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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
University of Wyoming
REU Site: Wyoming Astronomy
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Laramie, Wyoming
Primary: Dr. Daniel Dale
(307) 766-6150
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, instrumentation
REU Site: Wyoming AstronomyAbstract of Award
Marquette University
Data Science Across Disciplines
Math, Statistics, and Computer Science Department
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary: Praveen Madiraju
(414) 288-6340
Secondary: Dennis Brylow
(414) 288-6342
Research Topics/Keywords: Data Science, Machine Learning, Health Informatics, Exercise Analytics, Spatial Analytics, Data Science Ethics
Data Science Across DisciplinesAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin Madison
REU Site: Biological Interactions from Molecules to Ecosystems- Phenotype, Genotype, and Environment
Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE)
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Amber Robertson Smith
(608) 262-0850
Secondary: David Wassarman
(608) 262-6648
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, molecular, cellular, organismal, ecological, DNA, genetics, biochemistry, bacteriology, botany
REU Site: Biological Interactions from Molecules to Ecosystems- Phenotype, Genotype, and EnvironmentAbstract of Award
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Primary: James Peirce
(608) 785-6604
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology
REU Site: Ecological Modeling of the Mississippi River BasinAbstract of Award
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary: Cristinel Ababei
(414) 288-5720
Secondary: Majeed Hayat
(414) 288-6820
Research Topics/Keywords: environment monitoring, water, air, drone design, wireless communications, machine learning based analytics
REU Site: Hardware, Embedded Software, and Analytics for Environment Quality MonitoringAbstract of Award
Primary: Tina Lee
(715) 232-1100
Primary: Bradley Postle
(608) 262-4330
River Falls, Wisconsin
Primary: Professor Surujhdeo Seunarine
(715) 425-4604
Research Topics/Keywords: Neutrino Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays, Particle Physics and Neutron Monitor Physics
REU Site: Research in Neutrino Astrophysics at the University of Wisconsin-River FallsAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin - Madison
REU SITE: The Chemistry of Materials for Renewable Energy
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Andrew Greenberg
Secondary: Paul F Nealey
University of Wisconsin System
REU Sites: Psychology Research Experience Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Bradley Postle 
(608) 262-4330
Secondary: Tim Rogers
Research Topics/Keywords: Psychology, Biological Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Perception, Social Psychology, Computational Neuroscience, Data Science, Machine Learning, Language
REU Sites: Psychology Research Experience ProgramAbstract of Award
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Nicholas Abbott
(606) 262-3022
Research Topics/Keywords: REU Programs in Nanotechnology; Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering; The Chemistry of Materials of Renewable Energy
Comments: Three separate REU programs appealing to students majoring in: Chem, Phys, Chem/Bio Eng, Pharmacy, MatSci and Eng, Genetics, Biochem, Mech Eng
University of Wisconsin's Center of Excellence for Materials Research and Innovation: Nanostructure InterfacesAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dept of Astronomy/Dept of Physics
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Dr. Audra Hernandez
(608) 262-3071
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, space physics, space science, instrumentation, atmospheric physics
University of Wisconsin-MadisonAbstract of Award
Athens, West Virginia
Primary: Dr. Joseph L. Allen
(304) 384-5238
Secondary: Dr. Colin A. Shaw
(406) 994-6760
Research Topics/Keywords: Structural geology, earthquake geology, tectonics, arctic geology, geologic mapping, metamorphic geology, fault rocks, Earth sciences, international.
Comments: Includes 5 weeks of summer field research in Sisimiut, Greenland. REU includes a 6-week pre-field online course and 6-week, post-field online course. Both online components will meet virtually once per week.
REU Site: Architecture of Earthquakes in the Deep Crust: Arctic Expedition Science for StudentsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Earth Sciences
West Virginia University
REU Site: Research in Chemistry at WVU
C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry
Morgantown, West Virginia
Primary: Brian Popp
(304) 293-0773
Secondary: Michelle Richards-Babb
(304) 293-2123
Research Topics/Keywords: Catalysis, Energy, Health, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Forensics, Organometallics, Computational Chemistry, Synthesis, Appalachia
REU Site: Research in Chemistry at WVUAbstract of Award
West Virginia University
REU Site: Undergraduate Astrophysics in Appalachia at West Virginia University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Morgantown, West Virginia
Primary: Loren Anderson
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics
Morgantown, West Virginia
Primary: Yu Gu
(304) 293-3992
Secondary: Jason Gross
(304) 293-3770
Research Topics/Keywords: robotics, swarm, bio-inspired design, human-robot interaction, autonomy, search and rescue, cooperative systems, virtual reality, augmented reality, microprocessor, instrumentation, controls
REU Site: Undergraduate Robotics Research in Human-Swarm InteractionAbstract of Award
Washington State University
Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Training in Wearable Computing
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Pullman, Washington
Primary: Hassan Ghasemzadeh
(509) 335-8260
Secondary: Barbara Lyon
(509) 335-6603
Research Topics/Keywords: Wearable computing, algorithms, pervasive computing, machine learning, physical health monitoring, mental health monitoring, health promotion.
Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Training in Wearable ComputingAbstract of Award
Western Washington University, Anacortes, WA.
REU Site at the Shannon Point Marine Center, Washington State
Shannon Point Marine Center
Anacortes, Washington
Primary: Dr. Brian Bingham
(360) 650-7400
Research Topics/Keywords: productivity & nutrient cycling in watersheds; marine microbial ecology; physiology of symbiosis; larval development; physiology, marine invertebrates; coastal oceanography & ecology
Comments: Applications from underserved, underrepresented, and underprivileged groups are encouraged. Application website opens in January with application deadline in March.
REU Site at the Shannon Point Marine Center, Washington StateAbstract of Award
Toppenish, Washington
Primary: Bob Kao
(509) 865-8681
Secondary: Kazu Sonoda
(509) 865-8584
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences; molecular cell biology; plant development and function; animal development and function
REU Site: A Transformative Approach for Engaging First-Generation Underrepresented Minorities in a Research ExperienceAbstract of Award
University of Washington
REU Site: Big Data and Science Communication
Genome Sciences
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Christine Queitsch
(206) 685-8935
Secondary: Atom Lesiak
(970) 218-0193
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, genetics, genomics, proteomics, evolution, computational biology, developmental biology, technology development, microbiome, genome editing, DNA replication, data science
Comments: The point of contact for student applications is Brian Giebel. 206-616-7297;
REU Site: Big Data and Science CommunicationAbstract of Award
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Shaun Taylor
(206) 685-2029
Research Topics/Keywords: Solar, clean energy, smart grid, battery, energy storage, thin film, data science, materials, chemistry,(additional keywords in the Comments section).
Comments: Additional Keywords: chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, modeling, polymers, characterization, nanoparticles, engineering Comments: This program is suitable for freshmen and
REU Site: Clean Energy Bridge to Research (CEBR)Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Pullman, Washington
Primary: Michael R. Kessler
(509) 335-8654
Research Topics/Keywords: scientific frontiers of bioplastics and biocomposites
REU Site: Collaborative Proposal: Center for Bioplastics and BiocompositesAbstract of Award
Friday Harbor Laboratories, Washington
Primary: Adam Summers
(310) 864-1491
Secondary: Stacy Farina
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, Marine Biology, ecology, evolution, fish, invertebrates, island
REU Site: Integrative Biology and Ecology of Marine OrganismsAbstract of Award
Bellingham, Washington
Primary: Seth Feinberg
(360) 650-3864
Secondary: Hilary Schwandt
Research Topics/Keywords: international research,qualitative social science methodologies, reproductive health research
REU Site: Multidisciplinary Training in Quantitative MethodsAbstract of Award
University of Washington Bothell
REU Site: Next-generation health monitoring systems with flexible electronics, novel algorithms and secure communication
Division of Engineering & Mathematics, Electrical Engineering Program
Bothell, Washington
Primary: Tadesse Ghirmai
(425) 352-3873
Secondary: Hung Cao
(425) 352-5194
Research Topics/Keywords: Biomedical devices, flexible electronics, signal processing, data security
REU Site: Next-generation health monitoring systems with flexible electronics, novel algorithms and secure communicationAbstract of Award
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Dr. Joey Key
(425) 352-5497
Research Topics/Keywords: Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Computational Physics and Astrophysics, Physics Educational Research and Condensed Matter Physics
REU SITE: Physics Research at the University of Washington BothellAbstract of Award
Washington State University
REU Site: Regional Atmospheric Chemistry: State-of-the-art Measurement and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pullman, Washington
Primary: Dr. Shelley Pressley
(509) 335-5443
Secondary: Dr. Brian Lamb
(509) 335-5702
Research Topics/Keywords: atmospheric science, air quality, atmospheric chemistry, mobile laboratory facility, air quality measurements, air quality modeling, Pacific northwest, climate change, mobile atmospheric chemistry lab
REU Site: Regional Atmospheric Chemistry: State-of-the-art Measurement and Modeling in the Pacific NorthwestAbstract of Award
Bellingham, Washington
Primary: Amanda Murphy
(360) 650-3138
Secondary: P. Clint Spiegel, Jr.
(360) 650-3137
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry (Biochemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
University of Washington
REU Site: Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Eric Chudler
(206) 616-6899
Secondary: Rajesh Rao
(206) 685-9141
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neuroscience, neural engineering
REU Site: Sensorimotor Neural EngineeringAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering
Tacoma, Washington
Primary: Jim Thatcher
(253) 692-5920
Secondary: Courtney Thatcher
Research Topics/Keywords: spatial models, electoral districting, cutting-edge computational and mathematical techniques training
REU Site: Spatial Models and Electoral DistrictingAbstract of Award
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