization of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for the Preparation of Highly Ordered Materials: A Research and Education Program 9875848 ENG
NY SUNY Buffalo Lewis Kemper CAREER: Development of Design Decision Support Methods for Large-Scale Systems 9875706 ENG
NY SUNY Stony Brook Zhang Hui CAREER: A Generalized Approach to Modeling and Virtual Prototyping of Advanced Materials Processes for Semicondutor and Optical Applications 9876198 ENG
OH Case Western Reserve Bellamkonda Ravi CAREER: A Lipid Based, Gene Delivery System for Proliferative Vascular Diseases 9874631 ENG
OH Case Western Reserve Lin Wei CAREER: Taking Advantage of Nonlinearity: New Methods for Nonlinear Feedback Design 9875273 ENG
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Parker Robert CAREER: Vibration and Stability of Spinning Disk-Spindle Systems and High-Speed Belt Drives 9875635 ENG
PA Carnegie Mellon University Porter Lisa CAREER: Investigation of Novel Structures and Associated Interfaces for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices 9875186 ENG
PA Drexel University Packman Aaron CAREER: A Development Plan for the Study of Stream-Subsurface Interactions 9875784 ENG
PA PA St U University Park Lissenden Cliff CAREER: Plastic Flow in Reinforced Metals Subjected to Multiaxial Loading 9875414 ENG
PA PA St U University Park Miller-Hooks Elise CAREER: Robust On-Line Location and Routing for Urban Service Systems 9875305 ENG
PA U of Pennsylvania Discher Dennis CAREER: Adhesion and Mechanics of Normal and Dystrophic Muscle Cells - A Cellular Engineering Basis for Gene Therapy 9876328 ENG
SC U of SC Columbia Balbuena Perla CAREER: First Principles Studies of Interfacial Phenomena: Applications to Catalysis and Electrochemistry 9876065 ENG
SC U of SC Columbia Baxter Sarah CAREER: Effects of Microstructural Randomness in Composite Processing 9875067 ENG
SC U of SC Columbia Gassman Sarah CAREER: Extending Non-Destructive Infrastructure Assessment Techniques to Micropile Foundations 9875066 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Carraway Elizabeth CAREER: Abiotic Iron Redox Processes in the Environment from Molecules and Nanosize Clusters to the Rusting of the Titanic 9875754 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Pishko Michael CAREER: Microfabrication of Highly Ordered Biosensor Arrays 9875372 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Schlautman Mark CAREER: Developing Heterogeneous Catalysts from Naturally-Occurring and Benign Materials to Treat Organic and Inorganic Contaminants via Reductive Transformation Reactions 9875763 ENG
TX U of Houston Perry Scott CAREER: Fundamental Investigations of Electronic Contributions to Friction 9876042 ENG
TX U of Texas Austin Kinney Kerry CAREER: Fungal Bioreactors for the Treatment of Contaminated Air 9875881 ENG
TX U of Texas Austin Rathje Ellen CAREER: A Direct In Situ Approach for Evaluating Liquefaction Characteristics of Soil Deposits 9875430 ENG
TX William Marsh Rice Univ West Jennifer CAREER: Nitric Oxide-Generating Polymers: Biofunctional Materials for the Prevention of Thrombosis and Restenosis 9875607 ENG
UT University of Utah Skliar Mikhail CAREER: Online Estimation of MWD of Polymer Melts Using Broad-Band Dielectric Measurements: Sensor Development and Control 9875462 ENG
VA University of Virginia Graham Lori CAREER: Micro-Scale Based Reliability Analysis of Mechanical and Flow-Related Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials for Macro-Scale Infrastructure and Geotechnical Applications 9875516 ENG
VA University of Virginia Hillier Andrew CAREER: Building Adaptive Interfaces from Field-Responsive Materials 9875496 ENG
VA University of Virginia Patek Stephen CAREER: Regulation of Packet-Switched Networks: Stochastic Optimal Control Models and Computational Methods 9875688 ENG
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Forsten Kimberly CAREER: Growth Factor Accessibility and the Role of Extracellular Mediators 9875626 ENG
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Raman Sanjay CAREER: Integrated Antennas and Circuits for Mixed-Technology Single-Chip Systems 9876056 ENG
WA U of Washington Bohringer Karl CAREER: Methods and Mechanisms for Micro Manipulation 9875367 ENG
WA Washington State Univ Bandyopadhyay Amit CAREER: Processing of Bioceramic Implants Using Rapid Prototyping 9874971 ENG
