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REU Sites: Chemistry

This is a list of the active chemistry division funded REU sites (Sites with active NSF awards). Almost every site has a web page where more information can be obtained. Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the external web page. [NSF is not responsible for the content of these external web pages.] Useful information for REU Site Principal Investigators can be found through the REU Leadership Group ( [Not an NSF website -- NSF is not responsible for its content]

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
REU Site: Membrane Biochemistry and Bioinspired Synthesis
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Worcester, Massachusetts
Primary: Arne Gericke
(508) 831-5263
Secondary: Shawn Burdette
(508) 831-5224
Research Topics/Keywords: Biochemistry, Synthesis, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biophysics
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteAbstract of Award
West Virginia University
REU Site: Research in Chemistry at West Virginia University
C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry
Morgantown, West Virginia
Primary: Michelle Richards-Babb
(304) 293-2123
Secondary: Brian Popp
(304) 293-0773
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biophysical chemistry
West Virginia UniversityAbstract of Award
West Virginia University
REU Site: Multifunctional Nanomaterials
Morgantown, West Virginia
Primary: Lisa Holland
(304) 293-0174
Secondary: Kimberly Quedado
(304) 293-7382
Research Topics/Keywords: nanomaterials, smart materials, photoactive materials, sensor materials
West Virginia UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Bellingham, Washington
Primary: Amanda Murphy
(360) 650-3138
Secondary: P. Clint Spiegel, Jr.
(360) 650-3137
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry (Biochemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University or Virginia Tech
MII (Macromolecules Innovation Institute)
Blacksburg, Virginia
Primary: Kim Felix
(540) 231-6717
Secondary: Tim Long
(540) 231-6717
Research Topics/Keywords: Agriculture, 3D-Printing, Water, Membranes, Energy, Polymers, Materials, African-Americans, Minorities, Undergraduates, Synthesis, Climate Research, Biological Chemistry, Seniors, Juniors
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University or Virginia TechAbstract of Award
Vanderbilt University
Research Experience for Undergraduates in Chemical Biology
Department of Chemistry
Nashville, Tennessee
Primary: Gary Sulikowski
(615) 343-4155
Secondary: Alissa Hare
(615) 875-9136
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemical Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
Vanderbilt UniversityAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Proteomics and
Biology & Microbiology
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Primary: Lisa A. Dorn
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science
University of Wisconsin-OshkoshAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin - Madison
REU SITE: The Chemistry of Materials for Renewable Energy
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Andrew Greenberg
Secondary: Paul F Nealey
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry
University of Wisconsin - MadisonAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Give Research Opportunity to Underrepresented Minority STEM Students (GRO URMSS)
Chemistry and Materials Science Center
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Primary: Thao Yang
(715) 836-4190
Secondary: Marc Mc Ellistrem
(715) 836-4081
Research Topics/Keywords: REU Site for Two-year College URM Students
University of Wisconsin – Eau ClaireAbstract of Award
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Shaun Taylor
(206) 685-2029
Research Topics/Keywords: Solar, clean energy, smart grid, battery, energy storage, thin film, data science, materials, chemistry,(additional keywords in the Comments section).
