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NSF Press Releases on Nanotechnology Research from 2003 to 2001


NSF PR 03-150 December 22, 2003
National Science Board Approves Award for a National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

NSF PR 03-147 December 17, 2003
Researchers Develop Nanoscale Fibers That are Thinner Than the Wavelengths of Light They Carry

NSF PA/M 03-52 December 12, 2003
NSF Conference Explores the Latest Advances in Nanotechnology

NSF PR 03-94 September 3, 2003
Nanoscale Iron Could Help Cleanse the Environment
The ultrafine particles will flow underground and destroy toxic compounds in place

NSF PR 03-90 August 27, 2003
Nanoparticles Change Crystal Structure When They Get Wet, Research Shows

NSF PR 03-89 August 25, 2003
NSF Awards New Grants to Study Societal Implications of Nanotechnology

NSF PR 03-77 July 23, 2003
Self-Assembling Devices at the Nanoscale
A new hybrid technique could lead to mass-produced chips with molecular-scale structure

NSF PR 03-68 June 25, 2003
Scientists Announce First 3-D Assembly of Magnetic and Semiconducting Nanoparticles

NSF PR 03-61 May 29, 2003
New Results Force Scientists to Rethink Single-Molecule Wires

NSF PA/M 03-22 May 1, 2003
Workshop on Nanotechnology Grand Challenges in the Environment to Be Held at NSF

NSF Fact Sheet April 1, 2003

NSF PA/M 03-18 March 27, 2003
Nanotechnology Leaders to Discuss National Research Priorities and Challenges at NNI 2003
NNI conference to feature progress and plans from government agencies and nanotechnology research centers

NSF PR 03-22 February 20, 2003
New Molecular Self-Assembly Technique May Mimic How Cells Assemble Themselves

NSF PR 03-16 January 30, 2003
Ultra-High-Density Data Storage May Become Practical with Breakthrough in Nanoscale Magnetic Sensors

NSF PR 03-01 January 2, 2003
Breakthrough Brings Laser Light to New Regions of the Spectrum


NSF PR 02-57 July 8, 2002
Converging Technologies Can Improve Human Performance, Report Says

NSF PR 02-55 June 26, 2002
Data Storage Gets Ultrasmall with Remarkable Breakthrough in Electrical Resistance

NSF PR 02-53 June 12, 2002
Two Breakthroughs Achieved in Single-Molecule Transistor Research

NSF PR 02-07 January 30, 2002
New Understanding of Complex Virus Nano-Machine for Cell Puncturing and DNA Delivery


NSF PR 01-97 December 3, 2001
U.S.-EC Nanotech Collaboration Launched

NSF PR 01-87 October 30, 2001
Biocapsule Can Provide Steady Insulin Supply; Potential Breakthrough for Diabetes Patients

NSF PR 01-69 September 19, 2001
Big Plans on a Small Scale: NSF Funds Centers for Nanoscale Research

NSF PR 001-12 February 8, 2001
'Molecular Rulers' Make Nano-Scale Gaps


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