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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
New York, New York
Primary: Charles Scherbaum
(646) 312-3807
Secondary: Daniele Artistico
Research Topics/Keywords: Psychology, Data analysis, Research, Applied Psychological Science
REU Site: Training in Basic and Applied Psychological ScienceAbstract of Award
Brooklyn, New York
Primary: Tony Wilson
(718) 951-5000
Secondary: Brett Branco
(718) 951-5000
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, climate adaptation, environmental science, resilience, sustainability, urban ecology
Comments: Program contact:
REU Site: Brooklyn Urban Ecology and Environment Program (BUEE)Abstract of Award
New York
Primary: Laura Rabin
(718) 951-5622
New York
Primary: Oyewole Oyekoya
Research Topics/Keywords: Immersive 3D Visualization, Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Immersive 3D VisualizationAbstract of Award
Bayside, New York
Primary: Dr. Kimberly Riegel
(718) 631-6312
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics (Astronomy, Biophysics and Acoustics).
REU Site: Research Experiences for Community College Students in Physics and AstronomyAbstract of Award
Dakota State University
REU Site in IoT Security
Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences
Madison, South Dakota
Primary: Yong Wang
(605) 256-5690
Secondary: Ashley Podhradsky
(605) 256-5821
Research Topics/Keywords: IoT security, vulnerability discovery, malware analysis, ethical hacking, cloud vulnerability exploitation, IoT forensics, risk mitigation, access control, IoT and user privacy, security remediation
REU Site in IoT SecurityAbstract of Award
Dauphin Island, Alabama
Primary: Regina Kollegger
Secondary: Dr. Ruth Carmichael
(251) 861-2141
Research Topics/Keywords: Marine, coastal, biology, ecology, oceanography, field studies, fisheries, marine mammals
Comments: Taking applications in December-February; we value diversity and encourage ALL promising applicants including minority, underserved, low income, and nontraditional students.
Undergraduate research experiences in coastal and nearshoreAbstract of Award
North Carolina
Primary: Joseph Ewoodzie
(704) 894-3094
Chicago, Illinois
Primary: Daniela Raicu
(312) 362-5512
Secondary: Jacob Furst
(312) 362-5158
Research Topics/Keywords: Medical informatics, image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery
Medical Informatics Experiences (MedIX) in undergraduate researchAbstract of Award
St. Louis, Missouri
Primary: Sona Pandey
(314) 587-1471
Secondary: Ru Zhang
(314) 587-1451
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, plant biology, biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics
Comments: Program coordinator: Cathy Kromer,
REU Site: Research Experiences in Plant Science at the Danforth CenterAbstract of Award
Drexel University
Smart Manufacturing Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SMREU)
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Primary: Masoud Soroush
(215) 895-1710
Secondary: Maureen H. Tang
(215) 571-4092
Research Topics/Keywords: Smart mfg, multiscale modeling, machine learning, AI, data analytics, internet of things, optimization, control, monitoring, process safety, materials and process design, chemical engineering
Smart Manufacturing Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SMREU)Abstract of Award
Duke University/Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Nuclear and Particle Physics at TUNL/Duke University
Department of Physics
Durham, North Carolina
Primary: Dr. Alexander Crowell
(919) 660-2639
Research Topics/Keywords: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Comments: International component.
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Nuclear and Particle Physics at TUNL/Duke UniversityAbstract of Award
Duke University
REU Site for Meeting the Grand Challenges in Engineering
Pratt School of Engineering
Durham, North Carolina
Primary: Carmen G. Rawls
(919) 660-5996
Secondary: Johnna Frierson
(919) 660-8412
Research Topics/Keywords: Grand Challenges, Biomedical Eng., Civil Eng. and Environmental Eng., Electrical and Computer Eng., Mechanical Eng. and Materials Science
REU Site for Meeting the Grand Challenges in EngineeringAbstract of Award
North Carolina
Primary: Dr. Tom Schultz
(252) 504-7641
Research Topics/Keywords: marine biology, sensory biology, behavior, ecotoxicology, genetics, coastal systems
Comments: Deadline: February 15 annually
Duke University Marine Laboratory REU site: Research in estuarine and coastal marine systemsAbstract of Award
North Carolina
Primary: Makeba Wilbourn
(919) 660-5795
Research Topics/Keywords: Psychology and Neuroscience
REU Site: Lifespan Approaches to Diverse Psychological ScienceAbstract of Award
Duquesne University
REU Site: Discovery by Computation, Theory and Experiment
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Professor Jeffrey D. Evanseck
(412) 396-6337
Secondary: Professor Jeffry D. Madura
(412) 396-4129
Research Topics/Keywords: Combined theory, computation and experimental research; Training on advanced instrumentation; Enriched writing and speaking skills, continued below...
Comments: Continued Research Topics/Keywords: Career development; Ethical behavior and safety training; and Community engagement activities.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Sarah Woodley
(412) 396-6320
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, interdisciplinary research, molecular biology, neuroscience, microbiomes, biochemistry, evolutionary biology.
