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REU Sites: Engineering

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Texas Engineering Experiment Station
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automated System Design
Engineering Technology (JT Appt Mech Eng)
College Station, Texas
Primary: Sheng-Jen Hsieh
(979) 845-4985
Research Topics/Keywords: Mechanical engineering, electrical & computer engineering , manufacturing engineering, engineering technology, computer science
Abstract of Award
The Johns Hopkins University
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site for Computational
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Ralph Etienne-Cummings
(410) 516-3494
Secondary: Suchi Saria
(410) 516-8668
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational Sensing, Medical and General Robotics,Computer Assisted Surgery, Computer Vision,Image Guided Surgery, Surgical Field Modeling,Brain-Machine Interfaces, Prosthetics
Abstract of Award
The University of Alabama
REU Site: Fluid Mechanics with Analysis using Computations and Experiments (FM-ACE)
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Amy Lang
(205) 348-1622
Secondary: Dr. Paul Hubner
(205) 348-1617
Research Topics/Keywords: Fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics, combustion, laser diagnostics, flow control, wind tunnel testing, boundary layers, bio-inspired eng, space propulsion
Abstract of Award
The University of Alabama
Innovative Engineering Using Renewable
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Primary: Susan Burkett
(479) 236-4128
Secondary: Eric Giannini
(205) 348-5152
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials characterization, mechanical behavior, electrical properties, structural materials, bamboo combustion
Abstract of Award
The University of Texas at Arlington
REU Site: Undergraduate Research Experience in Sensors and Applications
Electrical Engineering
Arlington, Texas
Primary: Kambiz Alavi
(603) 546-5733
Secondary: Jonathan W. Bredow
(817) 272-3497
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanotechnology, Sensors and Applications
Abstract of Award
Medford, Massachusetts
Primary: Kyongbum Lee
(617) 627-4323
Secondary: Daniel Ryder
(617) 627-3446
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, bioengineering, data science, computational design, systems biology, microbiome, stem cells
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering, Cyberinfrastructure
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Allison Huff MacPherson
(520) 621-0174
Secondary: Robert A. Norwood
(520) 626-0936
Research Topics/Keywords: Photonics and Hydrology
Abstract of Award
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Allison Huff, D.H. Ed
(520) 621-0174
Secondary: Amme Henning
(520) 621-8253
Research Topics/Keywords: Optics, photonics, communications, lasers, material science, electrical engineering,Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering
Comments: ERC Center
Abstract of Award
University of Arizona
REU Site: Research in Optics (RiO) at the University of Arizona
College of Optical Sciences
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: R. John Koshel
(520) 626-6000
Research Topics/Keywords: Optical engineering, photonics, optical physics, imaging
Abstract of Award
Orlando, Florida
Primary: Andre Gesquiere
(407) 454-1317
Secondary: Sudipta Seal
(407) 823-5277
Research Topics/Keywords: Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Nanoscience and technology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nanomedicine, Biophotonics, Sensors, Therapeutics
Abstract of Award
University of Connecticut
REU Site: Entrepreneurial Research Experience for Undergraduates
School of Engineering
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: Daniel D. Burkey
(860) 486-5466
Secondary: Tracy Maheu
(860) 486-5466
Research Topics/Keywords: entrepreneurship, intellectual property, multisciplinary, business plan, idea generation, engineering, technology
Abstract of Award
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: Jason Lee
(860) 486-2239
Secondary: Michael Petters
(860) 486-2855
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanomaterials, nanotechnology, material Science, biomedical, manufacturing, energy, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering , Physics, Electrical Engineering,
Abstract of Award
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: Arash Esmaili Zaghi
(860) 486-2468
Secondary: Mohammad Techranipoor
(860) 486-3471
Research Topics/Keywords: Cyber, Civil infrastructure, security, ADHD, Innovation
Abstract of Award
Newark, Delaware
Primary: Jill S Higginson
(302) 831-6622
Secondary: Xin Lu
(302) 831-3581
Research Topics/Keywords: biomechanical engineering, osteoarthritis, quantitative analysis, computational skills, physical therapy, connective tissue biomechanics, cellular mechanobiology, molecular transport
Abstract of Award
Athens, Georgia
Primary: Leidong Mao
(706) 542-1871
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanotechnology, Biomedicine
Abstract of Award
University of Georgia Research Foundation, INC
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Nanotechnology and Biomedicine
College of Engineering
Athens, Georgia
Primary: Leidong Mao
(706) 542-1871
Secondary: Jonathan Arnold
(706) 542-1449
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanotechnology, Biomedicine
Abstract of Award
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
REU Site: Discoveries in Bioimaging
Beckman Institute
Urbana, Illinois
Primary: Stephen A. Boppart
(217) 244-7479
Secondary: Andrew M. Smith
(217) 333-2187
Research Topics/Keywords: Bioimaging
Abstract of Award
Louisville, Kentucky
Primary: Kevin M. Walsh, Ph.D.
(502) 852-0826
Secondary: Ana Sanchez
(502) 852-1568
Research Topics/Keywords: Micro/Nano-manufacturing, Micro/Nano-technology, miniaturization, semiconductors, microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics, sensors, engineering
Abstract of Award
University of Maine
REU Site: Sensor Science and Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Orono, Maine
Primary: Nuri Emanetoglu
(207) 581-2233
Secondary: John F. Vetelino
(207) 581-2264
Research Topics/Keywords: Sensor Science and Engineering
Abstract of Award
Orono, Maine
Primary: Douglas Gardner
(207) 581-2846
Secondary: David Neivandt
(207) 581-2288
Research Topics/Keywords: Sustainable Forest Bioproduct
Abstract of Award
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