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A New Camera for Extrasolar Planets

Six SDI views of Saturn's moon Titan

These views of Saturn's moon Titan were obtained by the SDI camera, operating at the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, over the course of six nights in February 2004. At the right, the image from the first night has been enlarged for clarity and provided with a coordinate grid to show Titan's orientation. The images were actually taken at infrared wavelengths; they are rendered here in false colors chosen to bring out the surface features.

Credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Download the high-resolution JPG version of the image. (160 KB)

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AB Doradus A and companion

AB Doradus A, as seen by the SDI camera at the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Its brown dwarf companion-- dubbed AB Doradus C-- is the pink dot at 8 o'clock. The 93 Jupiter mass brown dwarf is 120 times fainter than its primary star, and takes 11.75 years to complete its orbit (shown as a yellow ellipse).

Credit: Laird Close, Steward Observatory