WA Washington State Univ Torruellas William CAREER: Nonlinear Nano-Optics: An integrated Education and Research program 9875317 ENG
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Ghandhi Jaal CAREER: Mixing Effects on Combustion in a Direct-Injection Engine 9875726 ENG
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Harrington Gregory CAREER: Effect of Pretreatment on Inactivation of Cryptosporidium in Natural Waters 9875580 ENG
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Noguera Daniel CAREER: Microbial Ecology of Nutrient Removal in Aerated-Anoxic Processes 9875642 ENG

GEO FY 99 Award Listing

CO U of Colorado Boulder Avallone Linnea CAREER: In Situ Measurements of Halogen Oxides in the Troposphere and Enhancement of Graduate Education in Atmospheric Sciences 9875829 GEO
CT Connecticut College Thompson Douglas CAREER: Characterization of Channel Morphology and Hydraulics for Stream-Restoration Design 9874751 GEO
CT Univ of Connecticut Ward J. Evan CAREER: Trophic Interactions between Benthic Suspension Feeders and Marine Aggregates: An Initiative for Experiential Learning in Coastal Studies 9875068 GEO
IA University of Iowa Lin Ching-Long CAREER: An A Priori Test of Retrieval of Coherent Structures in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Using an Adjoint Model 9874925 GEO
MA MIT Harvey Charles CAREER: Revisiting Two Basic Processes in Hydrogeology: Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Formations and Chemical Mixing in Porous Media 9875995 GEO
MI Hope College Elrod Matthew CAREER: The Direct Determination of Rate Constants and Branching Ratios for Methylperoxy Reactions Under Atmospherically Relevant Conditions 9874752 GEO
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Hirschmann Marc CAREER: Experimental Studies of Mantle Melting 9876255 GEO
MO U of Missouri Columbia Lyons Timothy CAREER: Developing an Initiative in Biogeochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia: The Doctoral Program and Related Research 9875961 GEO
SC Clemson University Murdoch Larry CAREER: Hydraulic Fractures at Shallow Depths 9876124 GEO
WY University of Wyoming Eggleston Carrick CAREER: Career Development in the Environmental Geochemistry of Dissolution-Growth and Electron Transfer at the Iron Oxide/Fluid Interface 9875830 GEO

MPS FY 99 Award Listing

CA Stanford University Moler Kathryn CAREER: Nanofabrication of Local Magnetic Sensors for Materials Physics 9875193 MPS
CA Stanford University Walther Guenther CAREER: Statistics for Flow Cytometry and Freshman Seminars 9875598 MPS
CA U of Cal Irvine Grayce Christopher CAREER: Mesoscopic Theory of Solvent Influence in Polymeric Systems 9876282 MPS
CA U of Cal Irvine Katzarkov Ludmil CAREER: Non-abelian Hodge Theory and Monodromy Actions 9875383 MPS
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Abu-Omar Mahdi CAREER: Molecular Rhenium(V) Oxotransferases 9874857 MPS
CA U of Cal San Diego Basov Dmitri CAREER: Superconductivity in Anisotropic Intermetallic Compounds 9875980 MPS
CA U of Cal San Diego Finney Nathaniel CAREER: New Approaches to the Development of Fluorescent Chemosensors for Heavy Metal Ions 9876333 MPS
CA U of Cal San Diego Holst Michael CAREER: Adaptive Multilevel Finite Element Methods with Applications to Biomolecules and Gravitation 9875856 MPS
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Strouse Geoffrey CAREER: Semiconductor Tectons: Materials at the Interface 9875940 MPS
CO Colorado School of Mines Miller Kelly CAREER: Yield Behavior of Particulate Aggregates and Gels 9876135 MPS
CO Colorado State University Shi Yian CAREER: Exploring New Reactive Species for Cyclopropanation 9875497 MPS
CO University of Denver Kutateladze Andrei CAREER: Synthetic Methodologies Based on Novel SET-Induced Cleavage in Hydroxyalkyl Dithianes 9876389 MPS
CT Univ of Connecticut Seery Thomas CAREER: Direct Synthesis of Polymer Brushes Using Organometallic Catalysts with Tethered Initiators 9876244 MPS
DC George Washington Univ Wagner Michael CAREER: Homogeneous Solution Phase Synthesis of Nanoscale Materials 9876164 MPS
DC Georgetown University de Dios Angel CAREER: NMR Chemical Shifts in Peptides 9874424 MPS
DC Georgetown University Urbach Jeffrey CAREER: Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Thin Fluidized Granular Media 9875529 MPS
