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REU Sites

REU Sites: Materials Research

The NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR) supports REU Sites that focus on research in materials science and related areas, including condensed matter physics, materials chemistry and physics, and materials engineering. Most DMR-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC) and National Facilities offer REU opportunities each summer as well. REU sites supported by DMR involve research in various aspects of condensed matter physics; solid state chemistry and polymers; materials and condensed matter theory; metals, ceramics, biomaterials, and electronic and photonic materials. See this Google map of DMR-funded REU Sites.

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary: Steven Meyers, Ph.D.
(202) 872-6365
Research Topics/Keywords: chemical and materials science
Comments: Students will conduct research in Germany, Italy, Singapore, or the United Kingdom for 10-12 weeks under the guidance of faculty and graduate students
iREU Site: Building Networks for U.S. and International Materials Science Undergraduates in Germany, Italy, Singapore, and the United KingdomAbstract of Award
Cofunded: International Science and Engineering
Binghamton, New York
Primary: Jeffrey Mativetsky
(607) 777-4352
Research Topics/Keywords: Energy generation, energy storage, energy materials, solar cells, batteries, mechanical energy harvesting, heat transfer, fuel cells, experiment, modeling, interdisciplinary, industry collaboration
REU Site: Renewable Energy Generation and StorageAbstract of Award
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Margaret Barch
(617) 358-4853
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics
REU Site: Boston University Physics Research Opportunities (BU-PRO)Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Waltham, Massachusetts
Primary: Prof. Seth Fraden
(781) 736-2800
Research Topics/Keywords: biomaterials, nano-structured materials, complex fluids, chiral self-assembly, confined polymers
Comments: This REU Program is a part of the MRSEC at Brandeis University.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center - BioInspired Soft MaterialsAbstract of Award
Brigham Young University
REU/RET Site: Physics Research at Brigham Young University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Provo, Utah
Primary: Dr. Jean-Francois Van Huele
(801) 422-4481
Secondary: Dr. John Colton
(801) 997-0572
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Astronomy, Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter, Extreme Ultraviolet & X-Ray Optics, Magnetism, Materials Science, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Relativity & Quantum Information
Comments: RET component.
REU/RET Site: Physics Research at Brigham Young UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Carnegie Mellon University
Materials for Future Computing
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Vincent Sokalski
(412) 268-1762
Secondary: Paige Houser
(412) 268-3357
Research Topics/Keywords: Semiconductors, Nanofabrication, Crystal Structure
Comments: Students will learn about the crystalline state of semiconductors and how they are manufactured and processed for microelectronics. In addition to an individual research project, the experience involves 3 field trips to local companies as well as tutorials of the materials fabrication and characterization facilities at CMU.
Materials for Future ComputingAbstract of Award
South Carolina
Primary: Stephen Foulger
(864) 656-1045
Cleveland, Ohio
Primary: Dr. Jessica Bickel
(216) 523-7549
Secondary: Dr. Kiril Streletzky
(216) 687-2433
Research Topics/Keywords: Soft Matter, Physics, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Material Science, experimental, computational, nanoscience
Comments: Department of Physics and Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Cleveland State University Soft Matter REUAbstract of Award
Golden, Colorado
Primary: Eric Toberer
(303) 384-2516
Secondary: Emily Freed
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Modeling and simulations, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Renewable energy materials, Semiconductors, Materials dynamics, Ion transport, Magnetism, Optoelectronics
REU Site: ICECRM: Integrating Computation and Experiment to Create Revolutionary MaterialsAbstract of Award
New York, New York
Primary: Jeff DeMars
(212) 854-1890
Secondary: Vanessa Giardino
(212) 854-1890
Research Topics/Keywords: materials science and engineering, interdisciplinary research in physics, chemistry, applied physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering and electrical engineering
MRSEC: Columbia Center for Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic SolidsAbstract of Award
Ithaca, New York
Primary: James Overhiser
(607) 255-2198
Secondary: Jasmine Harris
(410) 516-2826
Research Topics/Keywords: Material science, materials discovery, bulk crystal growth, thin film synthesis, electron microscopy, theory
PARADIM Materials Innovation PlatformAbstract of Award
Hanover, New Hampshire
Primary: Ian Baker
(603) 646-2184
Secondary: Amos L. Johnson
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Chemistry
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program at DartmouthAbstract of Award
Georgia Institute of Technology
REU Site: Broadening Participation and Resiliency in Physics
Physics Department
Atlanta, Georgia
Primary: Jennifer Curtis
(404) 432-0170
Research Topics/Keywords: Atomic molecular physics, optical physics, condensed matter physics, biophysics, astrophysics
REU Site: Broadening Participation and Resiliency in PhysicsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Physics
