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REU Sites: Chemistry

This is a list of the active chemistry division funded REU sites (Sites with active NSF awards). Almost every site has a web page where more information can be obtained. Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the external web page. [NSF is not responsible for the content of these external web pages.] Useful information for REU Site Principal Investigators can be found through the REU Leadership Group ( [Not an NSF website -- NSF is not responsible for its content]

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
NY, New York
Primary: Michael Sponsler
(315) 443-4880
Secondary: April LePage
(315) 443-4109
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, materials, theoretical
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Chemistry at Syracuse UniversityAbstract of Award
Syracuse, New York
Primary: Karin Ruhlandt-Senge
(315) 443-1306
Secondary: Michael Sponsler
(315) 443-4880
College Station, Texas
Primary: Holly Gaede
(979) 845-0520
Secondary: Marylin Warren
(979) 845-0520
Research Topics/Keywords: Atmospheric chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biological chemistry, catalysis, computational chemistry, energy, environment, enzymes, green chemistry, materials chemistry,continued below...
Comments: Additional Key Words: mechanism, metal-organic frameworks, metabolism, nanotechnology, polymers, sensing, solar, surface, synthesis
REU Site: Biological, Environmental, and Materials Chemistry Research at Texas A&M UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Texas A&M University
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
College Station, Texas
Primary: Mary Bryk
(979) 862-2294
Secondary: Gary Kunkel
(979) 845-6257
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, developmental biology, gene expression, genomics, enzymology, membrane structure, microbiology, molecular biology, phage biology, proteomics
Comments: coordinators are the PI and co-PI
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Program in BiochemistryAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Texas State University
REU Site: A Chemistry REU on Molecular Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CheMIE)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
San Marcos, Texas
Primary: Cory Holland
(512) 245-6869
Secondary: William Brittain
(512) 245-3308
Research Topics/Keywords: innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurial, business, industry
REU Site: A Chemistry REU on Molecular Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CheMIE)Abstract of Award
The Pennsylvania State University
Penn State Chemistry REU: Catalysis and Motion
University Park, Pennsylvania
Primary: Squire J. Booker
(814) 865-8793
Secondary: Amber Schoenauer
(814) 865-3014
Research Topics/Keywords: Antibiotic Resistance, Catalysis, Cellular Trafficking, Chemotaxis, Computation, Dynamics, Electron Microscopy, Electrochemistry....see Additional Comments
Comments: Additional Keywords: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Energy, Iron-Sulfur Clusters, Macromolecular Dynamics, Molecular Motors, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, Natural Product Biosynthesis, Net
Penn State Chemistry REU: Catalysis and MotionAbstract of Award
Tulane University
REU: Summer MAterials Research at Tulane (SMART)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Primary: Professor Hank Ashbaugh
(504) 865-5772
Research Topics/Keywords: Multidisciplinary program focusing on materials for health, energy and environment applications
REU: Summer MAterials Research at Tulane (SMART)Abstract of Award
Chapel Hill, Kansas
Primary: Noelle-Erin Romero
(919) 843-9070
Secondary: Gerald Meyer
(919) 962-6320
Research Topics/Keywords: cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities, collaborative environment, career development
Summer Undergraduate Ressearch Opportunity in Chemistry (SUROC)Abstract of Award
Buffalo, New York
Primary: Jason Benedict
(716) 645-4276
Secondary: Tim Cook
(716) 645-4327
Research Topics/Keywords: Research, Career Development, Industrial, Social media, Chemistry
Chemistry 360 degrees: A Comprehensive Research and Career Development Experience @UBChemistryAbstract of Award
University of Arkansas
Encouraging Students in Science
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Primary: David Paul
(479) 575-5190
Secondary: Leslie Johnson
(479) 575-7942
Research Topics/Keywords: REU
Encouraging Students in ScienceAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
University of California, Irvine
UCI Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Chem-SURF)
Department of Chemistry
Irvine, California
Primary: Sergey Nizkorodov
(949) 824-1262
Research Topics/Keywords: Types of Chemistry (Analytical,Atmospheric,Computational,Inorganic Nuclear,Organic,Organometallic,Physical,Polymers,Synthetic,Theoretical)
UCI Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Chem-SURF)Abstract of Award
Cincinnati, Ohio
Primary: Bruce Ault
Secondary: Anna Gudmundsdottir
Research Topics/Keywords: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry.
