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Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) Templates and Keywords

As part of the CDI proposal submission process (see Section V.A. in the CDI Program Solicitation), the principal investigators are required to submit by e-mail to an Excel spreadsheet saved in “comma-delimited” (CSV) format (a "flat text" file that does not preserve formatting; do not be concerned if its appearance changes from your original:

• List of Personnel, Collaborators and Affiliates, who may have a conflict of interest with the proposal

The Lead PI is also required to complete and submit (thus sending an automatic e-mail to a web-based PDF form:

• List of Themes and Keywords relevant to the particular proposal

Templates and sample files:

COI List Sample Themes & Keywords PDF Form
COI List Template  


The specific instructions for the preparation of these documents are provided below.

List of Personnel, Collaborators, and Affiliates

After receipt of the proposal number from FastLane, send an e-mail to The subject heading of the e-mail should note the proposal number and the lead institution.  Attach the document described below, prepared on the COI List Template available above.  NSF personnel will use automated data handling of this document.  To facilitate this, the file should be in the CSV "flat text" format, with unformatted data entry under the column headings (Proposal Number, PI or SP Last_Name, etc.) in the Template.  Carriage returns, splitting items over multiple cells, extra spaces, etc., will interfere with automated handling.  The document is an Excel spreadsheet containing two lists: one (columns C-E) lists the last names, first names and institutional affiliations of all PIs, Co-PIs, and other senior personnel; the second (columns F-H) lists the full names and institutional affiliations of all people having conflicts of interest with any PIs, Co-PIs, and other senior personnel.  This list will be used by NSF to check for conflicts of interest in assembling the review community.  The filename should be the proposal number (which begins with "10"; not the temporary proposal number used during proposal preparation) followed by the three characters "coi" (for example, for a proposal number 1012345, this file name will be 1012345coi.csv where the extension csv will be automatically added by Excel when saving the file using the CSV format).  The 7-digit proposal number beginning with "10" should appear in every row of the file, in column B, as indicated by the COI List Sample that is available above.  Each project participant in columns C-E should be listed (repeatedly) in all rows that name his/her conflicted individuals in columns F-H, as in the Sample.

Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI)

The following categories of people may have a conflict of interest in reviewing your proposal and should be listed in the Excel spreadsheet:

1. Collaborators and Co-Editors. A list of all persons in alphabetical order (including their current organizational affiliations) who are currently, or who have been collaborators or co-authors with the individual on a project, book, article, report, abstract or paper during the 48 months preceding the submission of the proposal. Also include those individuals who are currently or have been co-editors of a journal, compendium, or conference proceedings during the 24 months preceding the submission of the proposal. If there are no collaborators or co-editors to report, this should be so indicated.

2. Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors. A list of the names of the individual’s own graduate advisor(s) and principal postdoctoral sponsor(s), and their current organizational affiliations.

3. Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor. A list of all persons (including their organizational affiliations), with whom the individual has had an association as thesis advisor, or with whom the individual has had an association within the last five years as a postgraduate-scholar sponsor. The total number of graduate students advised and postdoctoral scholars sponsored also must be identified.

List of Themes and Keywords

Using the Themes & Keywords PDF form available above, provide the proposal number, date, type (I or II), PI information, relevant themes and keywords, and submit the information by e-mail to by clicking on the “Submit by Email” button on the top-right corner of the page.  The themes and keywords are listed in the PDF form itself.