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High Energy Physics Center Attracts U.S. Undergrads to Summer in Switzerland

NSF and the Ford Motor Company Fund have provided funding for Mr. Kumah and other undergraduates at

" experience at CERN has been...a remarkable one...[and] an essential key to help me interact well on a professional and social level with my scientific colleagues from all over the globe." NSF and the Ford Motor Company Fund have provided funding for Mr. Kumah and other undergraduates at CERN.

Credit: University of Michigan, Summer REU Program at CERN


CERN facility

Part of the CERN facility.

Credit: Lisa Larrimore


Corry Lee

"When I first came to CERN, I knew that I was very interested in particle physics but I had only been exposed to one small facet: off-line data analysis. Through the lecture series... I learned that although I like the theory involved in the physics, I'm a much more hands-on physicist. ... In short, I realized that I am, without a doubt, an experimental physicist." - Corry Lee (2002) Conditions Database H8 Test Beam: ATLAS Muon Endcap

Credit: Lisa Larrimore


Kristan McGresham

"Overall, I believe that this experience will help shape my very near future. Before the completion of this year, I will be applying to graduate school Physics programs with an interest in Optics. This REU allows me to start that process with confidence... I now know that I am fully capable of working in a laboratory, producing positive results under stressful situations and strict time constraints." - Kristan McGresham (2002) HARP Cerenkov Detector

Credit: Kristan McGresham


Gordon Berman

"... my overall experience at CERN was extremely positive... I now have a much greater confidence in my decision to enter the physics community as a result of this summer. Also, the program was beneficial to me in non-physics regards as well. Having the opportunity to meet students and scientists from many different backgrounds gave me a better appreciation for the breadth of the physics community..." - Gordon Berman (2002) A Study of Back Diffusion in the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer Gas System

Credit: Gordon Berman


Dr. Homer Neal

Dr. Homer Neal supervises the CERN REU Program.

Credit: University of Michigan, summer REU program at CERN


Dr. Jean Krisch

Dr. Jean Krisch co-supervises the CERN REU Program.

Credit: University of Michigan