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Graduate Student Traineeship Opportunities

Students preparing to enter graduate study should consider the availability of IGERT Traineeship Stipends that a number of universities offer in specific fields of study. Over the last five years, the National Science Foundation has granted to proposing university faculties a total of 125 awards in the IGERT program (each of 5-years duration). IGERT awards enable these universities to offer stipend support and tuition allowances to graduate students to engage in research in exciting interdisciplinary areas of science and engineering.

Interested applicants should study the Web pages of the various IGERT award sites for descriptions of their programs, for contact information on the participating faculty, and, importantly, for specific application procedures. Please note that stipend support from an IGERT funded program is available only to U. S. citizens or permanent residents, although universities may offer non-U.S. citizens other means of support to participate in the IGERT activities.


Students! Let the IGERT National Recruitment Program ( help you find the traineeship that is right for you. There are over 125 IGERT sites at universities across the country, and each one is a special opportunity for students interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in the sciences, mathematics, engineering or technology. Visit our website to:

  • Learn more about the IGERT program.
  • Search for a traineeship by geographic area or your academic background.
  • Browse links to resources for students, women and minorities.
  • Learn more about how to apply.

IGERT National Recruitment Program
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Toll Free: (866) 593-9103