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REU Sites: Mathematical Sciences

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Sherry Woodley
Research Topics/Keywords: Main Field: Mathematical Sciences Sub-Fields: Biological and Social Sciences
REU Site: Quantitative Research for the Life and Social Sciences (QRLSS)Abstract of Award
Auburn University, Alabama
Primary: Peter Johnson
(334) 844-3745
Secondary: Overtoun Jenda
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (graphs and hypergraphs, number theory, information and coding theory)
Comments: Previous Award 1560257 and 1950563
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics at Auburn UniversityAbstract of Award
Chico, California
Primary: Kevin McGown
(530) 898-4083
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field and sub-fields of the research: Mathematics: Statistics, Number Theory, Aperiodic order, Topology, Commutative algebra, Graph theory
Comments: Renewal of previously funded REU Site (NSF award number 1559788)
REU Site: Research Experience in Mathematics for Undergraduates and TeachersAbstract of Award
California State University, San Bernardino
REU Site: Investigations in Geometry and Knot Theory
San Bernardino, California
Primary: Corey Dunn
(909) 537-5368
Secondary: Rolland Trapp
Research Topics/Keywords: Differential geometry, knot theory
Comments: Renewal for 1758020
REU Site: Investigations in Geometry and Knot TheoryAbstract of Award
Potsdam, New York
Primary: James Greene
(315) 268-4074
Secondary: Susan Bailey
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Applied Topology, Control Theory, Uncertainty Quantification, Machine Learning, Cell Biology, Evolution, Toxicology
REU Site: Mathematical Biology Team Science (MBioTS) Research for Undergraduates (REU) Program at Clarkson UniversityAbstract of Award
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Alex Vladimirsky
(607) 255-9871
Research Topics/Keywords: Optimality & uncertainty in control problems and games; periodic non-intersecting random walks and random matrices; nonintegrable constraints in mechanics
RTG: Dynamics, Probability, and Partial Differential Equations in Pure and Applied MathematicsAbstract of Award
New York, New York
Primary: Adam Sheffer
(646) 312-4021
Secondary: Pablo Soberón
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics - with a focus on discrete mathematics
REU Site: New York City Discrete Mathematics REUAbstract of Award
CUNY York College
REU Site: Queens Experiences in Discrete Mathematics (QED)
New York
Primary: Rishi Nath
(718) 262-2535
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field: Discrete Mathematics; Sub-fields: Partition Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, Automata Theory, Formal Language Theory
REU Site: Queens Experiences in Discrete Mathematics (QED)Abstract of Award
Fairmont State University
REU Site: Discrete and Continuous Analysis in Appalachia
Fairmont, West Virginia
Primary: Robert Niichel
(304) 367-4701
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical analysis, probability, differential equations, linear algebra, data science, combinatorics
REU Site: Discrete and Continuous Analysis in AppalachiaAbstract of Award
District Of Columbia
Primary: Kimberly Sellers
(202) 687-8829
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field(s) and sub-field(s) of the research: (Pure and Applied) Mathematics, and Statistics
REU Site: Summer Program Advancing Techniques in the Applied Learning of Statistics (SPATIAL-Stats) at Georgetown UniversityAbstract of Award
Primary: Rachel Kuske
Secondary: Igor Belegradek
Research Topics/Keywords: Various Mathematics and Statistics sub-fields, varying year to year. In 2023: Topology, combinatorics, applied dynamical systems, graph theory, mathematical biology
REU Site: Georgia Institute of Technology Mathematics REU ProgramAbstract of Award
Primary: Yuhan Ding
(312) 567-8986
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field of the research: data science, computational math, and machine learning
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at Illinois TechAbstract of Award
Indianapolis, Indiana
Primary: Julia Arciero
(317) 274-6998
Research Topics/Keywords: Main field: Applied Mathematics; Subfields of research: Immunology, Fluid/Solid Mechanics, Neuroscience
Comments: Renewal 1852146
REU Site: IUPUI REU Program in Mathematics with Applications to Medicine, Neuroscience, and Fluid DynamicsAbstract of Award
Bloomington, Indiana
Primary: Mandie McCarty
(812) 855-1407
Research Topics/Keywords: geometry (differential, coarse, Euclidean), dynamical systems (ODE, complex analytic, billiards), topology (surfaces, moduli spaces, algebraic aspects), logic (coalgebra), analysis
REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Mathematics at Indiana UniversityAbstract of Award
Iowa State University
REU Site: Iowa State University Mathematics REU
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Bernard Lidicky
(515) 294-1752
Secondary: Steve Butler
Research Topics/Keywords: Graph theory, combinatorics, computational mathematics, algebra, analysis, data science, and linear algebra
Comments: Renewal of previously funded REU Site DMS-1457443
REU Site: Iowa State University Mathematics REUAbstract of Award
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Theodore Galanthay
(607) 274-3460
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics, dynamical systems
REU Site: Ithaca College REU in Dynamical SystemsAbstract of Award
Manhattan, Kansas
Primary: Dan Volok
(785) 532-6750
Secondary: Dinh-Liem Nguyen
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics
Comments: Renewal of previously funded REU Site (# DMS-1004336, # DMS-1262877 and # DMS-1659123)
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research (SUMaR) at K-StateAbstract of Award
Easton, Pennsylvania
Primary: Jeffrey Liebner
(610) 330-5910
Research Topics/Keywords: Main fields and sub-fields: Mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics; various sub-fields
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics at Lafayette CollegeAbstract of Award
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
REU Site: MSRI Undergraduate Program (MSRI-UP)
Berkeley, California
Primary: Helene Barcelo
(510) 643-6040
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical Sciences (The research mentor and topic rotates yearly)
Comments: Renewal of DMS-1659138 (17-21), DMS-1156499 (12-16), DMS-0754872 (07-11)
REU Site: MSRI Undergraduate Program (MSRI-UP)Abstract of Award
Mathematical Staircase, Inc.
