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REU Sites

REU Sites: Biological Sciences

APPLICATIONS: Students must contact the individual site or program to apply. NSF does not have application materials and does not select student participants.

ELIGIBILITY: Individual sites may have additional eligibility requirements (e.g., number of undergraduate years completed). Undergraduate student participants supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. High school graduates who have not yet enrolled, and students who have already received their bachelor's degrees, are not eligible.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Click on the Title of the Site in the "Site Information" column to go to the homepage (if available) for that Site. Sites are ordered alphabetically by host institution. All Sites provide stipends, housing and meals, in addition to travel to and from the Site. This listing will change as new REU Site awards are made. Sites are added or deleted as decisions are made on awards, and the list is updated periodically. Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the web page for more information on that program.

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Georgia Southern University
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Coastal Plain Science
Institute for Coastal Plain Science
Statesboro, Georgia
Primary: Jose C. Colon-Gaud
(912) 478-0053
Secondary: Daniel F. Gleason
(912) 478-5957
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology, Bioscience, Coastal Plain Science, Geology and Geography, Ecology, Evolution, Physiology, Genetics, Systematics, Microbiology, Parasitology, Environmental Science
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Coastal Plain ScienceAbstract of Award
Petersham, Massachusetts
Primary: Audrey Barker-Plotkin
(978) 756-6168
Secondary: Sydne Record
(610) 526-5094
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; ecology; forestry; data science; statistics; computer science
Comments: Manisha Patel is the Summer Program Manager (978-724-3302;; general program inquiries should go to
REU Site: Summer Research Program in Ecology at the Harvard ForestAbstract of Award
Harvard University
REU Site: Evolution, Ecology, Environment
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Elena Kramer
(617) 496-3460
Secondary: Sheila Thomas
(617) 495-5315
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, evolution, ecology, genetics, physiology, genomics, botany, zoology
REU Site: Evolution, Ecology, EnvironmentAbstract of Award
Toppenish, Washington
Primary: Bob Kao
(509) 865-8681
Secondary: Kazu Sonoda
(509) 865-8584
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; molecular cell biology; plant development and function; animal development and function
REU Site: A Transformative Approach for Engaging First-Generation Underrepresented Minorities in a Research ExperienceAbstract of Award
Indiana University
REU Site: Animal Behavior in Context
Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
Bloomington, Indiana
Primary: Laura Hurley
(812) 856-1991
Secondary: Cara Wellman
(812) 855-4922
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, behavior, neuroscience, ecology. endocrinology, genomics
Comments: Coordinator: Linda Summers/812.855.9663
REU Site: Animal Behavior in ContextAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, Ethics and Values Studies
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Jen Eklund
(206) 732-2123
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, systems biology, computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, multi-omics, data science
REU Site: Research Opportunities in Systems BiologyAbstract of Award
Millbrook, New York
Primary: Alan Berkowitz
(845) 677-7600
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, ecology, environmental, conservation, plant, soils
Comments: Please send inquiries to:
REU Site: Translational Ecology for UndergraduatesAbstract of Award
Bar Harbor, Maine
Primary: Charles Wray
(207) 288-6237
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics
Comments: Program Director is Michael McKernan,, 207-288-6806
REU Site: Funtional Genomics Research for UndergraduatesAbstract of Award
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Primary: Corey Cleland
(434) 284-0543
Secondary: Bisi Velayudhan
(540) 568-4565
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; biology; data science; data analytics; lab; field; computational; community college; junior college; sophomore
"REU Site: Biological Data Science for Community College Students:Abstract of Award
Johns Hopkins University
REU Site: Imaging and Molecular Approaches to Biological Problems
Department of Biology
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Vincent Hilser
(410) 516-6072
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, biophysics, cellular biology, developmental biology, molecular biology
Comments: Program Administrator-Alecia Flynn
REU Site: Imaging and Molecular Approaches to Biological ProblemsAbstract of Award
Johns Hopkins University
REU Site: Program in Nanotechnology for Biology and Bioengineering
Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Denis Wirtz
(410) 516-8094
Secondary: Efrosini Kokkoli
(410) 516-1302
Research Topics/Keywords: Engineering,Biosciences,StemCells,DiagnosticTools,Nanotechnology,Nanobiotechnology,Computational,Immunotherapy,TissueRepair,Biomedical,Chemical&Biomolecular,MaterialsScience,Bioengineering
Comments: Contact: Camille Bryant, (410) 516-6572
REU Site: Program in Nanotechnology for Biology and BioengineeringAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry, Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Kirsten Bohn
(410) 516-8876
Research Topics/Keywords: Animal Behavior, Neurobiology, Neuroethology, Behavioral Endocrinology, Biosciences
REU Site: Biological Basis of Social BehaviorAbstract of Award
Johns Hopkins University
REU Site: A Cyberlinked Program in Computational Biomolecular Structure & Design
Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Jeffrey Gray
(410) 516-5313
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, computational, protein design, Python, C++, software engineering, enzyme design, structure prediction, ligand docking, macromolecules, macromolecular complexes, computer science
Comments: Coordinator: Camille Mathis,
REU Site: A Cyberlinked Program in Computational Biomolecular Structure & DesignAbstract of Award
Lewis and Clark Community College
REU Site: Wetland science in the modern world
Alton, Illinois
Primary: Anthony Dell
(618) 468-2837
Secondary: Jason Knouft
(314) 977-7654
Research Topics/Keywords: Wetlands, freshwater, ecology, fish, invertebrates, plants
