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REU Sites

REU Sites: Materials Research

The NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR) supports REU Sites that focus on research in materials science and related areas, including condensed matter physics, materials chemistry and physics, and materials engineering. Most DMR-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC) and National Facilities offer REU opportunities each summer as well. REU sites supported by DMR involve research in various aspects of condensed matter physics; solid state chemistry and polymers; materials and condensed matter theory; metals, ceramics, biomaterials, and electronic and photonic materials. See this Google map of DMR-funded REU Sites.

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Alabama A&M University
Physics REU at AAMU
Department of Physics
Normal, Alabama
Primary: Dr. Padjama Guggila
(256) 372-8141
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, Optics and Space Science
Alabama A&M UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary: Steven Meyers, Ph.D.
(202) 872-6365
Research Topics/Keywords: chemical and materials science
Comments: Students will conduct research in Germany, Italy, Singapore, or the United Kingdom for 10-12 weeks under the guidance of faculty and graduate students
American Chemical SocietyAbstract of Award
Binghamton, New York
Primary: Jeffrey Mativetsky
(607) 777-6136
Research Topics/Keywords: Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Generation, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Comments: Students will receive additional education training in safety, research ethics, and renewable energy and storage
Binghamton UniversityAbstract of Award
Boise State University
Materials for Energy and Sustainability
Materials Science and Engineering
Boise, Idaho
Primary: Rick Ubic
(208) 426-1574
Research Topics/Keywords: Energy Generation, Storage, Conservation and Sustainability
Comments: Mentors from various disciplines work with students to develop skills needed to excel in both academic and industrial research environments, where interdisciplinary teams are standard.
Boise State UniversityAbstract of Award
Waltham, Massachusetts
Primary: Prof. Seth Fraden
(781) 736-2800
Research Topics/Keywords: biomaterials, nano-structured materials, complex fluids, chiral self-assembly, confined polymers
Comments: This REU Program is a part of the MRSEC at Brandeis University.
Brandeis UniversityAbstract of Award
Brigham Young University
REU Site: Physics Research at Brigham Young University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Provo, Utah
Primary: Professor R. Steve Turley
(801) 422-3095
Research Topics/Keywords: Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter, Visible Astronomy, Acoustics, Ultrafast Nonliner Optics, Computational & Experimental Plasma Physics, Extreme Ultraviolate Optics, Surface Physics, Electron Microsopy
Comments: RET component is funded.
Brigham Young UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Clemson University
REU Site: Interfaces and Surfaces: Exploring and Experiencing Science (I SEE Science)
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
Clemson, South Carolina
Primary: Marian S Kennedy
(864) 784-3454
Secondary: Delphine Dean
(864) 656-2611
Research Topics/Keywords: Interface and surface engineering
Clemson UniversityAbstract of Award
Cleveland State University
Synthesis, Assembly and Characterization of Soft Matter Systems
Physics Department
Cleveland, Ohio
Primary: Kiril Streletzky
(216) 687-2433
Secondary: Jessica Bickel
(216) 523-7549
Research Topics/Keywords: Soft matter, microgel and hydrogel nanoparticles, anisotropic particles, biomaterials and applications, self-assembly, materials characterization, fluid flow in soft matter
Cleveland State UniversityAbstract of Award
Colorado School of Mines
Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Renewable Energy
Department of Physics
Goldon, Colorado
Primary: Charles A Stone, IV
(303) 273-3762
Research Topics/Keywords: Next Generation Photovoltaics, Advanced Membranes
Colorado School of MinesAbstract of Award
New York, New York
Primary: Jeff DeMars
(212) 854-1890
Secondary: Vanessa Giardino
(212) 854-1890
Research Topics/Keywords: materials science and engineering, interdisciplinary research in physics, chemistry, applied physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering and electrical engineering
Columbia UniversityAbstract of Award
Columbia University
Columbia University NSEC
Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center
New York, New York
Primary: Dario Vasquez
Secondary: Catherine Tissot
Research Topics/Keywords: NSEC, Nano, Columbia University, Electron Transfer
Columbia UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Cornell University
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Materials Research
Applied and Engineering Physics
Ithaca, New York
Primary: Nev Singhota
(607) 255-1486
Research Topics/Keywords: interdisciplinary materials research projects involving chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, RET (Research Experiences for Teachers)
Cornell UniversityAbstract of Award
Durham, North Carolina
Primary: Catherine Reyes
Research Topics/Keywords: materials science and engineering, project planning, experimental design, data analysis and presentation
