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Alabama A&M University
Physics REU at AAMU
Department of Physics
Normal, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Padjama Guggila
(256) 372-8141
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, Optics and Space Science
Physics REU at AAMUAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Alabama State University
REU Site: Nanobioengineering
Biological Sciences
Montgomery, Alabama
Primary: Komal Vig
(334) 229-5132
Secondary: Shree Singh
(334) 229-4168
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology, Biosciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics
REU Site: NanobioengineeringAbstract of Award
Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary: Steven Meyers, Ph.D.
(202) 872-6365
Research Topics/Keywords: chemical and materials science
Comments: Students will conduct research in Germany, Italy, Singapore, or the United Kingdom for 10-12 weeks under the guidance of faculty and graduate students
iREU Site: Building Networks for U.S. and International Materials Science Undergraduates in Germany, Italy, Singapore, and the United KingdomAbstract of Award
Cofunded: International Science and Engineering
American Museum of Natural History
REU Program in Earth Sciences and Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History
Division of Physical Sciences
New York, New York
Primary: Dr. Charles Liu
(212) 496-3579
Secondary: Denton Ebel
Research Topics/Keywords: earth science, planetary science, astrophysics
REU Program in Earth Sciences and Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural HistoryAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Earth Sciences
New York, New York
Primary: Cheryl Hayashi
(212) 769-5073
Secondary: John Flynn
(212) 769-5806
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, phylogeny, systematics, evolution, conservation, paleontology, neontology, museum, invertebrate, vertebrate, genomics, morphology
Comments: Additional contact: Maria Rios
REU SITE: Systematics, Evolution and Conservation for the 21st CenturyAbstract of Award
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Karen Schollmeyer
(520) 882-6946
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Primary: Dr. Andrés Diaz
(787) 878-2612
Research Topics/Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science, instrumentation, atmospheric physics
REU Site: Research in Radio/Radar Astronomy and Atmospheric Sciences at Arecibo ObservatoryAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences
Arizona State University
Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute
Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Rebeca Perlin
(480) 727-8525
Secondary: Sabrina Avila
Research Topics/Keywords: applied mathematics, mathematical biology
Mathematical and Theoretical Biology InstituteAbstract of Award
Arizona State University
Sensor Signal and Information Processing (SenSIP)
SenSIP Center, ECEE
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Andreas Spanias
(480) 965-5311
Secondary: Jennifer Blain Christen
(480) 965-9859
Research Topics/Keywords: Sensors and signal processing algorithms, sensor design and fabrication, signal processing, wearable and flexible sensors, machine learning, interface circuits, sensors for Internet of Things
Sensor Signal and Information Processing (SenSIP)Abstract of Award
Arizona State University
REU Site: Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI)
Mathematical Sciences
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Carlos Castillo-Chavez
(480) 965-5479
Secondary: Anuj Mubayi
Research Topics/Keywords: Mathematical Biology and Applied Mathematics
Comments: Point-of-contact for student applicants: Cynthia Romero, 480-965-1690,
REU Site: Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI)Abstract of Award
Arizona State University
REU Site: Applied Mathematics and Computational Modeling in the Greater Phoenix Area
Tempe, Arizona
Primary: Wenbo Tang
(480) 965-5479
Secondary: Eric Kostelich
Auburn University
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVs
Center for Smart UAVs
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Saad Biaz
(334) 844-6307
Secondary: Richard O. Chapman
(334) 844-6314
Research Topics/Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Autonomous Flight
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Sanjeev Baskiyar
(334) 844-6306
Secondary: Alvin S Lim
(334) 844-6326
Research Topics/Keywords: CPU temperature control for energy reduction, indoor localization using deep learning, thermal friendly architecture, smart utility networks, distributed analytics, machine learning algorithms
REU Site: Parallel and Distributed ComputingAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Physics, Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Auburn University, Alabama
Primary: Overtoun Jenda
(334) 844-3745
Secondary: Peter Johnson
Research Topics/Keywords: Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (graphs and hypergraphs, number theory, information and coding theory)
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics at Auburn UniversityAbstract of Award
Bermuda - all activities take place in Bermuda, New York
Primary: Audrey Pope
(441) 297-1880
Secondary: Dr. Andrew Peters
(441) 297-1880
Research Topics/Keywords: oceanography, marine science, coral reef ecology, atmospheric science, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology
Comments: This REU program is conducted during the FALL SEMESTER and takes place entirely at BIOS in Bermuda. Online applications are due by May 31 each year.
