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NIRT Awards

Prop Id Institution Name PI Name
Telephone Number
Proposal Title (key words) NSF Funds ($mil.)
Awards with focus on Biosystems (3 awards, $5.09 million)
1 0210777 U of PA Eric Boder
(215) 898-5658
Combinatorial Engineering of Nanomachines: Building Novel Membrane Proteins via De Novo Design and Directed Evolution 1.49
2 0210807 U of CA Davis Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague
(530) 754-9577
Probing Viral Adhesion with Nanoengineered Biomembranes and Quantum Dots 1.85
3 0210690 U of CA Los Angeles Leonard Rome
(310) 825-0709
The Development of Vault Nano-Capsules 1.75
Awards with focus on Structures and Phenomena (18 awards, $24 million)
4 0210742 U of Rochester Nicholas Bigelow
(585) 275-8544
Next Generation Atom Chips for Quantum Information Technology 1.60
5 0210120 Washington University William Buhro
(314) 935-4269
Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Boron and Metal-boride Nanowires, and Nanoscale Devices Built from them 1.25
6 0210176 U of Cal Berkeley Michael Crommie
(510) 642-9392
Synthesis and Control of Molecular Machines 1.30
7 0210549 U of Nevada RenoJohn Frederick
(775) 784-1347
Synthesis and Characterization of a Light-Driven Molecular Motor 1.17
8 0210579 Drexel University Yury
(215) 895-6446
Carbon Nanopipes for Nanofluidic Devices and In-situ Fluid Studies 1.65
9 0210785 Vanderbilt University Richard Haglund
(615) 322-2828
Size Dependence of Phase Transitions in Nanocrystalline Oxides 1.00
10 0210806 U of Wisconsin Madison Robert Hamers
(608) 262-6371
Nanotubes and nanowires as biological sensors and actuators: Approaching the single-molecule limit 1.45
11 0210215 Johns Hopkins Univ. Kevin Hemker
(410) 516-4489
Uncovering Deformation Mechanisms of Nanostructured Materials 1.00
12 0210915 Montana State University Yves
(406) 994-7838
Template-Constrained Magnetic Nano-materials: Synthesis and Characterization 1.00
13 0210519 U of Notre Dame Boldizsar Janko
(219) 631-8049
Formation and Properties of Spin-Polarized Quantum Dots in Magnetic Semiconductors by Controlled Variation of Magnetic Fields on1.80
140210298Louisiana Tech UniversityYuri Lvov
(318) 257-5144
Nanoengineered shells for encapsulation and controlled release1.28
15 0210580 U of FloridaCharles Martin
(352) 392-8305
For Biomedical Nanotube Technology 1.60
16 0210588U of Wisconsin MadisonPaul Nealey
(608) 265-8171
Dimension Dependent Material Properties of Nanoscopic Macromolecular Structures1.00
170210321MITCaroline Ross
(617) 285-0223
Nanostructured Surfaces with Long-Range Order for Controlled Self-Assembly1.20
180210284U of DelawareS. Ismat Shah
(312) 831-1618
Semiconductor Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Visible Light Photocatalysis1.10
190210383U of Texas AustinChih-Kang Shih
(512) 472-6603
FRG: Collective and Quasiparticle Properties of Nanocrystals and Nano-Arrays1.80
200210835U of New MexicoTimothy Ward
(505) 277-2067
Nanostructural Engineering of Complex Functional Particles1.60
210210247Washington UniversityKaren Wooley
(314) 935-7136
One-,Two- and Three-Dimensional Superstructured Materials from Well-Defined, Complex Nanoscale Components1.70
Awards with focus on Devices and System Architectures (12 awards, $16.6 million)
220210698U of Texas AustinAnanth Dodabalapur
(512) 232-1890
Nanoscale Organic Circuits and Sensors1.60
230210693Cornell UniversityJames Engstrom
(607) 255-9934
Nanoscale Engineering of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces: Applications to Molecular Scale Electronics1.30
240210449U of Wisconsin MadisonChang-Beom Eom
(608) 263-6305
Epitaxial Magnetic Oxide Structures for Nanoscale Spin Devices1.55
250210153U of Notre DamePeter Kogge
(219) 631-6763
Architectures and Devices for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata1.00
260210533Boston CollegeMichael Naughton
(617) 552-3598
Nanoscale Magnetic Microscopy with Multi-Photon Absorption Polymers and Y-Junction Nanotubes1.05
270210426Harvard UniversityHongkun Park
(617) 496-0815
Electron Transport Through Molecular Inorganic Clusters - A Convergent Approach Toward Molecular Electronic and Magnetic Devices1.25
280210899Stanford UniversityR. Fabian Pease