Comments: The Triangle MRSEC conducts a collaborative and interdisciplanry REU program
Duke UniversityAbstract of Award
Tallahassee, Florida
Primary: Jose A. Sanchez
(850) 645-0033
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials and phenomena at high magnetic fields
Florida State UniversityAbstract of Award
Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary: Prof. Jeffrey Urbach
(202) 687-6594
Secondary: Prof. Amy Liu
(202) 687-6583
Research Topics/Keywords: esperimental, computational, and theoretical nanoscale physics, soft matter physics, device physics, biophysics, cold-atom systems
Georgetown UniversityAbstract of Award
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
REU Site: Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research in Physics: A Multi-Institutional REU Program
Department of Physics
Atlanta, Georgia
Primary: Dr. Keith Oden
(404) 385-0418
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics
Comments: Ethics component.
Georgia Tech Research CorporationAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Professor David Weitz
(617) 495-2842
Research Topics/Keywords: micromechanics, soft materials, microfluidics
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program. Includes participation of pre-college teachers.
Harvard UniversityAbstract of Award
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Kathryn Hollar
(617) 496-7479
Research Topics/Keywords: Nano- and microstructures for biology and medicine; microfluidic devices; self-assembled structures
Harvard UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
Ames, Iowa
Primary: David Grewell
(515) 294-5225
Research Topics/Keywords: bioplastics and biocomposites
Iowa State UniversityAbstract of Award
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Primary: Ms. Pam Gescek
(610) 758-3930
Research Topics/Keywords: Astrophysics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Nanotechnology, Plasma Physics, Statistical Physics
Lehigh UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
LSU, LA Tech, Southern, Tulane, UNO, Xavier
Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Applications
Primary: Staci C. Kramer
(222) 578-5381
Secondary: Michael Khonsari
(225) 342-4253
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, theory, experiment, and computational research
Comments: LA-SiGMA is a 7-member alliance of universities throughout Louisiana. Students work on cutting edge research in material sciences and computational tools at 6 sites throughout Louisiana.
LSU, LA Tech, Southern, Tulane, UNO, XavierAbstract of Award
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Professor Geoffrey Beach
(617) 258-0804
Research Topics/Keywords: nanomaterials for elechtrochemical energy; polymeric materials; nanostructured fibers
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAbstract of Award
Mississippi State University
Physical Properties of Materials
Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Mississippi State, Mississippi
Primary: James N. Warnock
(662) 325-0925
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials science and engineering in areas of: biomaterials, nanoparticles, composites and polymers
Mississippi State UniversityAbstract of Award
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
SURfing Materials Science and Engineering Lab: A NIST-NSF Partnership
Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Primary: Dr. Terrell Vanderah
(301) 975-5785
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials science and engineering research
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)Abstract of Award
New York University
NYU summer REU materials research
Department of Chemistry
New York, New York
Primary: Wesley Francillon
(212) 998-3719
Research Topics/Keywords: Colloids, Active Materials, Crystallography, Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics
Comments: This REU Program is a part of the MRSEC at New York University.
New York UniversityAbstract of Award
Evanston, Illinois
Primary: Professor Monica Olvera de la Cruz
(847) 491-3606
Research Topics/Keywords: oxide ceramics;polymers; plasmonics and molecular electronics
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program.
Northwestern UniversityAbstract of Award
Ohio State University
Center for Emergent Materials
Matreials Research Science and Engineering Center
Columbus, Ohio
Primary: Michelle McCombs
(614) 247-8084
Research Topics/Keywords: electron spin in nanostructures, oxide films and multilayer devices
Ohio State UniversityAbstract of Award
University Park, Pennsylvania
Primary: Jorge O Sofo
(814) 777-3450
Research Topics/Keywords: RET, Condensed matter physics, interdisciplinary materials research
Pennsylvania State UnivAbstract of Award
Pennsylvania State University
REU Site: Soft Materials at Penn State University
Materials Science and Engineering
University Park, Pennsylvania
Primary: Prof. Coray M. Colina
(814) 865-3351
Research Topics/Keywords: Nano-fabrication, computational techniques, ion conduction, biomacromolecules, polymers
Pennsylvania State UniversityAbstract of Award
Portland, Oregon
Primary: Professor Jun Jiao
(503) 725-4228
Secondary: Prof. Erik Sanchez
(503) 725-3423
Research Topics/Keywords: Microscopy and microanalysis of materials
Portland State UniversityAbstract of Award
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