FL University of Florida Elston Richard CAREER: Exploring the Evolution of Galaxies and Large Scale Structure at z>1 9875448 MPS
FL University of Florida Krause Jeffrey CAREER: Time-Dependent Laser-Matter Interactions 9875080 MPS
FL University of Florida Scott Michael CAREER: Tripodal Aryloxide Ligands: From Molecular Receptors to Organometallic Catalysis 9874966 MPS
GA Emory University Conticello Vincent CAREER: Design and Synthesis of Polypeptide Block Copolymers for the Construction of Novel, Self-Assembling Nanostructures. 9875776 MPS
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Zhang Zhongju John CAREER: Probing and Controlling the Magnetic Properties of Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles through Crystal Chemistry 9875892 MPS
IL Northwestern University Godwin Hilary CAREER: New Super-Ligands for Lead: Tight and Selective Pb(II)-Binding Agents 9875341 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign McCullough Peter CAREER: The Faint Interstellar Medium and Stardial 9874670 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Sun Yong-Qian CAREER: Dislocation Formation and It's Role in Materials Mechanical Properties and Structural Integrity 9874854 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Yazdani Ali CAREER: Atomic-Scale Microscopy and Spectroscopy: New Tools for Condensed Matter Physics Research and Interdisciplinary Education 9875565 MPS
IL U of Illinois Chicago Gogotsi Yury CAREER: Phase Transformations in Ceramics and Semiconductors Under Contact Loading 9874955 MPS
IL U of Illinois Chicago Jarrold Caroline CAREER: Steps Toward Ensuring the Quality of the Next Generation of Chemists, and Probing the Size-Dependent Properties of Catalytically Significant Metal Cluster/Adsorbate Comple 9875046 MPS
IN Purdue Research Foundation Buriak Jillian CAREER: Electronic Modulation of Catalysts Bound to Porous Silicon Surfaces 9875150 MPS
IN Purdue Research Foundation Fenniri Hicham CAREER: Design, Synthesis, and Investigation of the Self-Assembly and Self-Organization of Functional Multi-Stranded Helicoidal Architectures 9875390 MPS
IN University of Notre Dame Lieberman Marya CAREER: From Surface to Solution: Bond Scission and Templating for Fabrication of Nanoscale Structures 9875788 MPS
KS Kansas State University Ratra Bharat CAREER: Cosmology: Theoretical Research, Data Analysis with Student Involvement, and Curriculum Development 9875031 MPS
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Anthony John CAREER: Cycloaromatization Approach to Graphite Oligomers 9875123 MPS
LA University of New Orleans Rosenzweig Zeev CAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Fluorescent Nanolipobeads for Optochemical Sensing in Single Living Cells 9874498 MPS
MA Boston College Miller Scott CAREER: Minimal Enzyme-Like Asymmetric Catalysts 9874963 MPS
MA Boston University Chamon Claudio CAREER: Interaction and Disorder Effects in Condensed Matter Systems 9876208 MPS
MA Brandeis University Lin Wenbin CAREER: Crystal Engineering of Acentric and Chiral Coordination Networks 9875544 MPS
MA MIT Burkett Sandra CAREER: Design of Bioceramics for Controlled Protein Adsorption and Biological Activity 9875326 MPS
MA MIT Kaspi Victoria CAREER: Astrophysics and Radio Pulsars: From the Forefront to the Classroom 9875897 MPS
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Menon Narayanan CAREER: Experimental Studies of Granular Fluids 9874833 MPS
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Metz Ricardo CAREER: Spectroscopic Studies of Transition Metal Ion Catalysis 9875220 MPS
MD Johns Hopkins University Hufnagel Todd CAREER: Shear Localization in Metallic Glasses 9875115 MPS
MD Johns Hopkins University Lectka Thomas CAREER: Catalytic, Enantioselective C-C Bond Forming Reactions of Imines 9874694 MPS
MD U of MD College Park Veilleux Sylvain CAREER: Superwinds, Galactic Fountains, and Gaseous Halos in Disk Galaxies 9874973 MPS
MI Michigan State University Glasmacher Thomas CAREER: Beams of Fast Exotic Nuclei and the Origin of Heavy Elements in Stars 9875122 MPS
MI University of Michigan Pan Xiaoqing CAREER: Structure-Property Relationships of Nanocrystalline Oxide Films for Gas Sensors 9875405 MPS
MI University of Michigan Raithel Georg CAREER: Traps for Rydberg Atoms 9875553 MPS