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Professor David Weitz
(617) 495-2842
Research Topics/Keywords: micromechanics, soft materials, microfluidics
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program. Includes participation of pre-college teachers.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)Abstract of Award
Howard University
REU Site in Physics at Howard University
Deaprtment of Physics
Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary: Dr. Prabhakar Misra
(202) 806-6251
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics and Laser Spectroscopy
REU Site in Physics at Howard UniversityAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research, STEM Education
Primary: Prof. Amir Mostafaei
(412) 320-0434
Secondary: Prof. Ali Khounsary
(312) 567-3576
Research Topics/Keywords: Material science, Synchrotron, X-ray techniques, X-ray optics, Manufacturing, Advanced materials, Tomography, Topography, Imaging, Spectroscopy, Scattering, Radiography.
Characterization of Materials Using Synchrotron and X-ray Based ToolsAbstract of Award
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Professor Geoffrey Beach
(617) 258-0804
Research Topics/Keywords: nanomaterials for elechtrochemical energy; polymeric materials; nanostructured fibers
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)Abstract of Award
Starkville, Mississippi
Primary: R. Torsten Clay
(662) 325-0628
Secondary: Steven Gwaltney
Research Topics/Keywords: Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, High performance computing
REU Site: Computational Methods with applications in Materials ScienceAbstract of Award
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Yara Yingling
(919) 513-2624
Secondary: Hillary Stone
Research Topics/Keywords: materials science, materials engineering, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, forest biomaterials, data science, machine learning
REU Site: Materials Research with Data Science (MAT-DAT)Abstract of Award
Evanston, Illinois
Primary: Professor Monica Olvera de la Cruz
(847) 491-3606
Research Topics/Keywords: oxide ceramics;polymers; plasmonics and molecular electronics
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)Abstract of Award
Ohio State University
Center for Emergent Materials
Matreials Research Science and Engineering Center
Columbus, Ohio
Primary: Michelle McCombs
(614) 247-8084
Research Topics/Keywords: electron spin in nanostructures, oxide films and multilayer devices
Center for Emergent MaterialsAbstract of Award
Portland, Oregon
Primary: Jun Jiao
(503) 725-4228
Secondary: Prof. Erik Sanchez
(503) 725-3423
Research Topics/Keywords: Microscopy and Microanalysis of Materials
REU Site: Application of Microscopy and Microanalysis in Multidisciplinary ResearchAbstract of Award
Princeton, New Jersey
Primary: Professor Phuan Ong
(609) 258-4347
Research Topics/Keywords: electronic materials, molecular interfaces, self-assembly, nanostructures
Comments: The MRSEC conducts a summer REU program.
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)Abstract of Award
Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute
REU Site: Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate in Physics
Department of Physics
Troy, New York
Primary: Peter D. Persons
(518) 276-2934
Research Topics/Keywords: Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy
Comments: This project was co-funded the first year with DMR.
REU Site: Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate in PhysicsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Materials Research
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
REU Site: Advanced Materials at Rutgers Engineering
Piscataway, New Jersey
Primary: Professor Meenakshi Dutt
(848) 445-5612
Secondary: Professor Deirdre O'Carroll
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanomaterials, Hybrid Soft Materials, Patterned Surfaces, Glasses, Inorganic Polymers, Advanced Ceramic Composites
REU Site: Advanced Materials at Rutgers EngineeringAbstract of Award
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
REU Site: Back to the Future
Mat/Met Engineering
Rapid City, South Dakota
Primary: Dr. Michael West
(605) 394-1283
Secondary: Dr. William Cross
Research Topics/Keywords: Metallurgical engineering, materials science, materials engineering, archaeometallurgy, history, art
REU Site: Back to the FutureAbstract of Award
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
REU Site for Interdisciplinary Materials Research
Carbondale, Illinois
Primary: Boyd Goodson
(618) 453-7177
Secondary: Saikat Talapatra
Research Topics/Keywords: materials chemistry, nanomaterials, materials characterization, materials applications
REU Site for Interdisciplinary Materials ResearchAbstract of Award
Hoboken, New Jersey
Primary: Pinar Akcora
(201) 216-5060
Research Topics/Keywords: energy, materials, bioengineering, sustainability
REU/RET Site: Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Sustainable Energy and BioengineeringAbstract of Award
Stony Brook, New York
Primary: Richard Lefferts
(631) 632-8169
Syracuse, New York
Primary: Karen Low
(315) 443-3544
Secondary: Shikha Nangia
Research Topics/Keywords: Functional/Responsive Materials, Tissue Engineering, Polymers, Molec. Modeling, Mechanobiology, Stem Cell Based Therapies, Biomater. Composites, Cell/Mater. Interactions, 3D Biofab./Bioprint.
Comments: Undergrads majoring in following disciplines are invited to apply: Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or Physics with an interest in Biomaterials Science
REU Site: Interactive BiomaterialsAbstract of Award
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