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REU Sites: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Data Science of Risk and Human Activity
Computer and Information Science Department
Indianapolis, Indiana
Primary: George Mohler
(805) 252-0656
Secondary: Mohammad Al Hasan
(317) 274-3862
Research Topics/Keywords: Data science, machine learning, statistics, applications to risk and human activity
Abstract of Award
Iowa State University
Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education - Emerging Interface Technologies (SPIRE-EIT)
Human Computer Interaction / Virtual Reality Applications Center
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Stephen B. Gilbert
(515) 294-6782
Secondary: Eliot Winer
(515) 989-1750
Research Topics/Keywords: human computer interaction, interface design, interaction design, human centered computing, virtual reality, haptics, usability, augmented reality, multitouch, social computing, robotics, information
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Lehigh University
The Lehigh Smart Spaces Project
Computer Science and Engineering
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Primary: John R. Spletzer
(610) 758-5783
Secondary: Mooi Choo Chuah
(610) 758-4061
Research Topics/Keywords: 3-D augmented reality, ambient intelligence, computer vision, embedded devices, mobile computing, networking and security, robotics, user interface design
Abstract of Award
Louisiana State University
Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Computational Sciences
Center for Computation and Technology
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Primary: Juana Moreno
(225) 578-7586
Secondary: Jesse Allison
(225) 578-5572
Research Topics/Keywords: Cyberinfrastructure, High Performance Computing, Computational Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Civil Engineering, Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Marquette University
Computation Across the Disciplines
Math, Stats and Computer Science
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary: Dennis Brylow
(414) 288-6342
Secondary: Kim Factor
(414) 288-7941
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational sciences, applied mathematical modeling, embedded and ubiquitous systems, STEM education
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Michigan State University
iCER ACRES: Advanced Computational Research Experience for Students
Inst. for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) and Dept of Computational Math, Science, & Engg. (CMSE)
Lansing, Michigan, Michigan
Primary: Kenneth Merz Jr.
(517) 353-1123
Secondary: Brian O’Shea
(517) 884-5638
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational & data science, high performance computing, parallel solvers, computational chemistry, mathematics, biology, astrophysics, big data science and cyberinfrastructure
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
Mississippi State University
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Computational Biology at Mississippi State University
Computer Science and Engineering
Mississippi State, Mississippi
Primary: Andy Perkins
(662) 325-0004
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, computational biology, genomics
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Missouri University of Science and technology
REU Site: Research and Training Experience for Undergraduates in the Area of Secure Cloud Computing
Department of Computer Science
Rolla, Missouri
Primary: Sanjay Madria
(573) 341-4856
Research Topics/Keywords: Cloud Security; Data Security, Access control and Secure Sensor Cloud
Abstract of Award
Montana State University
Research and Development of Algorithms in a Software Factory
Computer Science Department
Bozeman, Montana
Primary: Clemente Izurieta
(406) 994-3720
Secondary: Brendan Mumey
(406) 994-7811
Research Topics/Keywords: Algorithms research in the context of a Software Factory, with incremental development of prototypes. Focus on: genomics, system quality, topological data analysis, and social-nets trustworthiness
Abstract of Award
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Research in Computational Data Analytics for Advancing Human Systems
Information Systems Department
Newark, New Jersey
Primary: Songhua Xu
(973) 596-5815
Secondary: Lian Duan
(516) 463-4220
Research Topics/Keywords: Environmental cancer risk study, adverse drug reaction detection, personalized coupon in super markets, technology and psychological well-being, personalized education system
Abstract of Award
New Mexico State University
BIGDatA- Big Data Analytics for Cyber-physical Systems
Computer Science
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Primary: Huiping Cao
(575) 646-4600
Secondary: Satyajayant Misra
(575) 646-6256
Research Topics/Keywords: Data Analytics, Big Data, Cyber-physical Systems, Smart Grids, Visualization, Multi-agent Systems
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
New York Institute of Technology
REU Site: Research on Security of Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks at NYIT
School of Engineering and Computing Sciences
New York, New York
Primary: Ziqian (Cecilia) Dong
(646) 273-6129
Research Topics/Keywords: mobile device and wireless network security including user authentication, cryptography, botnets, detection of physical attack, geolocation, privacy, and wireless network topology control
Abstract of Award
North Carolina A&T State University
REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Cyber Identity
Department of Computer Science
Greensboro, North Carolina
Primary: Kaushik Roy
(336) 285-3691
Secondary: Albert C. Esterline
(336) 285-3694
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational Framework for Identity, Extending the Use of WebIDs, Author Identification, Mitigating Replay Attacks, Web Client Identification, Cyber Threat Identification
Abstract of Award
North Carolina A&T State University
Engineering Modeling and Computational Research
College of Engineering
Greensboro, North Carolina
Primary: Bala Ram
(336) 285-2645
Secondary: Marcia Williams
(336) 285-2651
Research Topics/Keywords: Shock motion in supersonic vehicles, hydrologic simulation, biomechanics, humanitarian logistics, analysis of soft gels, energy efficiency of buildings, and non-destructive testing
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
North Carolina State University
Science of Software
Department of Computer Science
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Chris Parnin
(919) 515-2042
Secondary: Sarah Heckman
(919) 515-2042
Research Topics/Keywords: Software analytics, machine learning, data exploration in virtual reality, data engineering, data mining,quantified-self, and productivity analysis
Abstract of Award
North Carolina State University
Socially Relevant Computing and Analytics
Department of Computer Science
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Tiffany Barnes
(919) 523-1353
Secondary: Veronica Catete
(919) 820-2578
Research Topics/Keywords: Analytics & machine learning for education, healthcare, and graph-based learning; serious games; narrative & interactive visual media; tools for computational creativity; canine-computer interaction
Abstract of Award
Northeastern University
Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Data Driven Discovery (REU-D3)
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Melanie Smith
(617) 373-2976
Secondary: David Kaeli (PI)
(617) 373-5413
Research Topics/Keywords: Data analytics, data visualization, parallel computing, big data, engineering and computer science applications, mentoring
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Rochester, Michigan
Primary: Huirong Fu
(248) 370-4456
Secondary: Tao Shu
(248) 370-2137
Research Topics/Keywords: Network and Communications Security, Software Security, Systems Security, Cloud Security, and Trust, Security and Privacy in Social Networks
Abstract of Award
Oklahoma State University
Big Data Analytics at Oklahoma State University
Computer Science Department
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Primary: D. Eric Chan-Tin
(405) 744-5273
Secondary: K. M George
(405) 744-5221
Research Topics/Keywords: Attacks on privacy-enhancing technologies, adversarial machine learning, well drilling speed prediction, visual data analytics, twitter data analytics, computer vision
Abstract of Award
Old Dominion University
Cybersecurity Research in a Multidisciplinary Environment
Center for Cybersecurity Education and Research, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Norfolk, Virginia
Primary: Chunsheng Xin
(757) 683-5294
Secondary: Khan Iftekharuddin
(757) 683-3741
Research Topics/Keywords: Cloud security, security and privacy in social networks, malware analysis, wireless network security, intrusion detection, human behavior in security, cybersecurity ethics, face recognition
Abstract of Award
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