MI Wayne State University Kannan Rangaramanujam CAREER: Optical and Infrared Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Polymer Dynamics and Rheology 9876221 MPS
MI Western Michigan Univ Perkovic Marc CAREER: Allosteric Tuning of Transition Metal Photophysics 9876142 MPS
NC Duke University Grinstaff Mark CAREER: Synthesis of Metallo-Dendrimers Using Metallo-Phosphoramidites 9875198 MPS
NC North Carolina State U Genzer Jan CAREER: Fabrication of Nanoparticle Assemblies in Ordered Polymeric Matrices 9875256 MPS
NC North Carolina State U Srinivasarao Mohan CAREER: Real-Space Measurement of Structure and Director Configuration in 3-D: A Study Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy 9875646 MPS
NC U of NC Chapel Hill Morken James CAREER: Combinatorial Development of the Catalytic Asymmetric Aldol-Tishchenko Reaction 9875488 MPS
ND North Dakota State U Fargo Cook Gregory CAREER: New Synthetic Methods via Allyl Organometallics 9875013 MPS
NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Doudin Bernard CAREER: Single Spin Electronics 9874657 MPS
NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Leslie-Pelecky Diandra CAREER: Cluster-Assembled Magnetic Nanostructures 9875425 MPS
NH U of New Hampshire Amato-Wierda Carmela CAREER: Gas-Phase Chemistry of Thermal and Plasma CVD of Ti-Si-N Thin Films 9875062 MPS
NH U of New Hampshire Ge Liming CAREER: Operator Algebras and Applications 9875822 MPS
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Burke Kieron CAREER: Density Functional Chemistry -- The Ground State and Beyond 9875091 MPS
NM University of New Mexico Evans Deborah CAREER: Simulation and Control of Electron Dynamics in Thin Films and Dendrimers 9875230 MPS
NV U of Nevada Las Vegas Sapochak Linda CAREER: Investigations of Organic Electroluminescent Materials and Devices: A Program in Multidisciplinary Student Research 9874765 MPS
NV U of Nevada Reno Tam-Chang Suk-Wah CAREER: Controlling Molecular Assembly and Optical Properties of Organic Thin Films by Rational Design 9876027 MPS
NY Cornell University-Endowed Baker Shefford CAREER: Deformation Mechanisms in Thin Metal Films 9875119 MPS
NY Cornell University-Endowed Coates Geoffrey CAREER: Catalytic Reactions Involving C1 Feedstocks: Development of High Activity Catalysts for the Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide and Epoxides 9875261 MPS
NY New York University Tuckerman Mark CAREER: Theoretical Investigations of Chemical Processes in Bulk Crystals and on Surfaces 9875824 MPS
OH Case Western Reserve Mihos Chris CAREER: The Dynamical Evolution of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters 9876143 MPS
OH Kent State University Ellman Brett CAREER: Phonon Spectroscopic Studies of Anisotropic Superconductors and Dipolar Magnets 9874930 MPS
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Lowary Todd CAREER: Synthetic and Conformational Studies of Arabinofuranosides 9875163 MPS
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Parquette Jonathan CAREER: Development of Conformational Order in Chiral, Amphiphilic Dendrimers and Application to Enantioselective Catalysis in Aqueous Media 9875458 MPS
OH University of Akron Modarelli David CAREER: Time-Resolved Studies of Nanoscale Dendritic Photosynthetic Mimics 9875489 MPS
OK Oklahoma State University Kotov Nicholas CAREER: New Materials for Photonics 9876265 MPS
OK U of Oklahoma Shafer-Ray Neil CAREER: Collision Energy Spectroscopy of Elementary Reactions 9875456 MPS
OR Oregon State University Remcho Vincent CAREER:Molecular Imprint Polymer Receptor Mimics and Microscale Separations: Harnessing Molecular Recognition for Combinatorial Library Screening 9874902 MPS
OR U of Oregon Eugene Marcus Andrew CAREER: Development of a Multidisciplinary Program in University Education and Research in the Behavior of Confined Complex Fluids 9876334 MPS
PA Drexel University Bradley Jean-Claude CAREER: Characterization of Au/Pd Catalysts Prepared Using an Electric-field Method 9875855 MPS
PA Lehigh University Messmer Marie CAREER: The Molecular Basis for Interfacial Properties: In situ Sum-Frequency Spectroscopic Investigations 9875632 MPS
PA Lehigh University Vinci Richard CAREER: Cyclic Plasticity and Fatigue Life of Small-Scale Metal Structures 9876261 MPS
