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National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
La Serena, Chile
Primary: Dr. Catherine Kaleida
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, instrumentation
Comments: Program conducted in La Serena, Chile during southern summer (January-March.)
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: International Science and Engineering
University of California at Santa Cruz
REU Site: Biological impacts of climate change: testing hypotheses with collections and long-term data
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Santa Cruz,
Primary: Barry Sinervo
Secondary: Laurel Fox
Research Topics/Keywords: climate change, community ecology, curation, modeling, GIS, behavior, ecophysiology
Comments: Coordinator: Barry Sinervo
Abstract of Award
Panama City, Panama
Primary: W. Owen McMillan
Secondary: Ana K. Spalding
Research Topics/Keywords: Tropical biodiversity, Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, adaptation, resilience, ecosystem change
Abstract of Award
Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium
The Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium
Primary: Dr. Karen Kwitter
(413) 597-2272
Secondary: Dr. William Herbst
(860) 685-3672
Research Topics/Keywords: Astronomy
Comments: Members of the Consortium are: Colgate, Haverford, Middlebury, Swarthmore, Vassar, Wellesley, Wesleyan and Williams.
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Undergraduate Summer Research in Seismology
Primary: Michael Hubenthal
Research Topics/Keywords: Seismology
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
The University of Alabama
Innovative Engineering Using Renewable
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Susan Burkett
(479) 236-4128
Secondary: Eric Giannini
(205) 348-5152
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials characterization, mechanical behavior, electrical properties, structural materials, bamboo combustion
Abstract of Award
Alabama A&M University
Physics REU at AAMU
Department of Physics
Normal, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Padjama Guggila
(256) 372-8141
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, Optics and Space Science
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Birmingham, Alabama
Primary: Professor Yogesh Vohra
(205) 934-6662
Secondary: Charita Cadenhead
(205) 975-8076
Research Topics/Keywords: Theoretical and Experimental Research in Materials
Comments: Includes participation of pre-college teachers
Abstract of Award
Auburn University
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVs
Center for Smart UAVs
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Saad Biaz
(334) 844-6307
Secondary: Richard O. Chapman
(334) 844-6314
Research Topics/Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Autonomous Flight
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Tuskegee University
REU in Nano-Bio Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Tuskegee, Alabama
Primary: Shaik Zainuddin
(334) 727-8501
Research Topics/Keywords: synthesis of nanoparticles for bio-med applications; nanosensors for salmonella enterica detection; nanoscale drug delivery for tumors; structure-property relationship of nano-bio composites
Abstract of Award
Tuskegee, Alabama
Primary: Olga Bolden-Tiller
Secondary: Deloris Alexander
Research Topics/Keywords: Integrative Biosciences, Biology, Bioinformatics, Animal, Plant, Soil, Environment
Comments: Program Contact: Ms. Marilyn Hooks - - 334-727-8453
Abstract of Award
Montgomery, Alabama
Primary: Komal Vig
(334) 229-5132
Secondary: Shree R. Singh
(334) 229-4598
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Biology,Immunology, Biology, Molecular Chemistry, Microscopy
Comments: KOMAL VIG
Abstract of Award
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Leslie Goertzen
(334) 844-1637
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, bioinformatics, genomics, big data, computational biology
Abstract of Award
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
REU Site: Fluid Mechanics with Analysis using Computations and Experiments
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Amy W. Lang
Secondary: Thomas A. Zeiler
Research Topics/Keywords: Fluid mechanics with Analysis using Computations and Experiments
Abstract of Award
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
REU Site: Fundamental Research Topics Related to Unmanned Systems
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Huntsville, Alabama
Primary: Farbod Fahimi
(256) 824-5671
Secondary: Ramazan S. Aygun
(256) 824-6455
Research Topics/Keywords: Dynamics&Controls, vision- Based Target Detection and Classification, Data and video compression, Human-Machine Interface, Senor Physics, Materials Structures.
Abstract of Award
Birmingham, Alabama
Primary: Rita Fincher
(205) 726-2928
Secondary: Betsy Dobbins
(205) 726-2937
Research Topics/Keywords: Ecology, Population biology, Botany, Geography, Plant chemistry, Molcular biology, Cell biology, Pathogenesis
Abstract of Award
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
REU Site: Leveraging Computational Tools for Enhancing Engineering Innovation
Chemical Engineering
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Christoffer H. Turner
(205) 348-1733
Secondary: Jason E. Bara
(205) 348-5152
Research Topics/Keywords: Computations, modeling, chemical engineering , biological engineering
Abstract of Award
Auburn University, Alabama
Primary: Peter Johnson
(334) 844-3745
Secondary: Overtoun Jenda
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (graphs and hypergraphs, number theory, information and coding theory)
Abstract of Award
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: John B. Vincent
Secondary: Stephen A. Woski
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry
Huntsville, Alabama
Primary: Samaiyah Farid
(156) 824-6120
Secondary: Amy Winebarger
(256) 961-7509
Research Topics/Keywords: Solar Physics, Heliospheric Physics, satellites, modeling
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences, Astronomical Sciences
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