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REU Sites: Mathematical Sciences

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Primary: Eric Alan Eager
(608) 785-6608
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology
REU Site: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse REU in Mathematical EcologyAbstract of Award
Alexandria, Virginia
Primary: Mark Ward
(703) 684-1221
Secondary: Jessica Utts
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Primary: Anthony Tongen
(540) 568-7328
Research Topics/Keywords: Statistics, applied and pure mathematics
REU Site: Mathematics Research for Undergraduates at James Madison UniversityAbstract of Award
College of William and Mary
REU Site: Matrix Analysis, Combinatorics, and Applications
Office of Sponsored Programs
Williamsburg, Virginia
Primary: Charles Johnson
(757) 221-2014
Research Topics/Keywords: Linear algebra, combinatorics.
Comments: 0751964
REU Site: Matrix Analysis, Combinatorics, and ApplicationsAbstract of Award
Beaumont, Texas
Primary: Kumer Das
(409) 880-7947
Research Topics/Keywords: Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Statistics
REU Site at Lamar UniversityAbstract of Award
Texas State University
REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics
Mathematical Sciences
San Marcos, Texas
Primary: Yong Yang
(512) 245-3742
Secondary: Thomas Keller
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics
REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, and StatisticsAbstract of Award
University of Houston-Downtown
REU Site: Applied Math Research Experience -- Theory, Applications, and Numerics
Houston, Texas
Primary: You-Sha Chan
(713) 226-5567
Research Topics/Keywords: Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
REU Site: Applied Math Research Experience -- Theory, Applications, and NumericsAbstract of Award
Tyler, Texas
Primary: David Milan
(903) 566-7198
Research Topics/Keywords: combinatorics on words, network reliability, and chemical graph theory
Comments: Renewal of 1359101
REU Site: Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Abstract AlgebraAbstract of Award
College Station, Texas
Primary: J. Maurice Rojas
(979) 845-7554
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical Sciences and their Applications
Comments: Contact for Applicants: Ms. Donna Hoffman (979) 862-4306
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in the Mathematical Sciences and their ApplicationsAbstract of Award
Middle Tennessee State University
REU Site: Computational Modeling and Simulation in Applied Sciences
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Primary: Wandi Ding
(615) 494-8936
Secondary: Rachel Leander
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Computational Science, Biology
REU Site: Computational Modeling and Simulation in Applied SciencesAbstract of Award
Clemson, South Carolina
Primary: James Brown
(864) 656-2331
Secondary: Kevin James
(864) 656-6766
Research Topics/Keywords: Cryptography, coding theory, and number theory.
RTG/REU: Coding Theory, Cryptography, and Number TheoryAbstract of Award
Easton, Pennsylvania
Primary: Elizabeth McMahon
(610) 330-5374
Secondary: Derek Smith
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics.
Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Mathematical Research at Lafayette CollegeAbstract of Award
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Primary: Eugene Fiorini
(484) 664-3355
Research Topics/Keywords: Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Graph Theory
REU Site: Research Challenges of Identifying Integer Sequences Using the OEISAbstract of Award
Primary: Holly Swisher
(541) 737-4933
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Comments: Renewal of 1359173
REU-SITE: Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science at Oregon State UniversityAbstract of Award
Oregon State University
Undergraduate Research Experience in Statistics
Corvallis, Oregon
Primary: Javier Rojo
(541) 737-3366
Research Topics/Keywords: Main fields: Probability and Statistics. Subfields: Dimension reduction (big data), Random matrices, Survival analysis with high dimensional data, extreme value theory.
Comments: NSF Award Number 1560460
Undergraduate Research Experience in StatisticsAbstract of Award
Kent State University
Math REU at Kent State University
Mathematical Sciences
Kent, Ohio
Primary: Jenya Soprunova
(330) 672-9086
Research Topics/Keywords: Ring Theory, Lie algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Coding Theory, Number Theory, Theory of Convex Bodies, and Operator Theory
Comments: 1156798
Math REU at Kent State UniversityAbstract of Award
Columbus, Ohio
Primary: Grzegorz Rempala
(614) 688-0004
Secondary: Catherine Calder
(614) 688-0004
Wilmington, North Carolina
Primary: Cuixian Chen
(910) 962-3686
Secondary: Yishi Wang
Research Topics/Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Learning and Data Mining
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Integration in Statistical Learning and Data MiningAbstract of Award
Greensboro, North Carolina
Primary: Jan Rychtar
(336) 334-5836
Secondary: Olav Rueppell
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics, mathematical biology
REU Site: Mathematical Biology at the University of North Carolina at GreensboroAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Biological Sciences
Rochester, New York
Primary: Darren Narayan
(585) 475-7525
Research Topics/Keywords: Graph Theory, Dynamical Systems
NSF-REU in Extremal Graph Theory and Dynamical Systems at RITAbstract of Award
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
REU Site: HWS-REU: Discovering Mathematics in New York State
Geneva, New York
Primary: Joseph Rusinko
(315) 781-3586
Secondary: Erika King
Research Topics/Keywords: Combin, graph theory, and math bio.
REU Site: HWS-REU: Discovering Mathematics in New York StateAbstract of Award
Rochester, New York
Primary: Bonnie Jacob
(585) 475-2275
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematics and Statistics applied to Chemistry, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Science Education, Survey Analysis
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research for Students who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing in Applying Mathematical and Statistical Methods to Problems from the SciencesAbstract of Award
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Alexander Vladimirsky
(607) 255-9871
Research Topics/Keywords: Optimal control, differential games, dynamic programming, path-planning algorithms, mean-field games.
RTG: Dynamics, Probability, and Partial Differential Equations in Pure and Applied MathematicsAbstract of Award
Springfield, Missouri
Primary: Les Reid
(417) 836-5583
Secondary: Jorge Rebaza
Research Topics/Keywords: algebra, analysis, combinatorics, and dynamical systems
Research Experience for Undergraduates in Mathematics at Missouri State UniversityAbstract of Award
Duluth, Minnesota
Primary: Joseph Gallian
(218) 726-7576
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Primary: Victor Reiner
Secondary: Dennis Stanton
Research Topics/Keywords: Combinatorics
Comments: Renewal of 1001933
Univ. of Minnesota School of Mathematics Summer REU in CombinatoricsAbstract of Award
Primary: William Dickinson
(616) 331-3745
Research Topics/Keywords: Equal Circle Packing, Voting Theory, Graph Theory, Hausdorff Metric Geometry, Outer Billiards, Lie Algebras, Raney Numbers, and the Mathematics of the Games SET and Anti-SET.
Comments: Renewal of 1262342
Grand Valley State University Summer Undergraduate Research Program in MathematicsAbstract of Award
University of Michigan Dearborn
REU Site: Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Dearborn, Michigan
Primary: Yunus Zeytuncu
(313) 583-5178
Secondary: Hyejin Kim
Michigan State University
REU Site: REU in Discrete and Applied Mathematics
East Lansing, Michigan
Primary: Robert Bell
(517) 353-4857
Secondary: Aklilu Zeleke
Research Topics/Keywords: discrete mathematics; probability and statistics; mathematical modeling.
REU Site: REU in Discrete and Applied MathematicsAbstract of Award
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
REU Program in Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematical Sciences
Worcester, Massachusetts
Primary: Burt Tilley
(508) 831-6664
Secondary: Stephan Sturm
Research Topics/Keywords: Industrial Mathematics, Financial Math, and Statistics.
Comments: Renewal of previously funded REU site (DMS-126327)
REU Program in Industrial Mathematics and StatisticsAbstract of Award
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