PA PA St U University Park Crespi Vincent CAREER: Education and Research in Composite Nanotube Systems and Structural Energetics 9876232 MPS
PA PA St U University Park Desjarlais John CAREER: Computational and Experimental Design and Engineering of Proteins 9876234 MPS
PA PA St U University Park Li Qi CAREER: Spin-Injection in Heterostructures of Perovskite Oxides 9876266 MPS
PA PA St U University Park Ono Ken CAREER: Topics in Number Theory 9874947 MPS
PA U of Pennsylvania Cowen Douglas CAREER: A Search for Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and an Improved Readout System for the AMANDA Array 9874665 MPS
PA U of Pittsburgh Nelson Scott CAREER: Development of Asymmetric Cyano Group - Transfer Reactions 9875735 MPS
RI Brown University Crawford Gregory CAREER: Investigations of Ordered Polymer Microstructures Formed by Molecular and Mesoscopic Self-Assembly 9875427 MPS
TN Vanderbilt University Rosenthal Sandra CAREER: Femtosecond Fluoresence Upconversion Studies of Charge Transfer Reactions in Nanocrystal-Based Photovoltaics 9875875 MPS
TX U of Houston Krishnamoorti Ramanan CAREER: Understanding the Role of Process Variables on Properties of Multi-Phase Polymeric Materials 9875321 MPS
TX U of Texas Arlington Kinsel Gary CAREER: Analytical Applications of MALDI Mass Spectrometry to the Study of Surface-Protein Interactions 9876249 MPS
TX U of Texas Austin Vanden Bout David CAREER: Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy Studies of Organic Electronic Materials 9875315 MPS
TX U of Texas El Paso Cole Philip CAREER: Photoproduction of Vector Mesons 9874653 MPS
UT Utah State University Shen Tsung-Cheng CAREER: Exploring Nanostructures Based on Atomically Ordered 2D Dopant Patterns in Si 9875129 MPS
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Deck Paul CAREER: Rigid Metallocene-Silica Interfaces and Development of a Scientific Professionalism Course 9875446 MPS
VT U of Vermont & St Agr Coll Landry Christopher CAREER: Synthesis and Analysis of Mixed-Phase Microporous/Mesoporous Materials and Implementation of Distance Learning Techniques 9875768 MPS
WA Washington State Univ Dexheimer Susan CAREER: Dynamics of Localized Photoexcitations in Condensed Matter Systems 9875765 MPS
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Dingus Brenda CAREER: Gamma-Ray Astrophysics from the Ground and Space 9875387 MPS
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Wilcots Eric CAREER: Accretion, Asymmetric Galaxies, and Outreach 9875008 MPS

SBE FY 99 Award Listing

AZ U of Arizona Soule Sarah CAREER: The Diffusion of Collective Protest in the U.S., 1950-1996 9874000 SBE
CO Colorado State University Givens Geof CAREER: Bayesian Simulation Modeling 9875508 SBE
FL Embry Riddle Aero Univ Lucena Juan Career: Global Engineers: An Ethnography of Globalization in the Education, Hiring Practices, and Problem-Solving of Engineers in the US, Europe, and Latin America 9875089 SBE
IL University of Chicago Levitt Steven CAREER: The Economics of Gangs 9876098 SBE
MA NBER Kling Jeffrey CAREER: Methods Evaluating Public Policies and Assessing Effects on Employment, Crime, and Poor Neighborhoods 9876337 SBE
NJ Princeton University Creager Angela CAREER: Life Science in the Atomic Age: The Radioactive Revolution of Biomedical Research 9875012 SBE
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Feldman Jacob CAREER: The Logic of Grouping and Perceptual Organization 9875175 SBE
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Stromswold Karin CAREER: The Relationship among Phonology, Syntax & the Lexicon in Specific Language Impairment 9875168 SBE
OH University of Akron Barrett Linda CAREER: Spatial Aspects of Pedogenesis and Soil Organic Carbon in the Great Lakes Region 9875015 SBE
OK U of Oklahoma Bridge Gavin CAREER: Mineral Investment and Land-Use/Land-Cover Change in the Americas 9874837 SBE
PA Carnegie Mellon University Genovese Christopher Career: Structural Dependence in Graphical-Temporal Data with Applications to Neuroscience and Finance 9876147 SBE
PA U of Pennsylvania Croson Rachel CAREER: Experimental Game Theory: Integrating Psychological Concerns with Strategic Analysis 9876079 SBE
TX Texas A&M Research Fdn Cohen Jeffrey CAREER: Transnational Migration and Remittances: A Longitudinal Study of Rural Oaxaca 9875539 SBE
TX U of Texas Austin Aronson Joshua CAREER: Stereotype Threat 9875957 SBE