Comments: Phillip Clarke, Program Coordinator (412-396-4172,
REU Site: Interdisciplinary biological sciences research and community engaged learning experiences for undergraduatesAbstract of Award
Greenville, North Carolina
Primary: Yumin Li
Secondary: Shouquan Huo
Research Topics/Keywords: Molecular dynamics simulation of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions, Biophysics, protein binding, Biocatalytic transformations
Comments: March 31: The site is still accepting applications.
REU Site: Experimental and Computational Research in Chemistry and BiochemistryAbstract of Award
Greenville, North Carolina
Primary: Yumin Li
(252) 328-9763
Secondary: Shouquan Huo
(252) 328-9784
Greenville, North Carolina
Primary: Stephaine George
(252) 737-2826
Secondary: Zachary Domire
(252) 737-4564
Research Topics/Keywords: Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Motor Control, Biomaterials, Stimulation, Imaging, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Modeling, Computational Modeling, Leadership, Communication Skills
Comments: Collaborative program across four colleges and six departments including engineering, kinesiology, Physical therapy, and Physics. BME-SIM welcomes both community college students and undergraduate students in all STEM majors. The BME-SIM program seeks to foster an environment where all students can be their authentic self and both learning and living occurs in an atmosphere of mutual respect in pu
Biomedical Engineering in Stimulations, Imaging, and Modeling (BME-SIM)Abstract of Award
East Carolina University
REU Site: Software and Data Analytics
Department of Computer Science
Greenville, North Carolina
Primary: M.H.Tabrizi
Secondary: Mark Hills
Research Topics/Keywords: software engineering, data analytics,machine learning, application programming interface,link recovery systems,cryptocurrencies, biometrics
REU Site: Software and Data AnalyticsAbstract of Award
North Carolina
Primary: Dr. Stephen Moysey
Research Topics/Keywords: coastal geoscience; system science; resilience; sedimentology; hydrology; education; policy; social science; biology
Comments: This REU Site is an integrated research experience between Eastern Carolina University, University of Puerto Rico Arecibo, and Clemson University. Students may be hosted at any of these institutions.
REU Site: Resilience and Adaptation to Coastal Change Across Virtual Communities (C2-Virtual-C)Abstract of Award
Eastern Kentucky University
REU Site: Disturbance Ecology in Central Appalachia
Department of Biological Sciences
Richmond, Kentucky
Primary: David Brown
(859) 622-2283
Secondary: Kelly Watson
(859) 622-1419
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, ecology, climate change, Appalachia, restoration, conservation
REU Site: Disturbance Ecology in Central AppalachiaAbstract of Award
East Tennessee State University
REU Site: Combinatorics, Probability, and Algebraic Coding Theory
Mathematical Sciences
Johnson City, Tennessee
Primary: Anant Godbole
(423) 534-6209
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field(s): Mathematical Sciences; Combinatorics, Finite Fields/Commutative Rings; Probability, and Error Correcting/Detecting Codes (sub-fields).
REU Site: Combinatorics, Probability, and Algebraic Coding TheoryAbstract of Award
Elon University
REU Site: North Carolina A&T State University and Elon University Joint REU in Mathematical Biology
Elon, North Carolina
Primary: Karen Yokley
(336) 278-6603
Daytona Beach, Florida
Primary: Mihhail Berezovski
(386) 226-6297
Research Topics/Keywords: Industrial Mathematics, Data Science
REU Site: Research Projects in Data-Enabled Industrial MathematicsAbstract of Award
Tallahassee, Florida
Primary: Ramesh Katam
(850) 561-2750
Secondary: Virginia Gottschalk
(850) 561-2750
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences: Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics
Comments: Ramesh Katam at
REU Site: Undergraduate Research Experience in Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Data ScienceAbstract of Award
Florida Atlantic University
Sensing and Smart Systems
Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-SENSE)
Boca Raton, Florida
Primary: Jason O. Hallstrom
(561) 297-4748
Secondary: Andrea Gonzalez
(561) 297-4759
Research Topics/Keywords: IoT security, battery-free computing, emotion sensing, robotic prosthetics, cardiac analysis, traffic control, vehicle-based sensing, data embedding in media, smart energy systems, underwater sensing
Sensing and Smart SystemsAbstract of Award
Florida Atlantic University
REU Site: Removing Barriers to Ocean Current Based Electricity Production through Undergraduate Research
Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Boca Raton, Florida
Primary: James VanZwieten Jr.
(561) 297-0955
Research Topics/Keywords: marine renewable energy, ocean current energy, hydrokinetic energy, renewable energy, tidal energy, ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, marine sciences, ocean sciences, green energy, power
REU Site: Removing Barriers to Ocean Current Based Electricity Production through Undergraduate ResearchAbstract of Award
Florida Atlantic University
REU Site: proposed Summer Integrated Neuroscience Experience (SINE) in Jupiter
Department of Biological Sciences
Jupiter, Florida
Primary: Rodney Murphey
(561) 297-0384
Secondary: Bethany Stanhope
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neuroscience, neurobiology, behavior, physiologic, genetics, plasticity
REU Site: proposed Summer Integrated Neuroscience Experience (SINE) in JupiterAbstract of Award
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