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REU Sites: Polar Programs

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Athens, West Virginia
Primary: Dr. Joseph L. Allen
(304) 384-5238
Secondary: Dr. Colin A. Shaw
(406) 994-6760
Research Topics/Keywords: Structural geology, earthquake geology, tectonics, arctic geology, geologic mapping, metamorphic geology, fault rocks, Earth sciences, international.
Comments: Includes 5 weeks of summer field research in Sisimiut, Greenland. REU includes a 6-week pre-field online course and 6-week, post-field online course. Both online components will meet virtually once per week.
REU Site: Architecture of Earthquakes in the Deep Crust: Arctic Expedition Science for StudentsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Earth Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Northern Gulf Of Alaska Long Term Ecological Research REU Site Program
Colleges of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Fairbanks, Alaska
Primary: Katie Gavenus
Secondary: Kerri Fredrickson
(360) 650-7708
Research Topics/Keywords: Arctic, Polar, ocean, climate change, chemical oceanography, physics, chemistry, ecology,
Cofunded: Ocean Sciences
Boulder, Colorado
Primary: Dr. Julie K. Lundquist
(303) 492-8932
Research Topics/Keywords: Atmospheric Science, Oceanic Sciences, Cryospheric Science, Field Measurements, Modeling
REU Site: Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Cryospheric Sciences at the University of Colorado BoulderAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Ocean Sciences, Polar Programs