REU Site: Fall Semester Student Research in Oceanography and Marine Science at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean SciencesAbstract of Award
Bethune-Cookman University
REU Site: Mathematical Modeling in Environmental, Biological and Other Sciences
Workforce in the Mathematical Sciences
Daytona Beach, Florida
Primary: Seenith Sivasundaram
(386) 481-2491
Secondary: Yungkul Kim
(386) 481-2676
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
REU at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Primary: Dr. David Fields
(207) 315-2567
Secondary: Valerie Young
(207) 315-2567
Research Topics/Keywords: Oceanography, marine biology, climate research, microbiology, virology, sensory biology, invertebrate ecology, invertebrate biology,
Comments: The application website usually opens in January with due dates in mid-February.
REU at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesAbstract of Award
Spearfish, South Dakota
Primary: Dr. Brianna Mount
(605) 642-6094
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Underground Science
REU Site: Multidisciplinary Underground Science at the Sanford Underground Research FacilityAbstract of Award
Boise State University
Data-driven Security
Computer Science Department
Boise, Idaho
Primary: Francesca Spezzano
(208) 426-2491
Secondary: Edoardo Serra
(208) 426-2492
Research Topics/Keywords: National and cyber security: counter-terrorism, online misbehavior and misinformation detection and mitigation, intrusion detection systems, side-channel attacks, lightweight cryptography
Data-driven SecurityAbstract of Award
Boise State University
REU Site: Raptor Research
Raptor Research Center
Boise, Idaho
Primary: Jim Belthoff
(208) 426-4033
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, ecology, behavior, population biology, community ecology, wildlife management, anthropogenic impacts, parasitology, conservation, predator-prey dynamics.
REU Site: Raptor ResearchAbstract of Award
Borough of Manhattan Community College , The City University of New York
REU Site: Advancing Undergraduate Research Among Minorities in Plant Biology Enrolled in an Urban Community College
Science Department
New York, New York
Primary: Adolfina Koroch
(212) 220-8000
Secondary: Alexander Gosslau
(212) 220-8000
Research Topics/Keywords: natural extracts, biological activity, antioxidants, gene regulation, oxidative stress, bioscience
REU Site: Advancing Undergraduate Research Among Minorities in Plant Biology Enrolled in an Urban Community CollegeAbstract of Award
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Primary: Kenneth Burch
(617) 552-3575
Secondary: Babak Momeni
(617) 552-3986
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, neuroscience, physics, energy, mathematics, chemistry, quantum computation, nanoscience, materials science, optics, microscopy
REU Site: Integrated Science For Society (IS2)Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: John K. Snyder
(617) 353-2621
Secondary: Linda Doerrer
(617) 358-4335
Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, biochemistry, biomaterials, biophysics, bioinorganic chemistry, biological chemistry, computational biology
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Gary Benson
(617) 358-2965
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, mathematical sciences
Comments: Coordinator: Caroline Lyman, 617-358-2036,
REU Site: Bioinformatics Research and Interdisciplinary Training Experience in Analysis and Interpretation of Information-Rich Biological Data Sets (REU-BRITE)Abstract of Award
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Kelly Capri
(617) 353-7286
Research Topics/Keywords: Biological Physics, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, Physics Education Research, Photonics, Quantum Physics, Statistical Physics
REU Site: BU-PRO: Boston University Physics Research OpportunitiesAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Boston University
REU Site: Integrated Nanomanufacturing
Mechanical Engineering
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Xin Zhang
(617) 358-2702
Secondary: Helen Fawcett
(857) 753-1719
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanomanufacturing
REU Site: Integrated NanomanufacturingAbstract of Award
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Thomas Gilmore
(617) 353-2020
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology; Genes: Environment; Genomics; Molecular Biology; Environmental Studies; Evolution
Comments: Tina Fresta,, 617-353-2020
REU Site: Control of Gene Expression for Biological EffectAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Bowie State University
REU SITE: Cybersecurity
Bowie, Maryland
Primary: Julian Olanbiwonnu
(301) 860-4396
Research Topics/Keywords: Cybersecurity
REU SITE: CybersecurityAbstract of Award
Bowie, Maryland
Primary: Anne Osano
(301) 860-3368
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, plant science, botany, Agriculture, Food security, genomics, microbiology, indegeniousvegetables, Sorghum, Nitrogen fixation, Rhizobium
REU Site: Global Engagement Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Food Security: A focus on Indigenous Vegetables and Grain Crops; the "Forgotten Food" Crops of KenyaAbstract of Award
Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University
REU Site: Plant Genome Research
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Georg Jander
(607) 254-1365
Secondary: Margaret Frank
(607) 255-1734
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, plant, genomics, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, maize, tomato, Arabidopsis
Comments: More information can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator, Delanie Sickler, at or 607-252-6566.
REU Site: Plant Genome ResearchAbstract of Award
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