Chemistry REU Site at the University of CincinnatiAbstract of Award
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: José Gascón
(860) 486-0591
Secondary: Alfredo Angeles-Bosa
(860) 486-6718
Research Topics/Keywords: Inorganic, Organic, Materials, Analytical, Physical, Computational Chemistry
REU Site: Chemistry at the University of ConnecticutAbstract of Award
University of Delaware
Science & Engineering Leadership Initiative
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Newark, Delaware
Primary: Professor Sharon RozovskyPhone
(302) 831-7028
Secondary: Professor Karl S. Booksh
(302) 831-7028
Research Topics/Keywords: Disability, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, structural Biology, Biophysics, and Disabilities
Science & Engineering Leadership InitiativeAbstract of Award
University of Florida/Université L. Pasteur, Université Pierre and Marie Curie, Université Paul Saba
i-REU Site: The US/France REU Exchange Site in Chemistry: Forming Global Scientists for the 21st Century
Strasbourg, Paris, Toulouse, Florida
Primary: Valeria D. Kleiman
(352) 392-4656
Secondary: Adrian Roitberg
(352) 392-6972
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry (all areas), international, France
Comments: Additional Primary Contact Information: Name: Valeria D. Kleiman Email:
i-REU Site: The US/France REU Exchange Site in Chemistry: Forming Global Scientists for the 21st CenturyAbstract of Award
Lawrence, Kansas
Primary: Mikhail Barybin
(785) 864-4106
Secondary: David R. Benson
(785) 864-4090
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Advanced Chemical Sensing and Imaging
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Zeev Rosenzweig
(410) 455-2521
Secondary: Marcin Ptaszek
(410) 455-2264
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, biochemistry, spectroscopy, imaging
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Advanced Chemical Sensing and ImagingAbstract of Award
Amherst, Massachusetts
Primary: Ruthanne Paradise
(413) 545-7202
Secondary: Kevin Kittilstved
(413) 545-6096
Research Topics/Keywords: Renewable Energy, Photovoltaics, Biofuels, Fuel Cells
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
University of Michigan REU Site in the Chemical Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Primary: Brian P. Coppola
University of Minnesota
Molecular Interactions Virtual REU
Virtual, Minnesota
Primary: Jarrod French
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, biochemistry, molecular interactions, structure-activity relationships, docking, molecular modeling, online, flexible
University of Minnesota
Challenges of the 21st Century
Department of Chemistry
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Primary: Nick Erickson
(612) 624-0026
Secondary: Steven Kass
(612) 625-7513
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry research, 10 week summer program, open area
Challenges of the 21st CenturyAbstract of Award
University of Mississippi
Ole Miss Physical Chemistry Summer Research Program
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Oxford, Mississippi
Primary: Nathan Hammer
(662) 915-3989
Secondary: Gregory S. Tschumper
(662) 915-7301
Research Topics/Keywords: Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Theory, Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Energy, Biophysics
Ole Miss Physical Chemistry Summer Research ProgramAbstract of Award
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
REU Site: Training in Redox Biology
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Donald Becker
(402) 472-9652
Secondary: Julie Stone
(402) 472-4902
Research Topics/Keywords: Redox biology, biochemistry, oxidative stress, redox signaling and regulation, enzymes, protein structure, molecular biology
Comments: Hannah Kahler/Administrative Assistant/
REU Site: Training in Redox BiologyAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Mark Griep
(402) 472-3429
Secondary: Peta-Gaye Stara-Clachar
(402) 472-4453
Research Topics/Keywords: organic radicals, medical imaging agents, protein-DNA interactions, enzyme-assisted organic synthesis, catalytic nanoparticles, and drug-protein interactions
University of North Dakota (UND)
Interdisciplinary Renewable and Environmental Chemistry (IREC)
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Grand forks, North Dakota
Primary: Alena Kubatova
(701) 777-0348
Secondary: Frank Bowman
(701) 777-4245
Research Topics/Keywords: Renewable Chemistry, Environmental, Biofuels, Biomass, Atmospheric Chemistry
University of North Dakota
Interdisciplinary Renewable and Environmental Collaborative (IREC) REU Program at the University of North Dakota
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Atmospheric Science
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Primary: Frank Bowman
(701) 777-4245
Secondary: Guodong Du
(701) 777-2241
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Atmospheric Science, Environmental, Interdisciplinary, Outreach, Science Communication
Interdisciplinary Renewable and Environmental Collaborative (IREC) REU Program at the University of North DakotaAbstract of Award
Denton, Texas
Primary: LeGrande M. Slaughter
(940) 565-4350
Secondary: Sara Pujols
(940) 565-3554
Research Topics/Keywords: collaborative research; interdisciplinary research; team mentoring; early-stage undergraduate students; computational chemistry; catalysis; materials chemistry
REU Site: Team-Mentored Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Chemistry for Early-Stage UndergraduatesAbstract of Award
Primary: Jeanne Basom
(541) 346-4307
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science
University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras
Department of Chemistry
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Primary: Arthur D. Tinoco
(939) 319-9701
Secondary: Jose Alberto Santiago
(787) 410-8616
Research Topics/Keywords: Puerto Rico, UPR RP, Interdisciplinary, Workshops, Materials, Biomolecular Applications
REU: PR CLIMBAbstract of Award
University of South Dakota
Undergraduate Research in Fluorine Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Vermillion, South Dakota
Primary: Andrew Sykes
(605) 677-5487
Secondary: Haoran Sun
(605) 677-5487
Research Topics/Keywords: Fluorine, Chemistry, Materials, Energy, Security, Health
Undergraduate Research in Fluorine ChemistryAbstract of Award
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