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Auburn University
Collaborative Approaches among Scientists and Engineers
College of Engineering and College of Sciences and Mathematics
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Kimberly Mulligan
(334) 844-4642
Secondary: Cordelia Brown
(334) 844-2331
Research Topics/Keywords: Cross-disciplinary research projects that span the discipliners of Engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, physics and geosciences, team mentoring
Comments: The primary goals of the REU are to develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of STEM disciplines and improve sense of belonging in STEM through fostering effective mentor-mentee relationships.
Collaborative Approaches among Scientists and EngineersAbstract of Award
University of Alabama
Interdisciplinary Convergence to Advance the Biotechnological and Bioscience
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Ryan Summers
(205) 348-3169
Secondary: Matthew Thompson
(205) 348-7020
Research Topics/Keywords: Biotechnology, bioscience, biological engineering, biochemistry, biology, synthetic biology
Interdisciplinary Convergence to Advance the Biotechnological and BioscienceAbstract of Award
Alabama A&M University
Physics REU at AAMU
Department of Physics
Normal, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Padjama Guggila
(256) 372-8141
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, Optics and Space Science
Physics REU at AAMUAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
University of Alabama-Huntsville
Remote Sensing of Land-Atmosphere Systems
Primary: Rob Griffin
Secondary: Ryan Wade
Research Topics/Keywords: remote sensing, land-atmosphere systems
Remote Sensing of Land-Atmosphere SystemsAbstract of Award
Auburn University
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVs
Center for Smart UAVs
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Saad Biaz
(334) 844-6307
Secondary: Richard O. Chapman
(334) 844-6314
Research Topics/Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Autonomous Flight
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Brendan Higgins
Secondary: Sushil Adhikari
Research Topics/Keywords: Multidisciplinary, biosystems engineering, biomolecular engineering, biological engineering, aquaponics, nanocellulose, polymers, adhesives, algae, sensors
Comments: This multidisciplinary site is also open to non-engineering majors
REU Site: : Research experience through collaborative teams in bioprocessing for conversion of waste into products of valueAbstract of Award
Mobile, Alabama
Primary: Lesley Gregoricka
(251) 460-6347
Secondary: Jaime Ullinger
Research Topics/Keywords: Hypothesis Formation to Data Collection, Analysis, Public Outreach, and Publication. Complementary Instruction in Professional Development, Ethics, and Statistical Modules
REU Site: Bioarchaeology of Bronze Age Social SystemsAbstract of Award
University of Alabama
REU Site: Engineering Sensors Systems and Signal Processing for Speech Pathology
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Todd Freeborn
(205) 348-6634
Secondary: Memorie Gosa
(205) 348-7131
Research Topics/Keywords: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Speech Pathology, Sensors, Image Processing, Speech, Language, Hearing
REU Site: Engineering Sensors Systems and Signal Processing for Speech PathologyAbstract of Award
University of Alabama
REU Site: Fluid Mechanics with Analysis using Computations and Experiments (FM-ACE)
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Amy Lang
(205) 348-1622
Secondary: Dr. Paul Hubner
(205) 348-1617
Research Topics/Keywords: Fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics, combustion, laser diagnostics, flow control, wind tunnel testing, boundary layers, bio-inspired eng, space propulsion
REU Site: Fluid Mechanics with Analysis using Computations and Experiments (FM-ACE)Abstract of Award
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Prof. Jason E. Bara
(205) 348-6836
Secondary: Prof. John Kim
(205) 348-1729
Research Topics/Keywords: Polymer,Polymerization,Membrane,Chemical Eng.,Chemistry, Materials,Science,Ionic Liquid,Computational,Cells,Peptides, Electronics,Biomaterials,Biopolymers,Characterization,Structure, Properties
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Application of Advanced Polymers for Engineering InnovationsAbstract of Award
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Sanjeev Baskiyar
(334) 844-6306
Secondary: Alvin S Lim
(334) 844-6326
Research Topics/Keywords: CPU temperature control for energy reduction, indoor localization using deep learning, thermal friendly architecture, smart utility networks, distributed analytics, machine learning algorithms
REU Site: Parallel and Distributed ComputingAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Physics, Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Montgomery, Alabama
Primary: Komal Vig
(334) 604-8189
Secondary: Shree Singh
(334) 604-9160
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology, Biosciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics
REU Site: Research & Training in Multidisciplinary field of Regenerative Sciences for UndergraduatesAbstract of Award
Auburn University, Alabama
Primary: Overtoun Jenda
(334) 844-3745
Secondary: Peter Johnson
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (graphs and hypergraphs, number theory, information and coding theory)
Comments: Previous Award 1560257
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics at Auburn UniversityAbstract of Award
University of Alabama in Huntsville
REU Site: Solar and Heliospheric Physics at UAH and MSFC
Huntsville, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Gary Zank
(256) 961-7401
Secondary: Amy Winebarger
(256) 961-7509
Research Topics/Keywords: Solar Physics, Heliospheric Physics, satellites, modeling
REU Site: Solar and Heliospheric Physics at UAH and MSFCAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences
Tuskegee, Alabama
Primary: Shaik Zainuddin
(334) 724-4222
Secondary: Shaik Jeelani
Research Topics/Keywords: synthesis of nanoparticles for bio-med applications; nanosensors for salmonella enterica detection; nanoscale drug delivery for tumors; structure-property relationship of nano-bio composites
REU Site: Tuskegee University Research Experience for Undergraduates in Nano-Bio Materials Science and EngineeringAbstract of Award
Auburn University
REU Site: Warm-water aquatic ecology
Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Alan Wilson
(334) 246-1120
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, ecology, limnology, fisheries management, evolution, molecular biology, microbiology, invasive species, behavior, statistics, restoration, modeling, hydrology, remote sensing
REU Site: Warm-water aquatic ecologyAbstract of Award
Birmingham, Alabama
Primary: Professor Yogesh Vohra
(205) 934-6662
Secondary: Charita Cadenhead
(205) 975-8076
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials under Extreme Conditions, Machine Learning and Simulations in Materials Research, Lasers and Spectroscopy; Nanoscale Materials, Biomaterials and Drug Delivery
Comments: Ten weeks summer program for undergraduates
REU-Site: Regional Initiative to Promote Undergraduate Participation in Experimental and Computational Materials ResearchAbstract of Award
Dauphin Island, Alabama
Primary: Regina Kollegger
Secondary: Dr. Ruth Carmichael
(251) 861-2141
Research Topics/Keywords: Marine, coastal, biology, ecology, oceanography, field studies, fisheries, marine mammals
Comments: Taking applications now; we value diversity and encourage ALL promising applicants including minority, underserved, low income, and nontraditional students.
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Northern Gulf Of Alaska Long Term Ecological Research REU Site Program
Colleges of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Fairbanks, Alaska
Primary: Katie Gavenus
Secondary: Kerri Fredrickson
(360) 650-7708
Research Topics/Keywords: Arctic, Polar, ocean, climate change, chemical oceanography, physics, chemistry, ecology,
Cofunded: Ocean Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Understanding Arctic as a System
Primary: Vladimir A. Alexeev
(907) 474-6430
Research Topics/Keywords: climate/atmospheric sciences, ocean sciences, arctic hydrology, arctic terrestrial ecosystems, permafrost, science communication, remote sensing and unmanned aircraft measurements, limnology.
Comments: Deadlines February
Understanding Arctic as a SystemAbstract of Award
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Allison Huff, D.H. Ed
(520) 621-0174
Secondary: Amme Henning
(520) 621-8253
Research Topics/Keywords: Optics, photonics, communications, lasers, material science, electrical engineering,Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering
Comments: ERC Center
Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN)Abstract of Award
Primary: Suren Jayasuriya
(480) 727-9672
Secondary: Robert LiKamWa
Research Topics/Keywords: computational imaging, augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, visualization
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Allison Huff MacPherson
(520) 621-0174
Secondary: Robert A. Norwood
(520) 626-0936
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Nancy Emptage
(520) 621-6189
Research Topics/Keywords: Wireless communication, artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing, novel antennas, EM propagations, reliable and secure networking, hardware and circuit design, cognitive algorithms
Long Range Communications, using Ham Radios, Cool Algorithms, and Innovative AntennasAbstract of Award
Northern Arizona University
NSF Research Experience For Undergraduates at Northern Arizona University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Flagstaff, Arizona
Primary: Dr. David Trilling
(928) 523-5505
Secondary: Ms. Kathleen Stigmon
(928) 523-8067
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, astrogeology, planetary science, instrumentation
Comments: Collaborating institutions: Northern Arizona University, the Lowell Observatory, the U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station, and the U.S.G.S. astrogeology branch in Flagstaff.
NSF Research Experience For Undergraduates at Northern Arizona UniversityAbstract of Award
Arizona State University
Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis
School of Molecular Sciences
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Ryan Trovitch
(480) 727-8930
Secondary: Laura Ackerman-Biegasiewicz
Research Topics/Keywords: Green Chemistry, Catalysis, Sustainability, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Sustainable Chemistry and CatalysisAbstract of Award
Arizona State University
REU Site: Applied Mathematics and Computational Modeling in the Greater Phoenix Area
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Wenbo Tang
(480) 965-5479
Secondary: Eric Kostelich
Maricopa County Community College
REU Site: Applied Mathematics and Computational Modeling in the Greater Phoenix Area
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: John Nagy
(480) 731-8402
University of Arizona
REU Site: Cat Vehicle: TheCognitive and Autonomous Test Vehicle
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Nancy Emptage
Secondary: Jonathan Sprinkle
(520) 626-0737
Research Topics/Keywords: Autonomous cars, cognitive radio, model-based design, wireless networks, embedded control systems, sensor fusion, Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)communications
REU Site: Cat Vehicle: TheCognitive and Autonomous Test VehicleAbstract of Award
Flagstaff, Arizona
Primary: Liza Holeski
(928) 523-0701
Secondary: Ted Martinez
(928) 523-3383
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, biology, environmental science, ecology, plant science
REU Site: Ecology, Genetics, and Adaptation on the Colorado PlateauAbstract of Award
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