REU Site: MathILy Early Scholarly Training (MathILy-EST)
Workforce in the Mathematical Sciences
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Primary: Sarah-Marie Belcastro
(413) 345-6386
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics; subfields vary by year and include discrete geometry, combinatorial representation theory, knot theory, and folding combinatorics.
Comments: Renewal of DMS-1851842
REU Site: MathILy Early Scholarly Training (MathILy-EST)Abstract of Award
Michigan State University
REU Site: REU in Discrete and Applied Mathematics
East Lansing, Michigan
Primary: Robert Bell
(517) 353-4857
Secondary: Aklilu Zeleke
Research Topics/Keywords: Games on graphs, knot theory, optimal transport, random fractals, recursive polynomials, topological data analysis.
Comments: Renewal (previous awards #DMS-1559776, #DMS-1062817)
REU Site: REU in Discrete and Applied MathematicsAbstract of Award
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Primary: Nathan Shank
(610) 861-1373
Research Topics/Keywords: Fields: Main - Discrete Computational Structures, Sub - Ennumerative Combinatorics, Algorithmic GameTheory, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Number Theory, Algebra
Comments: Renewal of DMS-1852378
REU Site: Research Challenges of Computational Methods in Discrete MathematicsAbstract of Award
Evanston, Illinois
Primary: Tiffany Leighton Ozmina
(847) 491-5571
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics, biology, mathematical biology
Comments: - Principal Investigator: Rosemary Braun
REU Site: Quantitative Biology REU (QBREU) at Northwestern UniversityAbstract of Award
Oregon State University
Undergraduate Research Experience in Statistics
Corvallis, Oregon
Primary: Javier Rojo
(541) 737-3366
Research Topics/Keywords: Main fields: Probability and Statistics. Subfields: Dimension reduction (big data), Random matrices, Survival analysis with high dimensional data, extreme value theory.
Comments: NSF Renewal of 2244093, and 1731082. Original Award Number 1560460
Undergraduate Research Experience in StatisticsAbstract of Award
Rochester, New York
Primary: Darren Narayan
(585) 475-2514
Research Topics/Keywords: Graph Theory, Dynamical Systems
Comments: Renewal of previously funded REU sites 0552418, 1062128, 1358583, #1659075, #1950189.
REU Site: Extremal Graph Theory and Dynamical Systems at RITAbstract of Award
Dallas, Texas
Primary: Vladimir Ajaev
(214) 768-3629
Research Topics/Keywords: Data Science, Mathematical Biology, Neuroscience, Transport in Nanoscale Systems, Microfluidics
REU/RTG: Modeling and Computations for Complex Systems at Southern Methodist UniversityAbstract of Award
College Station, Texas
Primary: Anne Shiu
(979) 862-4306
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical Sciences and their Applications
Comments: Renewal REU Site Grant (Previous award: DMS-1757872) Contact for Applicants: Ms. Donna Hoffman (979) 862-4306)
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in the Mathematical Sciences and their ApplicationsAbstract of Award
Primary: Padmapani Seneviratne
(903) 886-5952
Research Topics/Keywords: Main fields and subfields of the research: Coding Theory, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Biology, Neural Networks, Differential Equations, and Analysis
REU Site: Theoretical and Application-Driven Mathematics (TADM)-REUAbstract of Award
Texas State University
REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics
Mathematical Sciences
San Marcos, Texas
Primary: Yong Yang
(512) 245-3742
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics
Comments: Renewal of DMS-1757233
REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, and StatisticsAbstract of Award
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Christopher Cornwell
(410) 704-4006
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