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Bowie State University
REU SITE: Cybersecurity
Bowie, Maryland
Primary: Julian Olanbiwonnu
(301) 860-4396
Research Topics/Keywords: Cybersecurity
REU SITE: CybersecurityAbstract of Award
Bowie, Maryland
Primary: Anne Osano
(301) 860-3368
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, plant science, botany, Agriculture, Food security, genomics, microbiology, indegeniousvegetables, Sorghum, Nitrogen fixation, Rhizobium
REU Site: Global Engagement Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Food Security: A focus on Indigenous Vegetables and Grain Crops; the "Forgotten Food" Crops of KenyaAbstract of Award
Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University
REU Site: Plant Genome Research
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Georg Jander
(607) 254-1365
Secondary: Margaret Frank
(607) 255-1734
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, plant, genomics, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, maize, tomato, Arabidopsis
Comments: More information can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator, Delanie Sickler, at or 607-252-6566.
REU Site: Plant Genome ResearchAbstract of Award
Waltham, Massachusetts
Primary: Prof. Seth Fraden
(781) 736-2800
Research Topics/Keywords: biomaterials, nano-structured materials, complex fluids, chiral self-assembly, confined polymers
Comments: This REU Program is a part of the MRSEC at Brandeis University.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center - BioInspired Soft MaterialsAbstract of Award
Provo, Utah
Primary: Jean-Francois van Huele
Secondary: Brooklyn Chournos
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics
Cofunded: Physics
Brigham Young University
REU/retSite: Physics Research at Brigham Young University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Provo, Utah
Primary: Dr. Jean-Francois Van Huele
(801) 422-4481
Secondary: Dr. John Colton
(801) 997-0572
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Astronomy, Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter, Extreme Ultraviolet & X-Ray Optics, Magnetism, Materials Science, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Relativity & Quantum Information
Comments: RET component.
REU/retSite: Physics Research at Brigham Young UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Provo, Utah
Primary: Daniel Ess
(801) 422-9164
Secondary: Kara Stowers
(801) 422-0835
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Industry, Industrial Career, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Computational, Physical
Chemistry and Biochemistry REU Site to Prepare Students for Graduate School and an Industrial CareerAbstract of Award
Providence, Rhode Island
Primary: Dr. Karen Fischer
Research Topics/Keywords: Earth science, climate science, geophysics, geochemistry, environmental science, planetary science
REU Site: Dynamic Earth in the 21st Century: Undergraduate research on the evolution of Earth’s interior, surface and climateAbstract of Award
San Francisco, California
Primary: Lauren Esposito
(415) 379-5328
Secondary: Rebecca Johnson
(415) 379-5252
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, systematics, museum, natural history, phylogenetics, entomology, anthropolgy, arachnology, ichthyology, herpetology, botany, ornithology, virology
Comments: Coordinator: Christina Cordova,
REU Site: The Summer Systematics Institute: training the next generation of scientists for the field, the lab, and sharing their science with the worldAbstract of Award
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Undergraduate Research Experiences in Big Data Security and Privacy
Computer Science Department and Computer Infomation Systems Department
Pomona, California
Primary: Tingting Chen
(909) 869-4842
Secondary: Mohammad I. Husain
(909) 869-2022
Research Topics/Keywords: Genomic data privacy, secure multiparty cloud computation, hybrid data center security, big data privacy preserving techniques, privacy preserving federated search, security compliance measurement
Undergraduate Research Experiences in Big Data Security and PrivacyAbstract of Award
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in UAV Technologies
Aerospace Engineering
Pomona, California
Primary: Subodh Bhandari
(909) 869-2612
Research Topics/Keywords: UAV Autonomy, Sense & Avoid, GPS-Denied Navigation, Multi UAV Coordination and Control, Flight Testing, System Identification, Intelligent Control, Flight Control Optimization, Modeling & Simulation
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in UAV TechnologiesAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD), Engineering
California State University, Long Beach
Tracking Land Change (TLC) at River Ridge Ranch, California
Long Beach, California
Primary: Paul Laris
(562) 234-6651
Secondary: Scott Winslow
Research Topics/Keywords: Conservation, Restoration Ecology, Geospatial Technology, Remote Sensing, Conservation Drones, Carbon Sequestration, Working Lands, Oak Woodlands, Grasslands, California, Sequoia National Forest
Comments: We currently have a template posted on the web-site, but are in the process of revising it. Our first cohort will not be until May of 2022 and recruiting will begin in fall of 2021.
Tracking Land Change (TLC) at River Ridge Ranch, CaliforniaAbstract of Award
Los Angeles, California
Primary: Dr. Barry Hibbs
Secondary: Dr. Sonya Lopez
Research Topics/Keywords: Hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Hydrologic Modeling, Stream Restoration
REU Site: Changing Dynamics of Hydrological Systems in Urban Areas: Response To Human Disturbance and Climate ChangeAbstract of Award
California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)
California State University, Monterey Bay REU
Monterey Bay, California
Primary: Bridgette Clarkston
(831) 582-3159
Secondary: Dr. Corey Garza
(831) 582-3024
Research Topics/Keywords: ocean science, marine science; Marine Biology and Ecology, ocean engineering, Marine Geology
Comments: The application website is open in December with due dates in mid-February.
