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Pathways to Academic Success

Boy in front of map.

Understanding cultural differences in children's learning will play a crucial role in identifying pathways to academic success.



Father reading to children.

Fathers who are positively involved in their children's lives may help their children avoid the declines in cognitive performance that are often evidenced in children living in poverty. These findings demonstrate the importance of designing programs and policies that encourage positive father involvement.

Credit: Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education



In an effort to devise new, culturally sensitive instruments and methods for their research, all the materials developed by the CRCDE project have been translated into Chinese and Spanish.

Credit: Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education.


Children at desks.

CRCDE data challenge widespread assumptions about ethnic identity. Many adolescents in the study identify with multiple ethnic groups; their identities can shift over the course of a day, a year, and across contexts; and some do not perceive their ethnicity to be a significant component of who they are (for example, some provided the response "human being" when asked about their ethnic group).



Asian baby

Families express different goals for their child's development, and structure their infant's day in enormously varied ways, according to emerging findings from CRCDE research. The first cross-cultural time diary of infants between 1- and 6- months old revealed differences in the number of people who engage with the infant, who those people are, and the places the infant goes within the course of a day.