Comments: Sarah Fischer is NGRREC's Director of Environmental Education and will be helping coordinate the REU site program. Sarah can be contacted at or 618-468-2783
REU Site: Wetland science in the modern worldAbstract of Award
New Orleans, Louisiana
Primary: Fern Tsien
(504) 568-2080
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Primary: Allen Mensinger
(218) 726-7259
Secondary: Veronica Acosta
(210) 829-3149
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neurobiology, cell biology, physiology, animal behavior
Comments: Additional inquiries may be directed to Miss Jean Enright at
REU Site: Biological Discovery in Woods HoleAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Ocean Sciences
Mercy College and Albert Einstein College of Medicine
REU Site: Mercy College - Albert Einstein Department of Neuroscience
Natural Sciences
Dobbs Ferry, New York
Primary: Juan Bruses
(914) 674-7379
Secondary: Jose Pena
(718) 430-4088
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, neuroscience, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, neurophysiology, bioinformatics, neural development, neural plasticity, animal behavior and neuroimaging
REU Site: Mercy College - Albert Einstein Department of NeuroscienceAbstract of Award
Oxford, Ohio
Primary: David Berg
(513) 785-3246
Secondary: Michelle Boone
(513) 529-4901
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, landscapes, terrestrial ecology, aquatic ecology, conservation, biodiversity, urban ecology
Comments: For specific comments or questions, please email:
REU Site: Ecology in Human-Dominated LandscapesAbstract of Award
Hickory Corners, Michigan
Primary: Sarah Evans
(256) 337-2482
Secondary: Fred Janzen
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, ecology, evolution, global change, biology, field, climate
REU Site: Understanding biological responses to global change in a field station communityAbstract of Award
East Lansing, Michigan
Primary: Cornelius Barry
(517) 884-6959
Secondary: Daniel Chitwood
(517) 353-0462
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, plant biology, genomics, computational biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, synthetic biology
REU Site: Plant Genomics at Michigan State UniversityAbstract of Award
Mississippi State University
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Computational Biology at Mississippi State University
Computer Science and Engineering
Mississippi State, Mississippi
Primary: Andy Perkins
(662) 325-0004
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, computational biology, genomics
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Computational Biology at Mississippi State UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
St. Louis, Missouri
Primary: Wendy Applequist
(314) 577-0267
Secondary: Monica Carlsen-Krause
(314) 577-5100
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, botany, ecology, conservation, taxonomy, systematics, genetics, evolution, ethnobotany, restoration, pollination, morphology, biodiversity
Comments: Contact Wendy Applequist
REU Site: Botany and Conservation Biology Research at the Missouri Botanical GardenAbstract of Award
Montana State University
REU Site: Microbiology of Low Oxygen Ecosystems (MLOxE) at Montana State
Microbiology & Immunology
Bozeman, Montana
Primary: Frank Stewart
(406) 994-2235
Secondary: Eric Boyd
(406) 994-7046
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; microbiology; biogeochemistry; environmental science; ecology; evolution; astrobiology; molecular biology; Native American; tribal
Comments: Co-Director and Native student outreach coordinator: Mari Eggers,; Program coordinator: Zoe Pratte,;
REU Site: Microbiology of Low Oxygen Ecosystems (MLOxE) at Montana StateAbstract of Award
Bar Harbor, Maine
Primary: Jane Disney
(207) 288-9880
Secondary: Dustin Updike
(207) 288-9880
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; regenerative biology; aging biology; bioinformatics; developmental biology; animal models; zebrafish, C.elegans, axolotl
Comments: Primary contact - Jane Disney,, (207) 288-9880 ext. 125
REU Site: Exploring 21st Century Careers in the Biological Sciences: A Comparative Regenerative Biology ApproachAbstract of Award
Newark, New Jersey
Primary: Omowunmi Sadik
(973) 596-2833
Secondary: Kevin Belfield
(973) 596-3676
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosensors, BioSMART, Materials, biorecognition and protein engineering, sensor designs, environmental applications and biosciences
Comments: Ms. Genti Price, 973-596-3371;
REU Site: BioSensor Materials for Advanced Research and Technology (BioSMART) at the Environment/Biotechnology NexusAbstract of Award
New York, New York
Primary: Chiye Aoki
(212) 998-3929
Secondary: Margarita Kaplow
(212) 998-3943
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neuroscience, neural science, computational, brain, behavior, mental health, neurobiology, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, psychophysics
REU Site: Center for Neural Science Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)Abstract of Award
New York City, New York
Primary: Sevinc Ercan
(212) 992-9518
Secondary: Esteban Mazzoni
(212) 998-9564
Research Topics/Keywords: "biosciences, genomics, systems biology, bioinformatics developmental biology, evolution, plant science, gene regulation, chromatin"
Comments: email for any questions
REU Site in Quantitative Biological ResearchAbstract of Award
North Carolina A&T State University
REU Site: A multisite REU in Synthetic Biology
Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Computational Science & Engineering
Greensboro, North Carolina
Primary: Robert Newman
(336) 285-2189
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, Synthetic Biology, Cell Signaling, Molecular Biology, Computational Biology
Comments: co-PI: Greg Goins, 336-285-2191, Dukka Kc, 336-285-3210, Ming Dong, 336-285-2234,
REU Site: A multisite REU in Synthetic BiologyAbstract of Award
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Carlos Goller
(919) 513-4135
Secondary: Robert Kelly
(919) 513-6396
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, sequencing, bioinformatics, microbiology, virology, neuroscience, epigenetics
REU Site: BIoTechnology Sequencing-based Undergraduate Research Experience (BIT SURE)Abstract of Award
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Imara Perera
(919) 515-6985
Secondary: Amy Grunden
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, Plant Biology, Plant Microbe Interactions, Microbiology, Microbial Community Analysis
REU Site: Integrative Microbial and Plant SystemsAbstract of Award
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