California State University, Monterey Bay REUAbstract of Award
California State University, San Bernardino
REU Site: Investigations in Geometry and Knot Theory
San Bernardino, California
Primary: Corey Dunn
(909) 537-5368
Secondary: Rolland Trapp
Research Topics/Keywords: Differential geometry, knot theory
Comments: Renewal for 1758020
REU Site: Investigations in Geometry and Knot TheoryAbstract of Award
California State University San Marcos
REU Site: Next Generation Sequencing and Beyond: From Beetles to Beer"
Biological Sciences
San Marcos, California
Primary: Betsy Read
(760) 750-4129
Secondary: Arun Sethuraman
(760) 750-8271
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, sequencing
Comments: Directors Betsy Read ( and ArunSethuraman(
REU Site: Next Generation Sequencing and Beyond: From Beetles to Beer"Abstract of Award
Carnegie Mellon University
Interdisciplinary Software Engineering
Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Joshua Sunshine
(412) 268-1097
Secondary: Katharine Carlson
(412) 268-4871
Research Topics/Keywords: Software API usability, green computing, programming language design, security and privacy, automated program analysis and repair, self-adaptive systems, and software development tools
Interdisciplinary Software EngineeringAbstract of Award
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics and Intelligent Systems Scholars
Robotics Institute
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Rachel Burcin
(412) 268-4272
Secondary: John Dolan
(412) 268-7980
Research Topics/Keywords: Artificial intelligence, aerial robotics, autonomous navigation, field robotics, human-robot interaction, machine learning, manipulation, medical robotics, mobile robots, motion planning, multi-agent
Robotics and Intelligent Systems ScholarsAbstract of Award
Catholic University
REU Site: Physics Research in the Nation's Capital
Department of Physics
Washington, DC, District Of Columbia
Primary: Dr. Tanja Horn
(202) 319-5326
Secondary: Dr. I.L. Pegg
(202) 319-6700
Research Topics/Keywords: Nuclear and Particle Physics experiment and theory, detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics and Materials Science
REU Site: Physics Research in the Nation's CapitalAbstract of Award
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Primary: Deric Learman
(989) 774-4409
Secondary: Kevin Pangle
(989) 774-2577
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, aquatic biology, freshwater biology, ecology, molecular biology, microbiology, fisheries, and environmental sciences
Comments: Jessia Lapp (program coordinator) (989)774-4401,
REU Site: Great Lakes ecosystem research to build foundations for successful STEM futuresAbstract of Award
Orange, California
Primary: Dr. Christopher S. Kim
(714) 628-7363
Glencoe, Illinois
Primary: Norman Wickett
(847) 835-8280
Secondary: Jeremie Fant
(847) 835-5969
Research Topics/Keywords: Ecosystem; Ecology; Evolution; Conservation; Biodiversity; Systematics
REU Site: Plant Biology and Conservation Research Experiences for Undergraduates--FromAbstract of Award
City College of New York
REU Site: Research and Training in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biodesign (B3) for Undergraduates
Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
New York, New York
Primary: David Jeruzalmi
(212) 650-6062
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, biodesign
REU Site: Research and Training in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biodesign (B3) for UndergraduatesAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Brooklyn, New York
Primary: Dr. Reginald Blake
(718) 254-8582
Secondary: Dr. Pamela Brown
(718) 260-5008
Research Topics/Keywords: Meteorology, remote sensing, air quality, modeling, engineering, air-land and air-sea interactions, climate
Comments: Collaborative with NOAA-CREST Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (NOAA-CREST),
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Satellite and Ground-Based Remote Sensing at NOAA-CREST: Expanded OpportunitiesAbstract of Award
Clarkson University
REU Site: High Performance Computing with Engineering Applications
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Potsdam, New York
Primary: Daqing Hou
(315) 268-7675
Secondary: Yu Liu
(315) 268-6510
Research Topics/Keywords: High Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Computer Architecture, Computing Performance Optimization, Engineering Applications, Mathematical Modeling, Algorithm Development
REU Site: High Performance Computing with Engineering ApplicationsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Potsdam, New York
Primary: Shane Rogers
(315) 268-6501
Secondary: Michael Twiss
(315) 268-2359
Research Topics/Keywords: Multidisciplinary sustainability-related research projects in engineering, sciences, social sciences and policy
REU Site: Advancing Sustainable Systems and Environmental Technologies (ASSETs) to Serve HumanityAbstract of Award
Clarkson University
The ASET-REU program at Clarckson University
Department of Biology, Department of Engineering
Potsdam, New York
Primary: Dr. Alan D. Christian
Research Topics/Keywords: Aquatic Science, Aquatic resource engineering, Watershed ecology, Nitrate Reduction in Wastewater,Great Lake water quality, St. Lawrence River
The ASET-REU program at Clarckson UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Biological Sciences
South Carolina
Primary: Stephen Foulger
(864) 656-1045
Clemson, South Carolina
Primary: Joshua Alper
(864) 656-2502
Secondary: Hugo Sanabria
(864) 656-1749
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biophysics, bioengineering, physics, chemistry, biology, materials science
Comments: please contact the program administrator: Celesté Hackett Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator 118 Kinard Laboratory Clemson University Clemson, SC 29631-0978 Phone: 864-656-3418 Email: c
REU Site: Nature's machinery through the prism of physics, biology, chemistry and engineeringAbstract of Award
Clemson, South Carolina
Primary: Dr. Tania I Houjeiry
(864) 650-1566
Secondary: Dr. William Pennington
(864) 656-4200
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials, Biology, Chemistry
Advanced Materials for Chemistry and BiologyAbstract of Award
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