Comments: Additional Keywords: chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, modeling, polymers, characterization, nanoparticles, engineering Comments: This program is suitable for freshmen and
University of WashingtonAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Salt Lake City, Utah
Primary: Janis Louie
Secondary: Jon D. Rainier
Research Topics/Keywords: Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
University of Texas
Frontiers in the Chemistry of Materials
Austin, Texas
Primary: Jenny Brodbelt
(512) 471-0028
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, materials
University of TexasAbstract of Award
Knoxville, Tennessee
Primary: Michael Best
(865) 974-8658
Secondary: Shawn Campagna
(868) 974-7337
Research Topics/Keywords: Fields of research: Chemistry, Materials; Sub-fields of research: Analytical, Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Polymer Chemistry and related interdisciplinary areas
University of Southern Mississippi
REU Site: Polymer Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Polymers and High Performance Materials
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Primary: Prof. Sarah Morgan
(601) 266-5296
Secondary: Prof. Joseph Lott
(601) 266-6867
Research Topics/Keywords: polymer composites
University of Southern MississippiAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Los Angeles, California
Primary: Anna Krylov
Research Topics/Keywords: Physical, Organic, Material, and Biological Chemistry
University of Southern CaliforniaAbstract of Award
University of South Dakota
Undergraduate Research in Fluorine Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Vermillion, South Dakota
Primary: Andrew Sykes
(605) 677-5487
Secondary: Haoran Sun
(605) 677-5487
Research Topics/Keywords: Fluorine, Chemistry, Materials, Energy, Security, Health
University of South DakotaAbstract of Award
Vermillion, South Dakota
Primary: David C. Hawkinson
(605) 677-6187
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry
University of South DakotaAbstract of Award
New York, New York
Primary: REU Administrator
(585) 275-8286
Secondary: Thomas R. Krugh
(585) 275-4224
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry -- Sub-fields of research: Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Materials
University of RochesterAbstract of Award
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Primary: Arthur D. Tinoco
(939) 319-9701
Research Topics/Keywords: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Puerto Rico Future Workforce
University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras CampusAbstract of Award
Primary: Jeanne Basom
(541) 346-4307
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science
University of Notre Dame
REU Site: Analytical Chemistry for the Developing World
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Notre Dame, Indiana
Primary: Marya Lieberman
(574) 631-4665
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, engineering, biological sciences, international science and engineering,Analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, synthetic biology, sensors, des
Denton, Texas
Primary: LeGrande M. Slaughter
(940) 565-4350
Secondary: Shawn Adams (Administrative Assistant)
(940) 565-4372
Research Topics/Keywords: computational chemistry, computational-experimental collaborative research, catalysis, materials chemistry, solar energy, forensic chemistry, multidisciplinary research
University of North Dakota (UND)
Interdisciplinary Renewable and Environmental Chemistry (IREC)
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Grand forks, North Dakota
Primary: Alena Kubatova
(701) 777-0348
Secondary: Frank Bowman
(701) 777-4245
Research Topics/Keywords: Renewable Chemistry, Environmental, Biofuels, Biomass, Atmospheric Chemistry
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
REU Site: Nanoscale Science Undergraduate Research Experience (NanoSURE) at UNC Charlotte
Department of Chemistry
Charlotte, North Carolina
Primary: Tom Schmedake
(704) 687-5177
Secondary: Banita Brown
(704) 687-0074
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, Nanoscale Science
University of North Carolina - CharlotteAbstract of Award
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
SUROC (Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Chemistry)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Primary: Jeff Johnson
(919) 843-4936
Secondary: Noelle Romero
(919) 843-4936
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, nanoparticles, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, analytical, biomaterials
University of North Carolina-Chapel HillAbstract of Award
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Mark Griep
(402) 472-3429
Secondary: Peta-Gaye Stara-Clachar
(402) 472-4453
Research Topics/Keywords: organic radicals, medical imaging agents, protein-DNA interactions, enzyme-assisted organic synthesis, catalytic nanoparticles, and drug-protein interactions
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
REU Site: Training in Redox Biology
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Donald Becker
(402) 472-9652
Secondary: Julie Stone
(402) 472-4902
Research Topics/Keywords: Redox biology, biochemistry, oxidative stress, redox signaling and regulation, enzymes, protein structure, molecular biology
Comments: Hannah Kahler/Administrative Assistant/
University of Nebraska - LincolnAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Missoula, Montana
Primary: Aaron Thomas
Secondary: Earle Adams
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, environment, heavy metals, chromatography, analytical, natural products, water quality, air quality
University of MontanaAbstract of Award
University of Mississippi
Ole Miss Physical Chemistry Summer Research Program
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Oxford, Mississippi
Primary: Nathan Hammer
(662) 915-3989
Secondary: Gregory S. Tschumper
(662) 915-7301
Research Topics/Keywords: Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Theory, Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Energy, Biophysics
University of MississippiAbstract of Award
University of Minnesota
Challenges of the 21st Century
Department of Chemistry
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Primary: Nick Erickson
(612) 624-0026
Secondary: Steven Kass
(612) 625-7513
Research Topics/Keywords: Chemistry research, 10 week summer program, open area
University of MinnesotaAbstract of Award
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