(650) 723-0959
Properties and Applications of Deformed Nanotubes1.30
290210832LA St U & A&M UniversityElizabeth Podlaha
(225) 578-3056
Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Multilayers1.30
300210445Purdue UniversityVladimir Shalaev
(765) 494-9855
Plasmonic Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics1.30
310210843U of IL Urbana-ChampaignGregory Timp
(217) 244-9629
A Nanometer-Scale Gene Chip1.30
320210752Boston UniversitySelim Unlu
(617) 353-5067
Advanced Characterization Techniques In Optics for Nanostructures (ACTION)1.30
330210736Middlebury CollegeSusan Watson
(802) 422-5958
Nanotube and Nanowire Based Quantum Computation1.88
Awards with focus on Theory, Modeling and Simulation (2 awards, $2.3 million)
340210717Georgetown UniversityJames Freericks
(602) 687-6159
Computational Design and Optimization of Nanoscale Spintronic and Thermoelectric Devices1.20
350210095 Brown UniversityVivek Shenoy
(401) 863-2864
Study of Self-organization in Strained Heteroepitaxial Nanostructures: Multi-scale Modeling, Simulation and Experiment 1.10
Awards with focus on Environment (2 awards, $2.49 million)
36 0210839 U of OklahomMark Nanny
(405) 325-4234
Bioavailability of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Dynamics of Their Interactions with Humic and Fulvic Acids: Linking Molecular- and Microbial-Scale Interactions 1.10
370210865 Texas A&M UPeter Santschi
(409) 740-4476
The Role of Nano-Scale Colloids in Particle Aggregation and Trace Metal Scavenging in Aquatic Systems1.39
Awards with Focus on Manufacturing (16 awards, $17.45 million)
380210173U of California-San DiegoRobert Asaro
(858) 534-6888
NIRT: Deformation Mechanisms and Manufacturing of Nanostructured Materials Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD)1.00
390210590Duke UniversityRobert Clark
(919) 660-5435
Fabrication of Biomolecular and Polymeric Nanostructures by Proximal Probes1.20
400210850U of Nebraska-LincolnYuris Dzenis
(402) 472-0713
Manufacturing of Novel Continuous Nanocrystalline Ceramic Nanofibers with Superior Mechanical Properties1.00
410210366Vanderbilt UniversityT.J. L. Davidson/
T. Fisher
(615) 343-7886
Direct Power Generation by Electron Emission from Novel Carbon Nanostructures1.52
420210585Johns Hopkins Univ.Lloyd Harriott
(434) 243-5580
Merged CMOS/Molecular Integrated Circuit (Mol-MOS) Fabrication, Analysis and Design1.05
430210332Florida State UniversitySeunghun Hong
(805) 644-7009
Development, Functionalization, and Assembly of Nanoscale Biological Sensors1.05
440210844U of Minnesota Twin CitiesRichard Kiehl
(612) 625-8073
Two- and Three-Dimensional Assembly of Nanoelectronic Components by DNA Scaffolding1.10
450210229PA St U University ParkSeong Kim
(814) 862-4700
Nanoreactor Processes for Manufacturing Oriented Materials1.10
460210238Carnegie-Mellon U.Prashant Kumta
(412) 268-8739
Ink Jetting of Nanostructured Matrices for Controlled Gene Delivery1.00
470210141Texas Tech UniversityMichelle Pantoya
(806) 742-2011
Nanocomposite Reactions in the Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Materials1.00
48a0210400(with 0210258)Foundation @ NJITRobert Pfeffer
(973) 642-7496
Collaborative Research: Experimental and Computational Investigations of Fluid Interactions/Transport in Nanodomains and Around Nanoparticles0.60
48b0210258 (with 0210400)Worcester Polytech InstRobert Thompson
(508) 831-5525
Collaborative Research: Experimental and Computational Investigations of Fluid Interactions/Transport in Nanodomains and Around Nanoparticles0.62
490210223U. of DelawareJohn Rabolt
(302) 831-4476
Enhancing the properties of nanoscale electrospun polymer fibers thru chemical architecture, surface texturing optimization processing protocols1.10
500210517U of Kentucky Res FdnStephen Rankin
(859) 257-9799
Tailored Fluorinated Surfactant Templates for the Design of Ordered Nanoporous Ceramics1.10
510210351U of CincinnatiRaj Singh
(513) 556-5172
Manufacturing/Synthesis and Nanostructure of Superhard Thin Films/Materials1.00
520210559U of Kentucky Res FdnRobert Vallance
(859) 257-3304
Staggered Probes for Integrating Nano Machining and Metrology1.00
530209678U of Southern CaliforniaAristides A. Requicha
(213) 740-4502